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Chapter 2 – From Dreams to Reality

Location: The Polaris, Main Deck.

The sound of keys being rapidly tapped across keyboards could be heard as Link scanned the Matrix's databases for information on potential redpills. Ever since the machines had agreed to let them unplug the people, they did not have to play hide and seek with the sentinels. They still avoided them nonetheless – it was better to be safe than sorry. There was peace after a long time spent in war, and they had managed to reach out to many people and show them the truth.

It was a subtle and lengthy process – selecting the candidates, watching them, approaching them if suitable, and finally, opening their eyes to the truth. There was only one rule they strictly followed. They only approached people who were young, at most in their late teens. The minds of the young had less trouble accepting the harsh truth, and so it was much safer. But once a mind reached a certain age, it became dangerous. The mind had trouble letting go.

Sadly, not everyone elected to be free. Some didn't even want to believe the truth. Many of them were so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the comforts of virtual reality that they straightaway refused to wake up. In such cases, they had to be given the blue pill – a program that erased the truth from their memory. Being born in Zion, Link did not know how the virtual reality felt like, except from what he heard from the other redpills. He knew that given the choice, he would refuse a life of bondage and lies and choose freedom and truth instead. But he also knew how the real world was. It was a desert and he could not fault them for living in a dream world.

On the other side of the main deck, facing another set of terminals, sat Morpheus. He too, was working diligently, a fact which could be accessed by seeing his fingers moving as a blur across his own set of keyboards. Encoded texts and all sorts of data were being displayed at an amazing speed – and just as soon were discarded for new ones. The process continued. For a moment, Link stopped to watch his captain's work. He was an Operator – and a pretty good one too. But he could see that Morpheus had the skills to put even the best Operators to shame.

Link was well aware of what Morpheus was doing. Finding the One was no easy task. But he had faith in his captain. He knew that Morpheus had done it once before, and so believed he could do it once again. What was actually difficult was hacking into the Intra-Matrix, which was, in fact, a Matrix inside the Matrix. Link had tried doing that, and had failed. He had to hand it to the Architect – the program who created the Matrix. He had encoded the Matrix in such a way that no trace of the existence of the Intra-Matrix could be found. It was as if the thing did not exist, and Link would have held this opinion had the Oracle not informed them about it.

Truth be told, Link was worried for Morpheus. From the time Morpheus had returned from his visit with the Oracle, he had spent every minute he could, buried in his task. He would spend hours at a time in front of the terminals trying to forge a way into the Intra-Matrix. And though the Oracle had asked him to wait for something – a sign as such, Morpheus had completely ignored her advice, and instead, was trying to force his way in. 'He will find you', the Oracle had said about Neo. But even she had no info about the new One. To complicate matters, Morpheus had lost faith in her since Neo had exposed the truth – it was all another system of control and she was an integral part of it.

And now, when nearly three and a half months had passed without any success, Morpheus was still going at it with the same fervour he had started with. He had no regards for his own welfare and his health was deteriorating due to the strain of working. If it weren't for the ship needing refuelling and maintenance, they wouldn't even have made their monthly trips back home. They needed thirty hours to recharge the ship, and a few to take care of the minor problems. That was the only time Link got to spend with his family and Link always looked forward to these trips.

Link nearly jumped out of his seat as a beep-beep from the console's speakers drew his attention back to the present. He read the message quickly and almost jumped for joy. It was from Captain Niobe saying that she would be reaching their location in about twenty minutes. A couple of days ago, he had shared his concerns about Morpheus with her. She had been in charge of the rebuilding work going on in Zion, and as such, had not met Morpheus since a long time. Under her command, and due to dedicated efforts taken by everyone, the city now looked as good as new. Link had wanted to confront his captain himself, but he knew how stubborn Morpheus could be. But he also knew that if anyone could make Morpheus realise the truth, it would have to be Niobe, though she, too, was doubtful. And so, Link had devised the perfect plan – he would only confront Morpheus when he had backup… meaning Niobe. And once she took over, he would make a quiet exit and let her handle him. Ding-dong, problem solved.

"Sir," Link called, drawing Morpheus' attention, "I need to speak with you about something important."

