The Memoirs of Jiraiya

The Memoirs of Jiraiya

The Toad Sage. Ero-Sennin. Baka.

People have named me all of these, but I simply call myself Jiraiya.

And this time, it's all about me.

Well, mostly about me.

About Me

As I said, I'm Jiraiya, the perverted Toad Sage, author, and shinobi. My sensei was the best (if not the most perverted) sensei ever. Tsunade and I are best friends, though she'll probably never admit it. For quite a few years I lived with my poor, orphaned student, but more on that later. I'll tell you all about my life, (through my eyes, of course) but let's start at the beginning, ne?

On The Beginning

The beginning- always a fine place to start.

My father apparently died in a war or something a couple weeks before I was born, so I never met him. It was just me and my mother, and it was pretty hard. She was deemed too "weak" to be a kunoichi, even though she was probably the strongest woman I've ever known. She had to get "everyday" jobs, and money was sometimes a little tight. I promised myself that one day I'd bring home money and be able to do more for her.

And it might've actually happened, if Kyouza hadn't walked into her life.

Kyouza was Mom's new boyfriend. He regularly beat the crap out of her, but he had a good job, and we had enough money for food and other expenses. So, in other words, Mom was with a dirtbag to take care of me.

Set guilt on HIGH.

Anyways, he might've got me a couple times, but one time, he sent me to the hospital, so Mom decided to talk to him about it.

BAD idea, Ma.

I left to meet up with Sensei and Orochimaru (AKA Orochi/Oro) and Tsunade (Fondly referred to as Hime).

I don't really know for sure what happened, all I know is that when I got home, I saw my mother's body on the kitchen floor.

Not exactly what I wanted to see after a hard day of training.

So, I went screaming like a banshee to Sensei, who tried to calm me down so that he could understand what I was saying.

I'm sure he regretted that later.

Because when he finally understood what I was saying, (or screaming, rather) the blood just drained right out of his face.

He told me to go inside and sit with his wife, and he went to Who Knows Where.

I did as I was told and sat in their living room for quite a while. She did offer me rice, but I refused as there was already enough snot running into my mouth. Which was all well-and-good, considering I wasn't hungry, anyway.

I mean, who could eat after seeing their mother dead on the floor?

I couldn't.