Hey, I know its been some time since I last updated (Sorry) . This is the last chapter of Yellow's Wrath but don't be sad! Mayouh101 and I will start work on Blue's wrath shortly. And now Yellow will do the disclaimer again due to the introduction of the only OC this story has


Yellow calm down and don't be rude! With Chase's permission I've included (the 11 year old versions of) Chase and Leta to have 3 (well 4) people Silver turns to.

Warning: There is some 4th wall breaking in this chapter. Silver told me I should put up a warning but I don't know why. Do you? And Berlitz and I have joined forces this chapter.

Chase I'm gonna need you to sign a release form saying I, Cem, am not responsible for any abuse, trauma or injuries that happen to your characters. All the blame and law suits go to Silver or Yellow (though I don't recommend the second one) and any bills go to Berlitz.

Okay, I promise not to let Yellow get too close. (Well Berlitz is threatening me since I'm making her pay so I have no choice)

Moving on...

Silver crept around the shrubbery of Johto. His hour had ended an hour ago and he had to flee Hoenn. No, correction he didn't flee Hoenn. The champion and the Elite Four decided that he was responsible for Lilycove and until Yellow calmed down Silver was banned from the continent (Guess who gave the Elites that idea)(I'll give you a hint: She lives for Silver Torment)(No its not Yellow). And he couldn't go break his restraining order because Sinnoh banned him too. Silver felt that Kanto suffered enough already so Johto it was.

Or more specifically, Johto was the only place left where he could go to for help. Even if there was only one place to go to. Crystal's House. Anyone like Silver, or just with some common sense would know perfectly well to never EVER ask people who are idiots and perverts who can't tell the difference between a guy with long hair and a girl. Even if the guy ALREADY SPOKE WITH A PERFECTLY LOW GUY-ISH VOICE!

No, Yellow would have to bury him alive, kill him, and have him for dinner before Silver EVER went to Gold for help. And Crys was the only other pokedex holder left since Gold was out of the question, Silver was the victim, and Yellow created the situation (No it was Silver's fault people. He's just arrogant and will never blame himself)

But before reaching Crystal's house he ran into trouble. Yellow and a giant hammer. 'Okay what is with all girls and giant hammers?' Silver thought (anyone else think its getting kinda cliched?) before realizing who was in front of him. "Wait how'd you get here?" he asked backing off terrified.

"Cem told me your location in exchange for me being a disclaimer so I cut you off," Yellow told polishing her hammer and other tools. (Me (groaning): Yellow don't break the 4th wall! Say he's too predictable and you knew he'd come here.)

"I mean Cem said to say you're too predictable and that I knew you'd come here," Yellow said a little confused. (Me (defeated): Ok never mind I like the first 4th wall breaker more)

Silver sighed as well for Yellow's ditziness. But it couldn't be helped. That was what had made her cute. (o.o) Silver realized what he just thought and gasped. So did the imaginary Berlitz (Lets call her IB)

"I knew it," IB said appearing as a floating head next to Silver instead of an annoying voice, "You do like her. Say us both a funeral to attend and ask her out." Silver shook his head and blew IB away.

"Yellow I will not ask you out," he said backing off as she came closer, "Please don't hurt me. Chase after Gold or someone. He'll happily take you to a fancy restaurant. He'll marry you. He'll cherish you. I wont. So back off PLEASE!" (Berlitz: change those He'lls to I'lls to learn his true feelings)

Yellow's face got even scarier. "See you are evil. You're rude to innocent people. Think of everyone that suffered in Lilycove and Cinnabar and everywhere else," she said, "You caused this. The only way I'll forgive you is by killing you or having dinner with you." (Even though Yellow actually caused the craters not Silver)

"Listen to her," IB appeared again, "Unlike me, she actually likes you. I'm telling you this for your own good."

"I'm getting really sick and tired of you," Silver hissed rather loudly and still looking at Yellow. There was a brief moment of shock and silence then IB laughed coldly.

"Oh you've done it now," she said and disappeared. Yellow's face went from Ultra Scary to "SO-Scary-that-looking-her straight-in-the-eye-even-for-a-second-will-kill-you" Scary. Silver bit his lip.

"Um that wasn't meant for you," he tried to say but it came out as a child's wimper. If only Yellow could see IB. Then maybe he could explain. She raised the hammer.

