Chapter 12

Tears in the Rain

The villagers extinguished the fire and luckily no one was seriously hurt, except of course for the three men who had been in Ashley's group and Jack, who was now blind as well as deaf. The remains of the creature were removed. No one had asked where it had come from, but Jill had told them all anyway. She told them all about the ship, and that there was another creature inside.

Sitting side by side on the floor, leaning against a wooden log, the Doctor and Ashley watched the group gather and head towards the mountain. The two of them were exhausted.

'They're going to block up the tunnel.' Ashley said, her head resting on the Doctor's shoulder.

'Well,' the Doctor scrunched his nose. 'It's probably for the best really. Hopefully they'll block it good enough so no one will find it.'

'Did you find out who was following you then?'

The Doctor was quiet for a moment. He sighed and glanced to her. 'No.' he told her. 'I couldn't get the audio to work on any of the feeds. Time must have degraded the wires.'

Ashley eyed him for a moment, and then sighed. 'Well I guess it's just going to be another one of those mysteries. At least I'll always know that in the year 14,000 BC I was a God. Although it would have been good to find out why they thought I was a god.'

The Doctor swallowed, uncomfortable. 'Yeah, it would have.'

Ashley glanced to him. 'Are you okay?'

'Yeah.' He smiled broadly at her. 'Yeah I'm fine. Peachy. Fandabbydosy. I guess now we can actually get back into the Tardis and get you back in your own time.'

Ashley blinked. 'Oh, yeah.' She frowned faintly. 'I guess so.'

'Bet you're looking forward to getting that door fixed.' The Doctor smiled at her.

'Oh the bloody door.' Ashley grimaced, rubbing her face with her hand. 'Oh god I wish I'd just let that thing eat me now. It's better than facing Manny's wrath.'

The Doctor chuckled. 'Of all the things you saw…'

'Maybe I can just make him burst into flames too.'

The Doctor's smile faded. He shifted uncomfortably. Ashley noticed and shrugged her shoulders.

'I won't really.' She said lamely.

The Doctor sat forward, arms resting on his knees. 'We need to talk about that.' He said quietly.

'I gathered that.' Ashley nodded.

The Doctor looked at her morosely. 'You're going to have to keep yourself under control. Do you think you can control it?'

Ashley nodded. 'I can practice.' She replied confidently.

The Doctor eyed her. 'I'll have to check in on you.'

Ashley smiled. 'You're welcome around my house anytime.'

His expression didn't change. 'If you can't keep it under control-'

'There's no need for warnings,' Ashley told him, half smiling. 'I can do it. I've gone this long without causing major havoc, I think I can last a little longer.'

The Doctor nodded and leaned back again. 'We'll wait for those lot to get back before we shoot off, shall we?'

'Yeah.' Ashley nodded. 'I want to see Jill before we go anyway.'

She leaned her head on his shoulder again and they sat in silence. The Doctor's mind whirred, wondering whether or not to share with her the truth. For now, he decided, he would leave it be.

For now.

Every single member of the village trekked with them to the Tardis to see them off. The Doctor grinned the whole time, but Ashley noticed there was something missing from his grin. She couldn't place exactly what it was, and she didn't ask him, but she knew there was something up. She was worried it had something to do with her.

'It was an honour to have you at our village,' the chief told them, who had actually waited until this moment to reveal himself to either of them. He was a short, pot-bellied man who looked comical beside his Amazonian wife. 'We thank you for saving our village.'

Ashley winced. 'Well technically, it was our fau-'

The Doctor elbowed her and smiled at the chief. 'We were pleased too. Really.'

Ashley frowned at him, rubbing her elbow. The chief looked between them, a little confused, and then stepped aside, his arm outstretched.

'And as a thanks, we'd like to offer you our best to ensure your strength and wisdom is passed on for generations to come.'

The Doctor and Ashley exchanged a look. 'Well, we don't want anything, really…'

A tall, broad shouldered and very handsome young man with shining brown hair and bright green eyes stepped forward. 'For the Deity.' The chief told them.

Ashley's mouth dropped open. 'Oh… Oh I… well, that's very nice of you but… well… I can't possibly…'

'Does he not suit you?' the chief asked.

