TITLE: Someone Like You

WRITTEN BY: Drea Jackman

EMAIL: DreaJackman@Literati.co.uk


SUMMARY: Regardless of the weather, Logan & Max go for that spin in the park. Set after the final
scenes of '411 on the DL'. Sequel to 'Not Alone After All.'

DISCLAIMER: I own none of the characters involved. They belong to Cameron/Eglee Producions :(

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A/N: Christmas revision. What would a fic called Someone Like You really be without the lyrics
to Van Morrison's Someone Like You included? For your atmospheric pressure, I give you the
lyrics to SLY (in ~*~'s). Hope it improves the ambiance of the work :) Enjoy!


I've been searching a long time
For someone exactly like you
I've been travelling all around the world
Waiting for you to come through

Someone Like You
Would make it all worthwhile
Someone like you
Would keep me satisfied
Someone exactly like you

The ride down in the elevator was made in silence. Not an awkward one that held them in it's
grasp or one that had to be filled for comfort's sake, but a companionable one both enjoyed in it's
entirety. The feeling in it's simplest form was warming and equally welcomed by them both.

When they finally made it to the doors of Foggle Towers the storm was in full force. The
downpour of rain was falling straight and the haze it sprayed back up into the air as it hit the
concrete surface of the street came up as high as Max's waist. Not wanting to stand around all
night, Max left Logan's side and stepped out into the rain. Stopping only a few steps away she
turned back to face him.

Logan's breath caught in his throat for the briefest of seconds as he took in Max's current
appearance. The heavy rain was already working it's way through her dark curls and running
down her golden skin as she tilted her head to one side, not flinching at the weather in the
slightest. Suddenly he felt the smallest pang of guilt because he'd been the one to suggest the
whole thing, yet he was still warm and dry. Hands on wheels he began to roll down onto the
street slowly. So slowly in fact, Max almost missed the fact that he'd actually begun to move at

"Coming?" she chimed, beginning to smile again as she extended her hand to him.

This was a game at no mistake. Logan knew it and Max knew it. More importantly it was a fun
game, one both of them were in desperate need of. Letting the forward momentum of the chair
carry him to her, Logan extended a hand to meet hers. Taking it gently he answered, "Right
behind you."

Suddenly the grip on his hand tightened and his smile gave way to a hint of the worried frown he
usually bore at such times. He found himself propelled into a position in front of her as he
craned his neck round to see what she was up to. He jumped as two strong hands gripped his
shoulders gently.

"How do you feel about taking things a little faster?" she asked, a hint of hidden playfulness in
her teasing tone.

Logan's mouth fell open slightly as he mulled over the various literal and possible meanings
behind her choice of words. Deciding that he had nothing to lose from taking a chance he
realized that he may as well play her at her own game. Turning his head as far as he could to
face her he leaned toward her.

"I dunno," he began, voice laved with undertones. "How fast do you wanna go?"

Max felt a rush wash through her at the sound of his voice. The chill that followed was only one
brought on by actually processing the answer he'd given. Smiling to herself she maintained her
grip on his shoulders as she leaned closer, her lips stopping just by his left ear.

"I can go pretty fast," she purred in his ear. "But can you handle that kinda fast?"

Logan swallowed hard knowing that even though he was probably imagining it, all images of the
hidden meanings and direct words were definitely not ones of a platonic relationship. The
constant and repetitive use of the word 'fast' was beginning to build up in both of them and a
vent was urgently needed for the escalating tension.

"Hey, I got whatever you can throw at me," he responded, stepping up to her challenge with
renewed confidence.

"Okay, don't say I didn't warn you."

"Scare me," Logan joked as he felt the sudden jerk of the wheels under his hands.

Pulling them back out of the way Logan found himself being pushed along the street towards the
ark at the far end at an amazing rate. He was exhilarated to say the least. Max was just
enjoying the obvious fun he was having as his untamed laughter drifted back to her. Her hands
were splayed out over the back of the chair, pushing in only the right spots so as not to cause
the chair to tip. Her job may have been made easier had there actually been handles present,
but she'd manage all the same. If he did tip over it wasn't like her arms wouldn't be there to
catch him or anything anyway, or so she reassured herself.

