Tsunade's Great Plan


Hello people! Here I am with another oneshot!! This one is actually FUNNY! (Le Gasp!) And it kinda mentions SasuNaru. Anyway, enjoy!!

Warnings: A little SasuNaru…. And a very protective Tsunade! That's about it.

Tsunade sat at her desk, ever-present Sake bottle in her hand, thinking. Suddenly she jumped up, a triumphant look on her face.

"That's it! That should do it! Tsunade, you are a genius!" she cried. "They'll have no choice but to be apart from one another!"

The Godaime had been trying to find a solution to her problem for weeks, the problem concerning two certain gennin. Sasuke and Naruto were always together, and it worried her. She was one of the few who knew of their secret relationship, and she only found out by accident. Simply put, she didn't trust the Uchiha. Tsunade was worried that he might end up hurting the blonde at some point if they became to close. So she sat in her office, trying to figure out how to separate the two instead of doing paperwork.

The blonde Hokage summoned Iruka, Kakashi, Naruto, and Sasuke to her office, eager to begin her plan. When the four stepped into her office, she slid a serious expression onto her face, concealing her true thoughts.

"Alright. You four were summoned today because I have decided that Naruto and Sasuke need a parental figure in their life."

"Why, Baa-chan?!" Naruto asked. He did fine on his own! Maybe his apartment was a little messy, and he only ate ramen, but still…

"Because, gaki, parents help teach you responsibility." Tsunade raised her hand, silencing Naruto's protests. "And there's no room for argument. Kakashi, you are now Naruto's guardian, and Iruka, you are now Sasuke's guardian. Have fun! You are dismissed." Tsunade shooed them out of her office, satisfied with her plan. She knew Iruka would have let Naruto do whatever he wanted, which is why she put him with Kakashi, who would probably be stricter with the boy. Yes, her plan was perfect.

Or so she thought.

She had overlooked two things, the first being the new parents' locations. Kakashi and Iruka's apartments were right next door to each other. The second being that the two men were good friends and visited each other frequently.

Two weeks later, Tsunade was back to planning again. She would think of something flawless this time!

Unfortunately for her, she never did.

Well, there ya go! Hehe, I always saw Tsunade being overprotective over Naruto. No, really. She seems to think of him as a little brother, so… ya know. Well that's it. Reviews are always appreciated and flames are used to make cookies for the reviewers. Ja ne!!