Do not go gently into that good night

Rage, rage against the dying of the light

-Dylan Thomas

there were the velvet gloves

the chalk so fine so paper-white

mauve lilies gentle turning up

their spring heads to sunlight

oh won't you come and play

if only for today, my song

sing it strong,

sing if only for today

you remember clear water streams

musty July heat and powder for ladies

the buzz of unsung anguish and

cloudy midnight cicadas

see girls dancing whirling twirling

frosted cakes in their petticoats

and muslin aprons afloat in the air

the awakening of seeing

you, I know what you did

thoughts ablaze in that mischievous head

poor child, unable to concentrate on his exams

the clock burning with stopped time and possible failure

your stolen hours

oh how we underestimate the starlight

cloud-light, dark sky, moth-eaten covers

ecstasy alone still twangs and cuts deep

oh it feels lovely

please won't we forgive this child his sin?

and sweaty finger rustled covers

the touch of virtue and virtue lost

this boy plays organ

this boy commits a sin

this boy speaks to maidens

and this boy spots the dark

I spy with my troublesome eye

the clumsy bloom of a renegade

he, of wrongful fantasies

who follows the gaze of a headless queen

come now, pleasant dark

shall we crouch and sway in our pirate dreams?

oh Moritz, it mightn't be too long

we could be the guilty ones

yet, the bleeding clarity of sunset

hung with flies that drone and buzz

with your runaway clad in ghost-white

you finally sing the song

this is the thief of the hour

this is the hour of song

this is the child of error

who turns down the sadness of dawn