As they reached the gateway Max slowed down a little as they fell silent once more. Giving him
one last push up the path Max let him go and walked to a nearby bench. Logan wheeled up by
her side and stopped, his hands resting gently on the rims by his sides. The rain had now
worked it's way over almost every inch of them both, by neither showed signs of bothering. As a
few more drops of rain worked their way down Logan's forehead and over his face he found Max
looking at him thoughtfully.

I've been travelling a hard road
Baby lookin' for someone exactly like you
I've been carrying my heavy load
Waiting for the light to come shining through

Max had sat down on the end of the bench, her arms casually thrown over the arm ledge as she
watched Logan.

"What are you thinking?" Logan asked, his voice only just audible to Max over the downpour.
Another peal of thunder crashed above them followed closely by a flash of lightening.

"That your ex is THE dumbest woman on the planet," she answered directly at first, her voice
growing distant as she looked him squarely in the eye in completing her answer with what was to
follow. "She really hurt you didn't she."

"Max," he began a little taken aback by her candor. "I thought we'd dealt with this already. We
came out here to,"

"To what?"

"I'm not sure," Logan answered honestly to the best of his ability. "Cheer ourselves up maybe?"

It was the only answer he could offer that sounded better than the awful truth. That he felt
lonely. All his money, all his wealthy lifestyle could afford and there he was, still the naive
dreamer being taken advantage of for his money and thrown aside. No woman had ever really
been the one for him and he pushed his feelings for Max back out of the way. He couldn't bear
to find out that he was just being used again. No, he berated himself for thinking that. Max may
not have shared his feelings, but she wasn't using him. She was a better person than that.

"Maybe. Is it working?"

"You are," he replied without thinking, his voice almost reverent. But, hearing the words aloud
frightened him right back into the shell he'd slowly emerged from. Fact was, it was true. It wasn't
the park, or the rain. It was simply Max, although there was never anything simple about her.

Someone Like You
Would make it all worthwhile
Someone like you
Would keep me satisfied
Someone exactly like you

Max thought over his words, still a little surprised herself. It was a quick flash of the man who'd
tracked her down at Crash a few months ago, so confident in his pursuits. The pair simply stared
at each other. Max watched as the rain was beginning to push more and more of Logan's usual
array of spikes down and proceeded to leave trails down his jawline, disappearing into the
stubble there.

Logan watched as the rain poured over Max's golden skin and felt the growing need to fun a
hand through her tousled, wet locks increasing with every new drop of water that flowed over her
lips. At that moment Logan even found himself brimming with jealousy, another growing longing
to touch her lips with his own as gently as the free flowing liquid.

Silence. Not a single word uttered between them as the storm grew more and more violent
overhead. It was almost as if the storm was responding physically to the passion that was
arising in both of them by the second. The thunder was rumbling every few minutes now and the
lightening that followed came in multiple bursts. Finally sensing it was time to do something
Logan wheeled back from the bench all of two feet and turned slightly to face down the path.
Max looked at him and nodded, immediately understanding.

Standing up she walked just ahead of Logan as he wheeled up alongside to catch up. It was like
some silent understanding they both shared. As long as they were together, no matter what their
lives could throw at them, they'd never really have to be alone. Knowing that the other was there
for them served as a big turning point in their relationship.

"She didn't deserve you, Logan," Max said finally breaking the tangible silence between them. "I
hope you know that."

"I suppose believing it's a little harder to do," he said pushing the wheels a little harder.

Noticing his physical reaction more than his verbal one, Max decided that this time she wasn't
going to back off, even if he wanted her to.

"So take my word for it," she pressed.

"Do I have a choice?" he asked glancing up over his shoulder to see her face.

"You bet your ass you don't."

Logan smiled a little at her attitude. Always presenting a touch exterior Logan knew that behind
it was the girl he found himself thinking of more and more. He'd fallen for her in a big way. The
question was, could she ever feel the same way about him? A genetically superior female,
perfect to him in every way, interested in or even loving a cripple like him. Still, there was
something about her that always made him hope.

"Seriously," she continued as they left the park and headed back up the street towards Foggle
Towers. "You deserve better."

"Someone like you?" he tested, feeling his courage fire again.

Max caught the underlying question, but for the sake of avoiding the issue until the right moment
she glazed over it.