"You're toast!" she yelled and prepared to swing it (not flatten, swing) at him.

"Uh Gyarados protect," Silver said. He was surrounded by his pokemon's green safety orb moments before the impact. It cushioned him from damage but sent him flying. Away, Away, Away.

Yellow hissed angrily. "Lucky," she muttered, "But according to this paper (I had to slip her) he will be back later so I should just wait. Or I can wait 10 minutes and go to this city." Yellow closed her eyes briefly to consider the options.

"I like option two!" she said, "Once I kill Silver I can find true happiness again!"

10 minutes later near This city...

"Hey he's waking up!" a girl's voice said. Silver opened his eyes weakly and saw a girl with dark brown hair over them.

"Blue?" he asked as she came into focus. But the girl wasn't Blue. She looked younger and had brown eyes (Note: I was using Lilineko's Leta pic as a visual. I think she has brown eyes.)

Silver sat up and looked at her confused. This girl had a green shirt on with a small heart on it and jeans. "Who are you?" SIlver asked. She smiled.

"Oh yay your awake!" she said, "I'm Leta Masters. Chase stop training and get over here. He's finally awake!" Silver gasped at the word "Finally." How long had he been unconcious? Where did Gyarados go? What if Yellow had found him already? But since he was alive it was safe to say Yellow didn't find him yet.

The boy Leta called Chase looked up from his training. He was nearby the whole time but really paid no attention to Silver due to the intense training he was going through.(More like his pokemon actually) Chase had short brown hair and brown eyes like Leta. He wore a cowboy hat, a blue denim jacket with a red shirt underneath and beige pants. (Once again I used Lilineko's pics as visuals. Those pics are really awesome)(Links in Chase's profile)

Next to him was an Espeon and an Umbreon. Silver looked at the umbreon strangely. Instead of Yellow or Blue rings like it was supposed to have, it's were red. Silver sighed a little relieved. If the rings were yellow, he'd get paranoia, mistake the Umbreon for the human, and end up getting banned from Johto too, and if it was Shiny, he'd remember his best friend and probably mistake it for her. Red rings were good. They'd keep him focused.

"Oh your awake," Chase said, "If your wondering about your Gyarados, we already put it in it's pokeball. Shiny pokemon too. Shame it wasn't wild."

Silver said nothing. Just stood up and brushed the dirt of himself. He (only then) noticed there was a pink blanket on him.

"We found you and the Gyarados knocked out here," Leta said cheerfully, "We thought we should make sure you were okay before leaving. Well I did anyway. Mr. Trainer over there just--"

"Anyway what happened to you?" Chase cut in shooting an annoyed glare at Leta. Silver folded the blanket and handed it to Leta.

"Thanks for the help but the less you know the better," Silver said, "I have to leave before...IT returns." Ever since Sapphire was hospitalized, Yellow became the new "It".

Chase and Leta blinked in confusion. "It?" Chase asked. Before anymore questions could be asked...

"Silver! Get out here and Die already," a voice was heard (by Silver). He gasped and jumped behind Chase.

"That it!" he said terrified.

"Did you hear something?" Leta asked. Chase shrugged.

"Maybe you need to see a doctor," Leta said, "I have an uncle who has a clinic somewhere nearby. You might have hit your head." Silver glared at her.

"How did you not hear it?" he barked, "She practically screamed it across the whole area." Then IB appeared laughing.

"What is it now?" Silver asked her. Chase and Leta huddled in a corner discussing if they saved an asylum escapee.

"I'm sorry Silver but," then she looked serious again, "Actually I'm not sorry. But you should have seen the look on your face." Silver suddenly found new hatred toward Berlitz. (Both of them)

"What did you do?" he demanded raising his voice with each word. Leta and Chase watched nervously as he yelled at thin air. (IB is a figment of Silver's imagination created out of fear for the real woman mixed with Yellow. Only he (and maybe some psychics) could see her)

Shadow (the Umbreon) and Sunny (the Espeon), our psychics in the story, sweatdropped as they watched Silver argue with his mind. "That boy sure is strange," Shadow told Chase, "He's arguing with the Lady of Sinnoh."

Leta raised a brow at this. "With (Silver yells)? But she's such a nice girl. We used to go to each others birthday parties all the time when we were kids." Leta explained. If Silver heard her, he'd make Yellow's day and laugh himself to death. But he was too busy arguing with IB to hear.