"Can't it wait?" Morpheus replied without looking back. "I'm busy right now."

"With all due respect, sir, it cannot," Link said firmly. Evidently, Morpheus was surprised at his tone, and he immediately turned around with a calculating gaze. Link could help but feel a bit apprehensive. He had never spoken to Morpheus like this before.

"Go ahead, Link. I'm all ears."

Link had played such a scenario many times in his mind. He had rehearsed exactly how to say everything respectfully and without provoking Morpheus. But when, the time finally did come, his throat felt dry and words failed him. His false bravado vanished under Morpheus' silent stare.

"Link," Morpheus said after a few moments of silence, "as I understand the facts, you have interrupted me while I was working on something which we all know to be of paramount importance. You say that you have something you wished to tell me, something important, and yet when-"

"You need to stop!" Link blurted, as if suddenly reminded of his purpose by Morpheus' words. "Sir," he added as an afterthought.

"Excuse me?"

Gathering the bit and pieces of his courage, Link said, "You need to stop, sir. Each day you spend hours at the consoles without resting. You don't sleep enough and sometimes you even skip meals. This has got to stop, sir. I understand that whatever you are doing is very important, but your life is definitely more important than it. You won't accomplish anything if you end up dead."

"I did not know you had the authority to order me around, Link. As far as I know, I am the Captain of this ship. Or has that changed? After all, we are the only ones on this ship. A mutiny isn't out of the question."

Link visibly bristled at the words.

"You are indeed the Captain, sir," Link emphasized the word. "And I respect you. But you forget that I am the ship's Operator. It is my duty to see that the crew are safe. As a Captain, you are still part of the crew, sir, and I will do my job, even if I have to protect you from yourself."

Before Morpheus could reply, the ship along with the pipeline in which they had settled it, began to shake and a deafening rumble thundered through them as another hovercraft began to approach, and a few moments later landed alongside. Morpheus recognised it and gave Link another sharp glance, which he returned with a small smile. Victory was so close.

Morpheus quickly shut down all the terminals he was working on and strode from the main deck towards the ship's cargo bay, which also served hosted the ship's entrance, while Link followed. They opened the door which made a loud sound similar to the grinding of a tank tread's metal teeth. Outside, Niobe waited patiently for the door to open, calm and collected as always. The hardening of her eyes and clenching of her fists was the only reaction she gave on seeing Morpheus. Link felt that he wouldn't want to be Morpheus in the near future.

"Captain Morpheus," Niobe greeted.

Uh-oh! Such formality? She's definitely pissed, Link thought. He saw that even Morpheus felt it.

"Captain Niobe," Morpheus greeted back, albeit with a pleasant smile.

That's not gonna let you off the hook, Link thought.

"Hello Link," she greeted and gave him a hug. "How are you?"

"I'm fine, Captain Niobe. The work's gruelling, and we don't get a single day off. But I've volunteered and it's worth it."

"Zee's not too happy with you."

"Yeah, well, work is work." He shrugged. "It's life. Shit happens."

"Even when you are not the one responsible?" she asked, glancing at Morpheus.

"I see why you chose this particular moment to speak with me, Link," Morpheus said. "Are you here to confront me too, Captain Niobe? If so, I'd like to point out that you would not be successful."

"Er, I-I have something to do, yeah, something…" Link replied nervously, "oh, yeah, I need to – to charge the EMP."

"Link, wait a moment. I am here to do exactly that, Captain Morpheus. I am Link's backup plan. But I'm not alone."

"No?" Morpheus asked, surprised.

"Even I have some backup."

Niobe then turned back and gestured at someone on her ship. A few moments later, a tall and lean figure emerged out of the other hovercraft. In the faint light, it was difficult for Link to see who it was, but besides him, Morpheus had no such trouble. His face, which held a mild surprise earlier, now wore an expression of shock and happiness. And as the figure stepped into the light, Link recognised her too. It was Trinity. Link truly felt sorry for his Captain.