'What? Oh… He's very nice.' Ashley nodded, blushing. 'He's got nice… um… eyes and he's very…' She cocked her head. 'He's very muscley…'

The Doctor took Ashley's arm. 'The offer is appreciated, let me tell you, but we haven't got enough room to take them with us.' He patted the Tardis. 'She's not very big you see, this rock of ours. Another two and it would get a bit… uh, crampt.'

Ashley was smiling at the handsome man. 'I'm sure we can squeeze him in.' she said.

The Doctor pulled her towards the Tardis. 'No, he wouldn't.' he said. 'Come on. It was lovely to meet you all, really.'

The villagers watched in bewilderment as the Doctor went inside the Tardis, pulling Ashley after him. Ashley waved and grinned at the handsome man until the door was pulled shut. Inside, she turned to the Doctor.

'That was rude you know.' She said.

'You think I'm going to have you and him pouring yourselves all over each other in my Tardis?' the Doctor scoffed. 'I think not.'

Ashley crossed her arms over her chest. 'Spoilsport.'

The Doctor looked at her and half smiled. 'Next stop, 2008.'

Ashley smiled, but couldn't help feeling disappointed.

'Aw man this is crap.' Ashley grimaced as she opened the door of the Tardis. 'Soon as I get home it's bloody raining.'

The Doctor pulled the collar of his coat up and pulled the door shut after they both stepped out. 'You always notice the worst things when you've had a good holiday.'

'Good holiday?' Ashley smirked. 'I've had better trips to the dentist.'

They stood in silence for a few minutes, rain lashing down on them. Neither of them seemed to want to move. For once, Ashley appeared to be lost for words. It was the Doctor who had to break the silence.

'I guess this is it then.' he shrugged. 'You're back. Finally.'

Ashley nodded. 'You'd make a terrible taxi driver.'

The Doctor smiled. 'At least I wouldn't overcharge for petrol.'

They stood again awkwardly, neither of them wanting to be the one to turn away and leave first. Eventually, Ashley nodded towards her house. 'Don't you want to come in for a bit? Cup of coffee… or tea… or whatever you drink. I have whisky.'

'I should really get going.' The Doctor replied, pointing back to the Tardis. 'You know… places to go…'

Ashley's smile faded. 'Okay well… I suppose I should thank you for like… saving my life and everything.'

'Don't.' The Doctor shook his head. 'I get embarrassed. I go red, it's not pretty.'

Ashley smiled fondly and then moved forward and hugged him, taking him off guard. He was surprised for a moment, before hugging her back. They held each other for a moment, before Ashley let go and stepped back, her eyes a little wet.

'You'll be kicking around here again at some point, won't you?' she asked, trying to hide the fact she was upset.

'Sure, yeah course.' The Doctor nodded. 'I have to come back and check you're not torching buildings anyway.' He was smiling, but there was no humour.

Ashley nodded. 'Well… bye.'

'Goodbye, Ashley.'

She lingered a moment longer, and then turned and headed away down the drenched alley. She felt a few tears, but she wiped them away. She had kind of been hoping that he would let her stay a little longer, even one last trip somewhere that they hadn't accidentally landed. She had experienced the most magnificent things with the Doctor, and she had discovered that he was a magnificent man… or alien she supposed… but either way to have someone like that just burst into your life and screw it up so much only to disappear into thin air straight away. She wouldn't be the same person now.

She dreaded the thought of returning to work in the pub.

'Ashley! Wait!'

Her heart skipped a beat at the sound of the Doctor running to catch up with her. She turned to and watched him reach her, hoping that he was going to ask her to stay. She was almost halfway through saying 'Of course I will!' before he even spoke.

'I suppose one cup of tea won't hurt.' He smiled at her.

She was stunned to silence for a moment. That hadn't been what she had expecting, but it would do. 'Cool.' She smiled.

He fell into step beside her as they headed up the street to her house. 'I only came back because you were crying.' The Doctor told her with a cheeky smile.

'I wasn't crying.' Ashley replied with a similar smile. 'It was raining on my face.'


Well... there we are. That one kind of hurt my brain a bit to write lol! I know it wasn't as good as Black Conscious but I hope you all enjoyed it anyway. I kind of had to write it if I wanted my long-term storyline to pan out - as I'm having them all link together like in the actual show (hopefully :p)

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