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Riley was flabbergasted at the sight of his red Ferrai in his usual spot in front of his apartment. He rubbed his hand on the body of the car before spotting a note at the windshield. He nearly went into a spasm when the note revealed to have come from the President of the United States.

"Try not to park your car anywhere near a 'no parking' sign in the near future," Riley hear someone say to him.

He turned around to find Alex standing by the stoop to his apartment. She looked amazing in the outfit that she was wearing, which was a red button-down French cuff shirt and a black pencil skirt. She even wore black stiletto heels to match the skirt itself. Truly, Alex looked more business-like than ever. As Riley admired Alex's new appearance, Alex recalled something that Abigail had asked her when they had first met.

"'Ever fell for the boy next door? The one that knew you all so well?'"

At the time, Alex said that she had…and still has at the time. Now, she knew that she was right all along. Alex had said that in a volume that only Abigail was able to catch.

"You look, erm…you look, ummm…" Riley studdered, bringing Alex back to reality.

"I look what, Riles? Too professional? 'Cause, Abigail thought that this was perfect…though, this is a bit over the top," Alex said as she examined her outfit as she shifted her weight on the heels.

"You look amazing, Lex. Now, this is something I can get used to seeing you in," Riley said as he finally overcame his studdering. "But…what are you doing here, anyway? Don't you have a lecture to teach today?"

"I only have one class to teach, and that's once a week. I taught yesterday, if that's what you're wondering about. No: I'm here for that date that you promised to take me on, remember?"

"Date…? Oh, right-that date," Riley said.

"You forgot, didn't you?"

"No I haven't…honest."

"Right," Alex said with a roll of her eyes as Riley jumped into the driver seat.

Alex got in the normal way due to her outfit, otherwise she would have done the same. Riley started the car and the car went backwards…hitting something.

"You gotta be kidding me," Riley said as Alex simply laughed.

"I like to thank Dr. Gates and his family for stoppingby to tell u more on the topic of the Freemasons," Alx said as Ben and Patrick, sitting on chairs, were given a warm welcome in Alex's historic literature class.

Ben got up to speak just as Alex's cellphone began to vibrate in Alex' suit jacket pocket. She excused herself to answer the call.

"Alex Gates, how can I help you?" she said into her cell phone.

Hello, Alex.

Alex's heart froze a little as Ian greeted her over the phone. Her heartrate quickened as she mentally tried to calm herself down, but was failing miserably.

I need your help, Alex. No Ben, no Riley-just you.

"Why should I help ou? You know what happened the last time-"

You think I don't know that already, Alexandra. Ian said before letting out a sigh. Please, Alexandra…can't you help out an old friend on this?

Alex sighed at her first name: only Ian would call her by her first name if he wanted to corner her into doing something she'd regret later on.

"Just tell me when to meet you, Ian," Alex said after a few seconds.

Tomorrow at 11. Come alone.

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