As soon as she stepped inside the ship, Trinity was caught in a massive bear hug, courtesy of Morpheus. Link felt his eyes blur as tears threatened to fall. He furiously rubbed them away and enveloped her as soon as Morpheus released her. Not only was Trinity the second-in-command next to Morpheus, she was also a wonderful person. Everyone was truly happy to see that she had fully recovered from her injuries and to have her back.

"What have you been doing to yourself, Morpheus?" Trinity asked sternly, though her concern was evident.

"I don't think I will survive both of you," Morpheus said after a few moments of silence, making everyone chuckle.

Link watched the Construct's Image Translators in astonishment as both Niobe and Trinity tore into Morpheus' defences in the virtual Dojo. The three of them had reached an agreement that Morpheus would have to limit his work if Niobe and Trinity managed to defeat him. It was a known fact throughout Zion that Morpheus could hold his own while facing three opponents at a single time, even when Captain Mifune, who was the best of the fighters having trained Morpheus, was one of them. Not even a team of the three best fighters had ever managed to overpower him. Naturally, Link had feared that the match would be a one sided contest.

His fears were proved wrong.

Here he was, the great Morpheus, getting beaten by Niobe and Trinity. Though Morpheus had tried hard to hold his ground, even he knew that it was his efforts which were going to be unsuccessful. Link already knew Morpheus was fighting a lost cause. His fitness had declined too much, and though his mind was strong, his body was letting go. In the end – which came after an hour long battle – Morpheus surrendered and promised to be more careful in the future.

"And of course, we'll know if you stray even a small bit," Niobe said, glancing at Link as he eased the plug out of her neck. "Won't we, Link?"

"Yes ma'am," Link answered and mock saluted.

"Don't worry about it Niobe," Trinity said. "I'll make sure he doesn't overexert himself. I'm staying on the ship."

"No, Trinity, that's not going to happen," Niobe replied, glaring at her. "I only allowed you to come because you promised you wouldn't argue about going back home. The doctors have said that you still need some rest, another couple of weeks, before you can join in. You are going back, and remaining there till the doctors give you permission to leave. I shouldn't even have let you get into the Construct."


"No buts. You promised me. And if you don't return with me, I'll bring you in front of the Council and make sure that you never get active duty in the future. So, that's an order."

"Fine," Trinity relented. "But we'll leave tomorrow. I'm fed up of the terrible sound your ship made on the journey here. I'll end up insane if I have to make another trip like that so soon."

"Hey, that's not my ship," Niobe protested. "It's only a temp. It's not even a tenth of what the Logos was."

"Well, it is a flying piece of junk that makes lots of noise," Trinity declared. "And I'm not stepping in that thing until tomorrow."

"You won't have to bear it for long, Trinity," Morpheus said with a smile. "I have received news that the construction of new ones is almost done. A few flight safety tests and we'll have them in no time."

"They better be good."

"Oh, they definitely are," Link said with a twinkle in his eyes. "I don't know about the others but the Neb's replacement is supposed to be one and a half times as fast as the Logos was. Captain Niobe might not have the fastest ship this time around."

Trinity and Link laughed at the teasing Niobe had to endure, but she did not seem as fazed as they had hoped. Instead she just smiled in return.

"Link," Morpheus said, "I don't think you know Niobe quite as well as you think you do."

"Eh? What do you mean?"

Morpheus did not answer straightaway, but smiled in an 'I know something that you don't' manner.

"You are not as perceptive or all-knowing as you think you are, Morpheus," Niobe retorted.

"No?" he asked, still smiling. "Perhaps I'm not. But would you deny that you bullied the constructors to make the newer version of the Logos faster than the rest of the ships?"

"What?" Trinity and Link both asked in surprise.

"I did not bully them," Niobe stated adamantly.

Morpheus just smiled in return. Niobe found it was quite infuriating really.

"I might have said a word or two."

Morpheus kept smiling.

"-and gave them certain instructions, you know…"

His smile widened.

"Alright, alright! Jesus Christ! I threatened to blow up all the remaining ships if mine wasn't the fastest. Are you happy now?" She gave a huff. "Stop with the smile already. It's irritating me."

"You may be right you know," Morpheus replied. "I am not as perceptive as I think. I never thought you would act so petulant."

"I am not acting petulant. I'd rather think that of all the parties present, I am the most mature of them all."

