I don't know what woke me up. I've always been a sound sleeper. But something did, and what I saw made me wish I were still asleep. Myotismon was standing at the edge of our camp, smirking in that evil way that all evil 'mons do and preparing for an attack.

There was no time. Even if I could get the others awake (and before you tell me I should, I'd like you to try and wake up Tai and Agumon in the middle of the night. Take your time), Myotismon would still have all the advantages.

So it was sheer defiance, a puny gesture that would accomplish nothing. But as Myotismon hurled his Grizzly Wing at us, as the bats flew toward the sleeping, unaware Joe and the others, I shouted out my own attack.


Gabumon and Agumon started at the noise.

Myotismon began laughing. Well, that was something. Maybe he'd laugh so hard that he'd have a heart attack or something.

He stopped laughing.

My fish came flying out of nowhere, as they always do. Of course, I'd just expected that the fish would be useless, flopping about.

They weren't useless. The bats fell as the fish pelted them. Myotismon howled as the fish pelted him. He began retreating. The fish followed him wherever he moved.

I blinked, trying to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me. Even as Myotismon ran, he was still being half-buried by my fish, who seemed to be falling from the sky just above him. I looked back at Gabumon and Agumon, who seemed to be at least half-awake. "Um, maybe one of you should go digivolve and finish him off?" I suggested hesitantly. "I mean, I'm sure those fish won't keep him away forever..."

They stared at me without saying anything. They were probably furious with me. I mean, if I was supposed to do anything at all, it would be to distract the enemy and then let those who could actually destroy the forementioned enemy, well, do it. But now...the Rookie with the lamest attack showing both of them up?

"Not the dog, the spoon," Agumon said.

"There is no spoon," Gabumon told him.

Then they both fell back asleep.

I looked back at Myotismon, who was almost out of sight, and at the rest of our group, sleeping soundly. I shrugged and curled back up by Joe.


The next morning, we set out as always. I didn't mention my dream. The only thing worse than being stupid is sharing your stupidity, flaunting it for everyone to see.

"Hey," said Tai, looking around, "where'd all these fish come from?"