Chapter 16: Let's Get Physical

As soon as the family meeting was over, we all headed of into our different directions and began training immediately. Seeing as we only had one day to prepare ourselves for a battle that would ultimately decided if we would continue to exist or not, we al threw ourselves into becoming as physically and mentally prepared as possible.

I knew everyone was thankful for my gift, because now they new that I could just train like the rest of them and not need any special attention. It wasn't that they didn't want to help me; it was just that we didn't have time, and we all needed to be prepared, especially me. I was still scared of the horrible possibilities that came along with my gift, but as I began to realize what this meant for my family, and especially Edward, I began to embrace it, and use it to my advantage while training with Edward.

Although I loved Edward, he was an extreme pain in the ass to train with. I guess he forgot about my powers, and that I knew what he was thinking and all that shit, because the bastard was letting me win every time.

"Damn it Edward! Will you at least fucking try? I mean really, I know everything that's going through your head, and I can see that you're barely even exerting yourself! Do you honestly think you holding back on me is going to help when we have to fight the Volturi?" I looked him in the eyes, looking into his mind to get a stronger hold on what he was thinking.

What the fuck?! There is no fucking way that I am going to let her fight, no chance in hell. I'll throw myself in front of her if I have to, but there is no fucking way she is going to fight the Volturi.

I was immediately filled with rage at Edward's thoughts. "What the hell Edward? You're not going to "let me" fight? Really?"

"I'm sorry love, I just can't take that risk, if I lost you…"

I didn't let him finish his usual excuse as to why he was "protecting" me. "Good God Edward! I'm not a human anymore, I'm not poor little breakable Bella Swan anymore. I am Bella Cullen, your wife, and a pretty indestructible vampire. I can hold my own now, and like Carlisle said, my power pretty much makes me undefeatable."

"I know Bella, and I'm sorry but just the thought of you getting hurt in battle is unthinkable for me, I couldn't stand it."

I wrapped my arms around my husband and rested my head in the crook of his neck as head buried his face in my hair. "I know Edward, and that's why you have to train me the right way. If you go easy on me, than I'm not gonna be ready for the other guys. Yeah I may know all the moves, and be able to anticipate what they are going to be coming at me with, but honestly Edward, if I don't have any experience, I'm going to freeze out there, no matter how much I know. And we both know that that will be no good for anyone."

Edward let out a long sigh of defeat. "Your right Bella, I'm sorry. God, what was I thinking, I could have put us all in danger."

Great, now he was beating himself up. "Edward, seriously, quit it. We don't have much time left so we need to get going again okay?"


"This time, I want you to come at me with everything you've got. And remember, I'll be able to tell if your going easy on me, so you better not, or there will be dire consequences, Edward."

A mischievous smile spread across his face, "Oh really."

Images of Edward and I in various naughty situations, flashed through my head. "Edward! Get your mind out of the gutter." I was sure that if I was still human, I would be beat red by now. "That's for after we beat the Volturi. Now, can we please star training already?"

Edward busted out laughing, at my sudden innocence, a gigantic change from when I had woken up. "Yes, love, I'm sorry."

Edward quickly went down into a crouch, and sprung at me, I took a step to the left and smiled at the baffled look on Edward's face. I giggled and pointed to my head, "I know stuff, remember?" He laughed and launched himself at me once again.

Edward and I sparred for the rest of the night, until Alice finally announced what we had all been anxiously anticipating.

"Guys! They're here!"

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