"Then perhaps you would excuse my immature acts of wanton lust?"

"Imm – mmph," Niobe began, but whatever she wanted to say was cut short as Morpheus captured her lips in a passionate kiss, making her melt in his arms. They separated later with swollen lips and out of breath, and yet quite pleased with the workout.

"How many times do I have to ask you to stop doing that, Morpheus?" she asked, trying to hide her smile.

"At least once more," he replied, smiling, "as always."

"You two can stop making the lovey-dovey faces now," Trinity said. "Now, since I have to return tomorrow, I don't have much time. But you could at least tell me what's going on. Everyone thinks that you are just looking for more people to unplug, but I can see that something's going on here, something big."

"Something big is certainly going on, Trinity," Morpheus said, and then gave an account of everything they had learned during the meeting with the Oracle.

"A Matrix within the Matrix?"

"The machines have never employed this level of encryption elsewhere. Or if they have, we have never been able to see it. Even when Smith made copies of himself, we were able to decrypt the logic and at least see his code. But this is different, and even though the situation is not in our favour, I would have to say that it is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Unfortunately, all my efforts have failed. It's like trying to open a door without having the key."

"And you don't even know where the door is," Link said with a shrug. "Not even a back door for Programmer access."

"What's this about a new One?" Niobe asked, "And what about Neo?"

"Logically speaking, if the Intra-Matrix is another world similar to the Matrix, then it must have its own saviour, so to speak. But Neo's work is not done yet. Both of them will need each other's help, and we need to find him so that Neo can be returned from wherever he has been trapped."

"But how can we find him if we cannot jack into the Intra-Matrix?" Niobe asked. "It is impossible to locate someone in the Power Plant unless we can run the Trace on them. There might be billions of people in there and finding one particular person would take ages."

"We are doing everything that we can at this moment," Morpheus informed. "Of course we cannot search the Power Plants, and that's why I've been trying to hack the Intra-Matrix for the past three months. But we cannot rule out self-substantiation either. We have one ship currently stationed at each of the three Liquefaction Centres. They are equipped with medical facilities and their job is the see if there's a living person among the dead that are being sent for liquefaction."

"They would liquefy a living person?" Niobe asked in shock. "That's inhuman!"

"The machines are not human, Niobe. It is impossible for a mind to be reconnected to the Matrix once it has been set free. The only alternatives they have are to send the person to us – which I doubt they will do – or to send him or her for liquefaction so as to feed the others. A machine's logical choice would always be seeing after the existence of its own kind, and hence, the second option."

"Sir, do you think self-substantiation is possible in this case?" Link asked.

"Right now, that is the only alternative we have that can give us any result, and unless we can get a trace on the One or hack into the Intra-Matrix, it would be foolish of us to discard it."

"But Morpheus, there's only ever been one instance of it," Trinity said. "The odds are highly against it happening a second time."

"Right now, those are the only odds we are playing with," he replied with a sad smile.

Approximately five hours later, Morpheus was awakened by a fist banging frantically on his cabin door. He extracted himself from the bed and swung the door open to see Link standing with an almost hysterical expression on his face.

"Sir, we have a message from Ghost. He is onboard the Pequod. They had surveillance on the eastern Liquefaction Centre. He says that they have retrieved a female, about 20 years old from the supply lines. She's alive, but appears to be comatose. They are working on her as we speak."

"Good," Morpheus replied as they walked towards the Cockpit. "Set course for that centre immediately. Self-substantiation might be the correct alternative after all."

Ten minutes later, they were flying at top speed towards the Pequod, when another message arrived.

"The Shiva reports the rescue of a living male, aged about 35 years. He was unconscious, but chances are good that he will recover. Should I change course, sir?"

"No," Morpheus hesitated a bit, and then continued firmly, "stop the ship."

"Sir?" Link asked uncertainly, but did as he was told and the ship slowed down and began hovering after a few moments.

"Are we waiting for something, sir?" Link ventured, when Morpheus did not answer for a long time.

"There appear to be two self-substantiations within a few minutes from each other. The odds are highly against one and yet there are two. And one of them is a female. Why did it have to happen today? What is special about today?"