"Wouldn't go that far," she said taking time to make sure he could read her meaning and not take
offense immediately. "I am perfect y'know."

"That you are," his voice drifted back to her wistfully over the growing storm.

Max blushed very slightly, stopping as they drew up in the street outside Fogle Towers. There
the pair stayed dripping wet under the shelter of the doorway. Both were all too aware that had
their little spin been a date, this would've been the awkward moment of conquest, but it wasn't
like that, not between them. They weren't like that.

I've been doin' some soul searching
To find out where you're at
I've been up and down the highway
In all kinds of foreign land

Someone Like You
Would make it all worthwhile
Someone like you
Would make me satisfied
Someone exactly like you

Logan looked up at her and finally felt like all his fear was gone. He only knew the gnawing pain
that ate away at him inside. The pain of feeling like a useless cripple, the pain of feeling so
lonely, but above all the pain of falling in love with someone who would never love him back.
Even so, she made it all go away. In that instant of realization Logan knew exactly what he

"It's still late," he said casually looking up at the flashes of light in the sky. "Doesn't look like it's
going to let up anytime soon."

"Pretty wild," she agreed looking out just like him.

"You're still welcome to crash here the night. Guest room's all yours if you want it."

"I guess I'm already here. May as well take advantage of the options available to me," she said
without thinking, only realizing as she dropped her gaze to meet Logan's again.

Logan's face had fallen slightly, again reminded of all those who'd pretended to care about him
when all they'd wanted was something else. Help, money, a place to stay, it didn't matter.
They'd never wanted him. Speaking openly Logan said what was really on his mind, leaving
what was in his heart aside for the time being.

"I don't think I want to be alone right now, that's all," he admitted, sounding defeated for doing so.

"Logan," Max responded immediately, placing a firm hand on his shoulder as she stood by his
side. "When I said I was looking for someone to connect with all this time I always assumed it'd
be Zack or one of the others. Someone like me who'd understand it all. Tonight I got to realize
that, that someone's already in my life."

I've been all around the world
Marching to the beat of a different drum
But just lately I have realised
Baby the best is yet to come

Someone Like You
Would make it all worthwhile
Someone like you
Would make me satisfied
Someone exactly like you

Moving round to stand in front of him, Max crouched before him, her hands dropping to rest on
his knees where she knew the feeling would be lost to him. Her eyes tried to find the same
comfort in his blue depths, but his glasses were spattered and streaked with rain making his
eyes harder to see clearly. Reaching out to his face slowly she gently removed his glasses to
reveal his troubled eyes. She felt her features soften at the sight and her voice responded in a
similar fashion.

"Someone like you," she said softly, her eyes imploring his understanding.

Logan swallowed hard again as he took in Max's actions over her words. She was actually
crouched before him and not only that, but she was intimately close. She knelt between his
motionless legs, her head coming level with his own as he sat back in the chair. Was this
headed where he thought it could be? Was it all just some stupid day dream he was having and
he'd snap out of it any minute to find that no, she hadn't come to his rescue earlier that night and
he was still sitting all alone in his penthouse staring out at the storm. If that were true, then
surely he'd not still be plagued by doubts.

"I understand you Max, that doesn't make me worthy."

Max smiled at little as the response formed in her mind's eye. Leaning deliberately close she
slid one hand up into his still dripping, disheveled hair and ruffled it gently, spiking it back up
again while her other hand slid inside the lapel of his leather jacket gripping it firmly in a fist.

"No, but you understand me like no one ever has," she purred softly, her warm breath blowing
each word and syllable over his face in a delightful play of sensations. The hand that had been
in his hair came to rest draped around his neck as she moved to lean over him. "And that's

For brief seconds Logan's unshielded eyes gazed back at hers, his mind still trying to take in
what it was she was saying to him. Before he knew it he found curiosity winning out as he leant
his head up towards her, stopping with his lips only precious millimeters from hers as his eyes
drifted closed. Max's own eyes drifted closed slowly, open bearly enough to catch Logan's
innocent expression as he ventured forward. Gripping his jacket a little tighter she suddenly
pulled him closer with ease and their lips met.

Overhead the storm continued to rumble, the pair enfolded in it's midst, neither one of them

Someone exactly like you
Someone exactly like you
Oh the best is yet to come
Someone exactly
...Like you