"What do you mean that was you?" Silver growled. If IB had a neck he strangle it. She closed her eyes to show superiority.

"I mean I read about Ventriliquism and decided to use Yellow's voice and scare you," IB said (now you know why Silver screamed.)

"If it means getting rid of you, I'll ask Yellow out," he hissed. IB nodded.

"That is my mission after all," she said. "That and--"

"SILVER GET OUT HERE AND DIE!" Yellow's voice was heard again. This time Chase and Leta heard it and looked around warily. Silver however had no reaction.

"Very funny Berlitz," he said to IB, "I'm not falling for this again." One's of IB's hands appeared and she smacked Silver.

"How stupid are you?" she said coldly, "A lady never uses the same trick twice."

"Hey if your done yelling at yourself," Chase called as IB faded, "We've got a problem." He pointed to a small girl with Blonde hair and a giant mallet glaring at Silver.

Silver saw her and nearly fainted again. "Not you again," he said now hiding behind a shocked Leta, "Please save me! She's been following me over Kanto, Sinnoh AND Hoenn. Is no place sacred?" Leta looked at Silver, then Yellow, then Silver again.

"Um blondie," she said, "Why exactly are you chasing him?" Silver expected Yellow to just say "out of the way" as usual but instead she told them the whole story. Well not exactly...

"I always do everything for him!" she said pointing at Silver, "But the one time I ask something from him. He laughs and calls me a comedian. He. Must. DIE!" Leta cocked her head in understanding and walked over to Yellow's side.

"Sorry kid but I'm gonna have to agree with her this time," Leta looked over at Chase, "If HE did something like this I'd be hunting him to the ends of the earth. And if I don't suceed, my big brother will." Silver silently thanked the great gods for not giving Yellow any siblings.

Chase on the other hand went over to Silver. 'Chase I really think this is a bad idea,' Shadow said nervously, "Leta has a mallet. And a big brother. And if you do this I think all your pokemon, and friends will side with her on the matter." Chase shook his head.

"Don't worry Shadow," Chase said and stroked the pokemon's fur. "It's only an innocent gesture. Besides underneath that scary frown, You've gotta admit, she is kinda cute." Shadow sweatdropped. If Leta heard that, it'd be Leta's wrath.

"Don't worry Silver," Chase said to the nervous boy, "I'll calm her down."

"Thanks and listen carefully," Silver said, "Do NOT battle! It'll kill your pokemon. It already killed Cinnabar and Lilycove." Chase smiled. (He thinks Cinnabar and Lilycove are pokemon at the moment)

"Relax," he said and approached Yellow. He got down on one knee and took her hand. "Yellow, if I may call thy that," he said like a lovesick Romeo. Leta raised a brow suspiciously. Yellow's anger softened slightly and became confusion. "I completely agree what thou's friend did was wrong."

"Traitor," Silver bristled. Leta crossed her arms. Sunny sudenly went into a daze.

'Uh-oh," she said to Shadow, 'The future does not look bright.' She had looked into future sight briefly and saw a hideous sight.

'What'd you see?' Shadow asked half-nervous. But Sunny shook her head.

'You'll see.' was all she said still shaking her head at her trainer's foolishness.

Now back to Romeo...

"Instead of chasing that unworthy soul around why not go on a date with me?" Chase asked her. Yellow's frown returned. Silver's jaw fell. Leta's magical mallet appeared, Sunny sighed and Shadow sweatdropped.

'Idiot,' the red-ringed Eon said.

"Chase," Leta hissed her anger rising. Yellow smacked his hand away.

"You two timer," she said preparing her cliched hammer, "You're just like Silver! But I wont kill you. Let your girlfriend do that. And my invitation cannot be passed on" Her attention turned to Silver. "Now you DIE!"

As Yellow started chasing Silver around again, Leta ganged up on Chase.

"Go on a date with me?" Leta mimicked his last words to Yellow. "And what was with that language?" Sunny and Shadow set up a tea party with their psychic powers. All of the other pokemon joined them. They did not want to get involved in the drama between "thy" trainers.

Meanwhile Berlitz watched the whole event via sattelite in her mansion. She slapped her forehead. "Idiot," she said, "I didn't expect him to get strangers involved. And he broke up a couple. I thought too poorly of that swine. (Not Silver another Swine)" She started looking at the damages caused by Leta and clicked some buttons on her calculator.

