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A nanny tried to read the Casablancas brothers the Narnia books until Dick threw such a fit that she actually gave in and said he could stay downstairs and play videogames while she put Beaver to bed. After that he had to sneak up and press his ear against the crack beneath the door to hear the murmuring rise and fall of her voice, the story of four siblings who saved a world. At the end they became kings and queens and ruled together in harmony, and Peter was Magnificent and Lucy was Valiant and Edward was Just and Susan was Gentle.

By high school the social hierarchy is solidified. Neptune's ruling elites remind him of the Pevensie siblings: Lilly is Fabulous, Logan is Funny, Duncan is Serious, and Veronica is Sweet. They are united against all comers, complete in and of themselves; the rest of the school can only watch in awe and worship.

When Lilly breaks up with Logan and it's probably for good this time, when Duncan snubs Veronica, everyone wonders whether the four are finally disintegrating. Dick knows it's really just idle speculation. Lilly and Logan and Duncan and Veronica are just that, Lilly and Logan and Duncan and Veronica. Nothing, not even they themselves, can damage their circle for long. Nothing, because gossiping high schoolers never consider the possibility of death.

Dick has killed lots of people in his video games and seen heinous crimes in movies and on the news. The experts who say media inures kids to violence have to be wrong because the murder is vivid and shocking and horrible. Dick was little more than a jester in Lilly Kane's court but he sat near her at lunch every day and she kissed him once during a game of spin the bottle; he cries before, during, and after her funeral.

He and Beaver promise to keep the secret of Logan's real return from Mexico. Dick's pretty sure it's the right thing to do. Logan's anger when Keith Mars goes after Jake Kane reassures him—if Logan were guilty he'd want someone else to take the blame, right? Lilly is Dead and Logan is Shattered and Duncan is Numb and Veronica is Fading Away (not like the Pevensies at all, anymore) but life has to go on.

Dick sends the first kid he finds watching the crime scene video to the hospital; after that there are too many and it's everywhere and there's nothing he can do. Lilly shouldn't be dead but since she is she at least deserves dignity, Dick cheers when Keith Mars is fired. Logan steps up the smear campaign on Veronica until she's ostracized once and for all. Dick was never more than a lowly minion when Lilly was alive, someone to go to Mexico with if the rest of the Fantastic Four were occupied, but Logan, however shattered, is at least taking action (and Lilly is dead and Duncan is numb and Veronica is fading away) so he does his best to shoulder the importance—the friendship—Logan places in him.

The new sheriff arrests Lilly's killer. Dick is finally sure that keeping Logan's secret was the right thing to do and he starts to settle into his new reality. By Shelley Pomroy's Christmas party he barely needs the little voice in his head repeating that Veronica is a slut and a traitor and deserves everything they do to her and more. If Lilly were alive she would kill him, for the groping and the salt lick and giving Ronnie to Beaver (everyone knows Beaver wouldn't do anything but Lilly would say it's the principle of the thing). If Lilly were alive… but she's not, she's not, and Veronica is a slutty traitor and Logan is broken and Duncan is frozen and Dick is just going to have to live with it.

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