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Chapter 7


Only two weeks until the wedding. Two weeks until Bella and I would be joined together for eternity. I knew that Bella was upset about Jacob Black not contacting her yet to say whether or not he was going to come. I could see it when her mind drifted, no doubt thinking about him. She immersed herself in wedding plans to distract herself. The living room floor was littered with magazines and I was constantly asked to give opinions on flowers and colours.

Today Bella and I were going to go house hunting. The apartment that we lived in at the moment was nice but it held too many bad memories of my time without Bella. Of course it looked different now to what it looked like when she wasn't here. I had finally painted the place so that it was no longer a cold grey colour but instead filled with warm colours like reds, yellows and oranges. Bella always had the fire lighting even though it was unnecessary. She said it added warmth to the place and she was right, it was nice to curl up at night by the fire and watch the flames dance and light up the room.

I had also bought some furniture and had carpeted the place. I no longer sat on the cold, hard floor feeling empty inside. Bella was sitting on the couch now, flicking through the latest pile of magazines Alice had dropped over.

''Edward, do you prefer red roses or white roses?'' she asked, sounding slightly panicked. ''Alice needs a decision today and I don't know which ones I prefer.''

''I like the red,'' I said in a soothing voice as I sat down next to her.

She looked at me and then glanced down at the roses again. ''Okay, red it is. I better call Alice.''

She ran over to the phone and dialled the number. I walked over and stood next to her, playing with her hair while she held a frantic conversation with Alice, apparently there were bigger problems than what colour roses they needed.

After a while I took the phone off Bella, who glared angrily at me. ''Alice, I'm afraid you're going to have to sort it out without Bella. We are going house hunting.'' I hung up.

''Edward! Do you want the cake to have the wrong icing on it?'' Bella asked, annoyed.

''Of course not but you need a break from all this wedding talk. You look a little stressed out.'' I kissed her softly and then the kiss deepened until I never wanted it to end. But then Bella pulled away and put a finger to my lips.

''I thought we were going house hunting,'' she laughed.

''We are,'' I said in between kisses, ''just not yet.''

Then the doorbell rang.

''Alice,'' I muttered angrily.

''Be nice,'' said Bella, ''she probably wants to help with the house hunting.''

She went over to open the door but before she even got to it Alice burst through.

''Okay, at first I was angry at you for picking houses over wedding plans but then I realised that this can be just like a shopping spree only with houses! And anyway what's the point in having a perfect wedding if you don't have a perfect house to go live in afterwards so I'm here to help. Now this is where I think we should start,'' she said while pulling out a map and pointing to an area. ''All the nicest houses are there.''


We had finally found it, our perfect house. It was in Anchorage, on the lakeside. It was painted white on the outside with huge long windows stretching down the house. The gardens were exquisite. There was a beautiful fountain, sweeping lawns and even a floating boat dock. Of course Bella thought this was unnecessary as there was no way we were buying a boat. Think how much it would cost. There was no way I was ever telling her the price of the house. She also couldn't understand why we needed such a big fancy kitchen considering we never ate.

Even with all her complaints I knew Bella had fallen in love with the house. She loved the smooth marble floors and the view of the lake. She also loved the living room where she had seen a piano, just like mine, placed by a giant mirror. I was already envisioning playing for her there.

We had done the deal within an hour and we would move in straight after our honeymoon. We went home feeling elated and ready to get back to the wedding planning.

Alice sat on the couch with the phone in her hand yelling at it.

''I already told you the icing wasn't supposed to be coconut, it was supposed to be vanilla!'' Alice cried.

Bella laughed and I rolled my eyes. It wasn't as if we were going to be able to taste it anyway- apart from Bella of course- but according to Alice that wasn't the point. I was glad Bella was smiling again, after all just this morning she would have been the one yelling down the phone.

I kissed her and then I saw the clock's hands move slightly, it was 12:01.

''Only thirteen days left,'' I whispered.

Thirteen days until Bella Swan became Bella Cullen...

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