Hey I know I should be updating other things, but I had this idea for a ViridianShipping story and just had to post it. It spans a few chapters and if Silver survives till the end...it'll be funny.

Summary: Yellow's the type of person who can smile and forgive anything. So what happens when she finally looses it? If your the idiot responsible...RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!

It was a pleasent day in Viridian shipping. The sun was shining, the Chatot were chirping and everyone was happy. "Silver," Yellow called chasing after the red-haired boy. This had been going on all morning. Silver had something on his mind and now Yellow had put it upon herself to make things right. Too bad she was annoying the sanity out of him.

Yellow and Silver were almost polar opposites. Yellow had lived a happy life life in Viridian City, and grew up to be cheerful and optimistic. Blue described her as a girl who could smile and forgive anything. Even when she was mad (yeah right), she was still happy. Whenever there was someone after her, she tried to make friends with that person, even if it was a crazy assassin.

Silver was another story. He had a tough childhood, and shielded out all emotions. And everyonce in a while he'd have a bad day (okay more like every day). Usually people left him alone when he was in a bad mood but then again, he never spent the night in Viridian...at the house of the most cheerful girl in the world. Her obbsession with "bonding" with him, was enough to put anyone in a bad mood.

"Come on talk to me," she yelled, "How will we bond if you keep running away?"

"Simple," he yelled back, "I will only say this once more: Leave Me Alone!" In relaity he already said those exact words 10 times already. And the persistent little girl was still following him. She had chased him all the way to the Cinnabar Island, and was still at it. Since there were buildings there, Silver decided to hide in one of them and then when Yellow was gone, flee to Hoenn or some other far away region where he'd be free of her for good. 'I will never understand how THAT is Blue's best friend,' he thought.

"Gotcha," Yellow said jumping on him from nowhere and pinning him on the ground, "Yay I win. Now will you tell me whats wrong?" Silver wasted no time pushing her off.

"No," he snapped. Then reconsidered. "Actually yes," he said, "You following me and not giving me a moments rest is whats bothering me. Now will you get lost. Arent you in love with Red or something? Go ask him out." Yellow looked down in the ground sadly. Silver got up and broushed the dirt of himself. After looking at Yellow, he did feel kinda bad for saying that. Everyone knew Red liked Blue (Silver hated him for that) and Yellow respected the two too much to win him over.

But he was sick and tired of her chasing him to care. So he walked off. Well not really. He barely made two steps when Yellow got up (smiling) and asked, "Wanna have Dinner tonight?" Silver fell over in shock. Blue wasn't kidding when she said Yellow could smile and forgive anything. And instead of going away, she decided to ask him out.

Silver started laughing. "Whats so funny?" Yellow asked.

"You did it," he laughed, "You made me feel better. Asking me out. Yellow you spend too much time with Diamond and Pearl now. You're becoming a comedian."

"I was serious," Yellow said clearly not as cheerful as before. "Have Dinner with me."

"And I am too," Silver said, "NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS!" Yellow looked down. Her hands turned into fists and she was muttering something Silver couldn't hear. Silver thought she was going to start crying.

"Um okay maybe that was a little harsh," he said. Even someone as cold as SIlver couldn't stand to see girls crying. Besides if Yellow started crying, Blue would find out and then SIlver would be forced to date Yellow. "Listen Blondie," he began but was cut of by Yellow screaming, "ChuChu Thunder!"

She sent out her Pikachu to use Thunder on Silver. It missed (Lucky break) but now SIlver was worried. Yellow recalled ChuChu and glared at Silver with the most ferocious eyes he ever saw. (I know this scene is hard to imagine). Silver's had plenty of death glares before but this was the first one to actually scare him.

"You like someone else don't you?" she hissed.

"Um well now that you mention it..."Silver began nervously but Yellow told him to shut up so he did that before he had another Thunder coming his way. Silver knew what happens whn Yellow battles with heightened emotions (like now only much weaker). If she were too attack him in that state he'd be dead. Apparently though, thats what Yellow wanted.

"If I can't have you..." she hissed, "No one can! Die!" She sent out all her pokemon at once for a group attack. Silver dodged it by jumping into the water quickly but the attack hit a building. Fortunatley for ALL of Cinnabar that particualr building was under termite inspection so no one was inside (expect maybe the Termite Inspector himself) when the attack hit. Needless to say, the building started collapsing. "Dodosk Protect." Yellow stated and a green shield surrounded her. The building fell all around her but she was perfectly safe. All her other pokemon were safe inside their pokeballs. Even they were afraid of their trainer.

After a quick Pokedex check, Silver realized...he had made a horrible Horrible HORRIBLE mistake.

To be continued...

Next chapter: Silver runs to the Kanto pokedex holders for help while avoiding the crazed assassin set on killing him.