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Summary: A family's more than blood and bones. The Jones Family dynamics post-KotCS as shown through single shot drabbles and other multi-chapter epics all posted under a single title for your viewing convenience.

Rating: Varies between K+ and T and maybe even M, depending on what I decide to write.

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Jones Family Anatomy


Henry 'Mutt' Jones kept his back pressed tightly against the wall, hands clenched tightly at his sides. The dark of the hall swirled around him, illuminated only slightly by the soft light cascading from a nearby doorway. He was only several feet away from the freedom, able to see the edge of the stairway from where he was standing. The pitch blackness on the floor below him was as good an indicator as any that he was close to the exit. He just had to make it there without being detected, a task easier said than done in this place.

Easing himself to the wall's edge, he peeked around the corner to the small alcove nearby. The door was only open a crack, barely enough to see through, but enough for anyone with ears to hear through. He took a deep breath, taking special care not to make any sound as he did so for fear someone might hear, and, holding it, stepped quickly past the alcove to the safety of the far wall.

Footsteps thudded across the floor in his direction. Mutt's heart nearly jumped out of his chest when he heard them reach the threshold of the room, inching into the small nook. He shut his mouth tight and waited, trying to keep his anxiety under wraps. Panicking wouldn't do him any good, not when he was so close, so close, to escape. For what felt like an eternity, he waited, holding his breath inside his lungs as his heart pounded against his rib. He could see the person clearly in his mind, hovering by the door, listening just as intently as he for any sound.

Except he's not going to hear anything, Mutt decided, setting his jaw sternly. I'm getting out of here whether he likes it or not.

If that's him, a voice inside his head reminded him, but Mutt ignored it. Of course it was him. Mutt had seen him go inside that room over an hour ago and hadn't seen or heard him leave since.

The door clicked shut suddenly, leaving Mutt alone in the darkness. He breathed a soft, almost silent sigh of relief and pressed on, strafing down the wall several inches before taking small steps to the staircase.

He took another deep breath and tried to remember where the silent parts on the stairs were. That was the one problem with old buildings, he decided. The architecture blew your cover way before you did. Luckily, he had spent the better part of his time inside memorizing where to step and how to move without making a sound. After taking a moment to recall the spots that didn't creak, he crept downwards, making his way through the pitch blackness without so much as a whisper of his breath.

The solid floor was a welcome blessing. Just a few more steps, he told himself, barely containing his excitement. He could almost see the outline of the door in front of him; smell the fresh air waiting for him on the other side as he raced through the night on the back of his Harley. Keeping a hand pressed against the wall for support and navigation, he took a brave step forward onto uncertain ground, wincing in fear of a squeaky floorboard he hadn't cared to notice before. Working as quickly as he could without blowing his cover, Mutt covered the last of the distance between himself and the door and, when he finally found the handle, breathed the real sigh of relief.

"Finally," Mutt whispered. He twisted the handle and pulled.

The door hadn't swung more than a few inches before it stopped short in the dark.

"Don't even think about it," a voice warned him in the darkness.

The door slammed shut. The lights came on. Mutt took a dejected step back into the foyer of the house and sighed. The image of the night was burning in his brain, fuelled by a fury he knew he could never satisfy. Lifting his eyes from the carpet, he met the gaze of his captor with a sharp glare.

"You know I almost had you."

The former Henry Jones Jr. didn't move a muscle, but Mutt could feel the eye roll from where he was standing. "You didn't have anything," the elder Jones corrected his son pointedly. "I've been waiting for you to get down here for half an hour. Now, get out of that jacket and get back to your room."

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