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This is about when Edward leaves Bella in New Moon. What if Bella was trying to commit suicide when she jumped off the cliff? This is the letter she wrote to Charlie explaining her choice. I know, it's sad, but please just read it, for Hades sake.

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I'm sorry Dad. I can't go on.

He left me, my one love.

My Edward won't ever come back.

It's true, all of the above.


My heart is gone, as is my will.

I wish no more to live.

I'm looking for my Romeo.

His love, he'll never give.


I'm sorry, Dad. Your daughter's gone.

She'll never be the same.

She's broken beyond repair.

Her fiery soul will not be tame.


He crushed my heart in his fist.

He shattered my deep soul.

I cannot live without Edward.

Without him, I am not whole.


I'm sorry, Dad. I can't go on.

Death is my only will.

Forgive my sweetheart for me.

To him my heart belongs to still.

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