This is part 2 of hopefully a series of stories (crosses fingers) about the Doctor and (my OC) Ashley. Part One was BLACK CONSCIOUS and is not entirely essential to read first, but it would help to understand just what the frick is going on :p

Chapter 1

Seeing Red

'Flying smooth and steady, Kathryn.'

'Roger that, Marv. You got anything on the screen yet?'

'Nope. No sign.'

Kathryn Golder scrunched her nose up slightly. She thought they might have picked up at least some traces. They had been searching for nearly six months for their target and none of the team were about to give up yet. Not with the amount of money they were going to receive after their success. They would be set for life. Never had to work again. Kathryn had worked her whole life so she would never have to work again.

'Hang on…' Marv's voice added. Kathryn leaned towards the speaker. 'I think I've got something.'

Kathryn's heart began to thud and even in the clammy, crampt conditions of her navigation station she felt a chill. 'What kind of something?'

'Time pocket.' Marv replied, the excitement obvious in his voice. 'Straight ahead. Should we proceed?'

'Damn right we should proceed. This is the first rift we've come across.'

She could feel the ship tilting to the left and her stomach fluttered. She prayed that this was it. If they had found their target… She would have no words to explain how happy she would be. She would finally be able to rest.

'Can you get a visual up for me, Marv?'

The screen in front of her flickered on after a few moments. She squinted her eyes at it, trying to figure out what she was looking at. The golden anomaly swirled in the blackness of space, shining and sparking. Kathryn was stunned to silence by its beauty. Marv was saying something on the radio but she wasn't listening. She was only snapped out of her daze when the ship jerked violently.

'It's dragging us in!' Marv was yelling. 'I can't get away from it!'

Kathryn was sweating. 'Full power!' she ordered. 'Put her in reverse!'

'She's not responding! Kat, we're getting sucked right in! What the hell do we do?'

Kathryn stared at the swirling mass on the screen. The ship shook around her. Marv yelled and screamed through the radio, but she didn't hear him. She smiled a little.

Now she could rest.

Ashley felt faint beneath the hot sun. In fact, she felt like she was hallucinating. The pain in her shoulder had turned into a pulsating throb, and she hoped that what she was seeing was just a side effect from almost dying a few times. In reality she was just asleep in the Tardis while the sailed through time and space back to her apartment with the broken back door and her overly effeminate housemate. Actually, screw that, she hoped she was still lying on her couch with the empty bottle of wine with Quiz Call on the TV.

She closed her eyes, hoping to see her dark living room when she opened them again.

She would be so lucky.

Beside her, the Doctor was slack jawed and wide eyed. He had finished his what outburst and was staring out at the dozens of scantily clad locals bowing down in the shin-high grass. None of them looked like they were going to get up any time soon.

'I think you need to take your Tardis to a garage.' Ashley said, her voice wavering.

'This can't be right.' The Doctor frowned, shaking his head. 'Why are we here? How did we get here?'

Ashley glanced around. 'There's no brain-stealing psychos around here, is there?'

'I think you'll be lucky to find a decent knife around here.' The Doctor replied. He looked to her, his expression still bemused. 'Did you ever see 10,000 BC?'

Ashley scowled at him. 'You stop that stupid talk right now, matey.'

The Doctor looked back at the surrounding people in awe. 'Judging by their clothes and their weapons I'd place them around about… 14,200 BC. It's been a while since I visited this era. Never was a big fan to be honest. Lots of things that can eat you.'

Ashley frowned. 'But they were talking perfect English. Are you trying to tell me that cavemen could talk perfect English?'

'The Tardis is behind that,' the Doctor replied with a shrug. 'It translates to the best of its ability so we can understand them. And they're not cavemen. There's women here too.'

Ashley rolled her eyes. 'Well as much as I'd love to stand around taking in the sheer magnificence of the Stone Age, may I remind you that I'm kind of bleeding to death here.'

The Doctor made a pfft sound and waved a hand at her. 'You've got plenty of blood.' He stepped forward. 'You can all get up, you know.' He called to the bowing crowd. No one moved. Confused, the Doctor ran a hand through his hair. 'Hmm… Well then.'

Ashley rolled her eyes. 'Can you all get up, please?' she asked impatiently.

Immediately, they scrambled to their feet. The Doctor and Ashley glanced to each other in bewilderment, but neither of them spoke. A broad shouldered man with a deep tan and shaggy black hair and a matching beard moved forward and half bowed. His dark eyes settled on Ashley's shoulder.

'We can tend to your wound if you would allow us.' he said in a gruff voice. 'Our village is not far. We have a good doctor. He will heal you.'

Ashley leaned to the Doctor. 'They're not going to eat us or put our heads on sticks, are they?' she whispered.

'I shouldn't think so.' the Doctor whispered back. Ashley waited for him to say something else, but he only shrugged. 'Are we going then?' he asked.

'What are you asking me for?'

'You're the one with the hole in your shoulder.'

Ashley frowned briefly at him, and then glanced back to the group of expectant, dirty faces. She rolled her eyes. 'Well I suppose we've got no choice.' She muttered.

The Doctor grinned. 'Fantastic!' He turned to the man who had spoken. 'Come on then, let's go!'

The group quickly assembled into a kind of open topped square formation. The bearded man nodded ahead. 'That way.' He told them.

As the Doctor and Ashley started walking with the group bringing up the rear, the Doctor nudged Ashley. 'Cheer up!' he grinned. 'We're in history here.'

Ashley turned away sulkily and said nothing.