Link did not answer as it appeared that Morpheus was speaking with himself.

"What is so different about today? Was there a sign? Did I miss it?"

"Er, we did have Captain Niobe and Trinity with us today," Link answered, trying to remember more. "Maybe they can help."

"Of course!" Morpheus exclaimed. "Trinity – the power of three. We have seen it time and time again. We are waiting for the One."

Almost as if on cue, a third message arrived.

"The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you; and for that reason the holy Child shall be called the Son of God.' Link, let's go. We are going wherever that message has come from."

As Link once again began piloting the ship, he casually glanced at the newest message that was being displayed on one of the screens.

Morpheus, we have recovered a male child, 15 years old, now unconscious.

His vitals are stable. We shall keep looking for more survivors.

Colt, on board the Avatar.

Location: Power Plant – Waste Line.

A biting coldness of the magnitude he had never felt before brought Harry back to consciousness. He instinctively tried to curl into as small a shape as he could but found it extremely difficult to move any of his limbs. To make matters worse, he felt dizzy, nauseous and his vision was blurry in the already dim surroundings. He was also naked and covered with a gelatinous substance and surrounded by water that appeared to be the source of the cold. His head felt heavy – as if something solid was attached to it, and he was also sliding along the surface of what seemed to be the interior of a large pipeline. His body twisted and turned at considerable speed as it was moved by the water currents through the spirals and elbows of the pipe. His mouth also tasted like nothing he had ever known – something strangely metallic. His brain felt like it was about to shut down and he had to fight to remain awake.

After what felt like an eternity, his speed lessened and he came to a halt against a wiry net. The water continued to flow around him. His memory was already returning in flashes and he recalled the battle at the Department of Mysteries. For a brief moment, he thought he was dead, but he felt his body shivering in the icy water, a silent statement that indicated that he was still alive. Something bumped into his side but Harry was too cold to care.

Suddenly, the darkness disappeared and light came in from the top. It was so unnaturally bright and it hurt his eyes so much that they closed on reflex. The brightness lessened and he opened his eyes reluctantly. He wanted to know what was going on. Hanging above him, silhouetted against the light was some kind of mechanical arm. He couldn't see anything else as the light came back in full force and he once again closed his eyes. But before he did, he caught a glimpse of the thing that had earlier collided with him. It was another person, naked, just like him.

A moment later, something hard and cold clamped onto his mid-section in a tight grip and he figured that the arm must have taken a hold of him. He heard a grinding noise that was too loud for his ears and felt his body separate from the flowing water as he was lifted in the air. He wondered if he was being captured by aliens, something that Dean often spoke about. The Veil appeared alien enough and it had done some weird stuff too. Dean had always said that getting kidnapped by aliens would be cool. Right now, as he tried to control his shivering, Harry felt cool in a completely different sense.

When he finally reached the surface, he squinted in the brightness and saw three figures surrounding him.

At least they look human, Harry thought, and lost consciousness once again.

Location: The Avatar, Infirmary.

When he woke up, there was the unnatural brightness around him once again. His eyes hurt and he wisely kept them closed. He thought he heard voices whispering, but felt as if they were far away and so couldn't understand anything. It did not feel like his brain was working enough to enable him to speak. He tried to move, to get up, but once again his arms and legs would not cooperate. But that small amount of strain was enough to make him pass out once again.

He woke up once again, in the same bright surroundings. He had no sense of time and so could not tell if he had been there for a few minutes or even a few months… maybe even more. His entire body was tingling like never before. At least his brain was working properly this time.

A face hovered in front of him. It was masked – like those surgeons who performed operations – and only the eyes were visible. Thoughts about aliens once again crossed Harry's mind. He remembered how Dean used to say that aliens usually captured humans, and preferably wizards, so that they could experiment on them. 'They want our magic, man,' he used to say. 'I'm telling you, one day they will be able to do magic just like us.'

Hermione would, of course, scoff at his 'idiotic comments' as she had labelled them. And Dean would smile as if taking pity on her. 'The world isn't what everyone thinks it is. One day, you'll see the truth. But by then, it would have been too late.' He would walk away shaking his head. Harry never took anyone's side on that issue. He had enough enemies as it is to think of aliens capturing him for his magic. Now though, he thought that his friend's words had been true.

