Painted Picture

Painted Picture

Picture colored, painted fine.

Perfectly detailed, every line.

A work of art, hours toiled,

Within a moment all was spoiled.

The girl who spent all her hours,

Painting this picture with all its flowers,

Had a future, for she was bright.

Had an indistinguishable, burning light.

She had a future, she had a plan.

To go and visit every land.

Raise a family, have a child.

She wasn't one to go all wild.

But then one day she went and changed,

With a 'Yes' she was rearranged.

Drugs, Tobacco, Alcohol,

Would be the reasons for her fall.

Premarital pregnancies,

Birth control and STD's.

All her hopes and dreams destroyed.

Now a puppet, Drugs own toy.

When she came to her painting true,

With colors shining a beautiful hue,

In a flash of a damaged heart,

Destroyed the painting, tore it apart.

Threw coats of paint on its remains,

And in the end they were both the same.

A beautiful picture now gone wrong,

Destroyed in a foolish choice of song,

A song of hate, destruction, sadness,

Because of one sheer fit of madness.

~~~ * ~~~

Notes: When I first wrote this, it was because of what I was seeing around me. Now I put it in the 'slayers' section because I thought it might make an interesting view on an Alternate Universe  (I highlight that cause there are critics out there, and I'm saying this is NOT the slayers world.) for the slayers. Because this could happen easily to anyone, so why not one of them reborn? I'm thinking of writing a story to go with this, I don't know though, it all depends how this turns out. Worse case scenario, I put this in the 'original poetry' section. (I had to fight with myself whether to put it there or here…) Ok Ciao!