"According to this I will have to pay," her eyes narrowed at the numbers. After a brief silence she said, "This is all going on Silver's tab." She put her calculator away and resumed watching Silver's suffering.

Silver had just returned to Violet City, home of Crystal the Capture Pro. And he was just thrown out of the city, by Crystal the Capture Pro. As soon as she saw him, she said "I don't want to get involved. Ask Gold, he's good with this stuff." Then she threw him out.

Silver really underestimated Crys's strength. Apparently she wasn't such a frail girl after all. She had no problems kicking him out of the city as if he was a pokeball. But what would he do now? He couldn't ask Gold, the pervert. He'd most likely go Chase mode on Yellow too. Though if Yellow killed him, that wouldn't be a bad thing.

"But I can't go to Gold!" Silver whined, "He's the one person Berlitz and I agree on. He's a swine!" (And now you know). "But then again he is good with this stuff," Silver muttered reconsidering, "And if he fails, Yellow can always kill him." An evil smile crept on SIlver's face for the second time that day.

"Time to ask Gold," he finally said.

Gold listened to the story 5 times. Silver was starting to regret his decision. Gold was hopeless.

"Silver I really think you should listen to Ms. Berlitz,"Gold finally said, "You're probably a lousy date anyway and Yellow will go home afterwards and never bug you again. She'll probably go after me." Silver rolled his eyes.

He should have known, Gold would agree with Berlitz. While she (along with Silver) was praying for his funeral, he kept trying to win her over. Then Yellow appeared. But for once, Silver was glad to see her. Time for some revenge.

"Yellow!" he exclaimed, "This is the guy responsible for my atrocious behavior. If you kill him I'll die quietly." Yellow smiled.

"Okay," she said in her normal perky self but that quickly became Evil Yellow again. IB appeared shaking her head.

"You shouldn't make the poor and defenseless suffer," IB scolded, "Take some responsibility will ya?" Silver ignored her this time.

"I'm surprised your not yelling," he muttered as Yellow towered over Gold. Silver sat down by a tree looking a little bored. IB had the same look on her face.

"I honestly don't mind watching this," she told him but then they both opened their eyes in shock.

(A few horribly violent and Gold-pity-ish scenes later...)

"Never Mind! I DO mind watching this," IB said and willingly floated off. Silver pinned himself against the tree. That was just the scariest thing ever.

Gold was sprawled out on the ground, drooling (must be brain dead) bruised, and had a few fractured bones (maybe more than a few). Yellow was just cleaning the dirt of her hands.

"You're next!" Yellow hissed at him, "But I wont let you live." Silver looked at Gold nervously who apparently had amnesia. He kept wandering around aimlessly saying "Who, what, Where When am I?" (I know it contradicts the last paragraph)

"Maybe Berlitz was right," he said, "I want to live." He found out his legs have joined the dark side too. He couldn't run. He thought about all the days victims as Yellow came closer. And the craters. And the building! It took a whole building!

"Ok date or death?" he asked himself as Yellow came closer. Just as she was about to kill him he said.

"So uh...when and where do you want to have dinner?" he asked.

"How about 8 o'clock at my house?" Yellow said suddenly happy and perky again as if THIS WHOLE DAY (AND STORY) DIDN'T HAPPEN. Silver stared shocked.

"I've gotta listen to that woman more often," he muttered. "Okay. 8 it is." She jumped up and down joyfully.

They started walking off hand in hand (Silver was scared if he said no he'd die). He was still shocked at the power one question had and how Berlitz was right. Scary.

'Women are scary' he thought looking at the now cheery Yellow. 'No amount of Therapy will ever make this day seem normal.'

Just then Yellow said, "I'll cook tonight!" Silver paled in his mind but kept a happy face. Yellow was a horrible cook!

'I will be needing Doctor Blue after this day!' he said. IB appeared once more.

"True that boy," she said sadly, "True that."


Yay Yay my 2nd complete multi-chap story. YAY!! And about the cooking thing: In terms of personality I'm a lot like regular nice sweet Yellow and I can't cook (my friends were criticizing my kitchen skills last night) so Swifty said "If Yellow cooks Silver's a goner..." and so this was born. And Doctor Blue is from a cancelled Cem project but a chapter called "Doctor Blue (Revisited)" will appear as chapter 5 in Hotel Evil.

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