Something sharp stung his arm. He panicked. His vision was becoming blurry. Once again, he tried to move, but couldn't. He now was almost sure that he had been captured by aliens. He briefly wondered if Sirius had been captured too. But then light disappeared and darkness surrounded him.

Location: Zion – Resident Quarters.

"Harry, wake up!"

"Mmm," he replied sleepily.

Someone was shaking him.

"Wake up, sleepyhead!"

"Go away," he moaned in displeasure.

The person was shouting now. Couldn't they see he was sleeping peacefully?


He finally opened his eyes and saw a blurry face. He rubbed his eyes and the face came into focus. It was Sirius, or more accurately, a bald and too pale Sirius. Suddenly, the clouds covering his rational thought cleared, and he found himself wide awake.

"Sirius? What the hell? You are bald!"

"Oh yeah? You don't have too much hair yourself, smartarse." His godfather commented.


He touched his head in surprise and felt a coarse surface where his usual unruly hair used to be. His hand came to an abrupt halt as it felt something smooth and metallic attached at the base of his skull.

"Oh, and you have some metallic thing sticking out of the back of your brain. As a matter of fact, I have one too. See?"

Sirius turned around and Harry recoiled in horror. It was a small circular disc, like a socket, that had been implanted there.

"Of course, we have other such things too."

He pointed at two dark jacks, one in each of his forearms. Harry looked down and saw similar ones on his own hands and other parts of his body. The one in his left forearm had a wire plugged into it and he pulled it out to reveal a long needle that had been grafted in. He stood up and began to examine himself. He too was paler than usual and was wearing a grey tunic and slacks of soft cotton. Other than having things embedded into his body, he was fine. In fact, he felt better than ever before – a new person, so to speak.

"I don't feel like I have spent twelve years in Azkaban," Sirius said, interrupting his musings. He flexed his muscles. "You are not wearing your glasses, and apparently have perfect vision. And you don't have your scar anymore."


He touched his forehead, but felt nothing but smooth unblemished skin. So they had healed him too, he thought.

"Where are we? I don't think we're in the Ministry. They don't have such rooms… even holding cells. And all these things appear muggle."

And indeed, the room they were in was quite strange in appearance. It had entirely metallic with a couple of pipes running along the ceiling. There were two beds along two opposite walls, on one of which Harry had been sleeping a few minutes ago. The air was a bit chilly and damp. Dean's words came back to him.

"Sirius, I think we are captured by aliens," Harry said before he could stop himself.

"You mean those little green things?"

"I'm not sure." He shrugged. "They look like humans though. They may have learned how to impersonate us. This may be their spaceship."

"Hmm, probably," he said and nodded. "Aliens, you say? I remember Lily mentioning them a few times. But why would they capture us?"

"To experiment on us, most likely. One of my friends says they want our magic. I don't see my wand anywhere."

"Eh? They took our brains, I think. Drilled holes in our heads, took out the brain, and patched it up with a metal disc."

"These holes are too small to remove an entire brain, Sirius," Harry protested.

"Not too small for yours though," Sirius winked, while Harry glared in return.

"Let's see if we can get out of here," Harry said began walking to the door.

The metallic door was not locked and opened easily enough and they stepped into a large metallic balcony. He went to the edge and was astonished at the sight. It was like a bottomless pit – with an industrial tower at the centre that started somewhere above and went right up to the bottom. A geometric tangle of pipes and power lines ran everywhere. A complex lattice of suspended catwalks and bridges ran to and from the various levels and around the curved edges. Around each level of the grated walkways that had been carved into the rocky walls were doors to rooms similar to the ones they had emerged from.

A number of humans were moving throughout the entire structure – or as Harry thought of them, aliens impersonating humans.

"They have a whole city!" Sirius' voice could not hide his wonder and Harry simply nodded in return, unable to make a comment.

"You are correct," a new voice said.

A tall dark man was moving towards them from one end of the balcony.

"Welcome to Zion – the last human city. Welcome to the real world."

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