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BPV (Alice and Bella's apartment is on my computer.)

My best friend Alice and I moved to the big apple as they call it to work at the New York Times. Alice's parents and mine bought us a two bedroom apartment in New Gram Park Avenue. It was a beautiful apartment that they had furnished and decorated. As we walked into the apartment and looked around I couldn't help but be amazed. The house looked like it belonged to a celebrity. The kitchen was well done, with cherry wood cabinets, the latest appliances, and marble counter tops. The dining room which was a little outside of the kitchen was black, and sat around four people.

You could tell that Alice's mother had decorated because of the way it looked. The whole house had paintings on the walls and all of the colors blended together perfectly. The living room was black tables, but all of the couches were red, which matched the foyer, which had a red chair in it. They matched all the red rugs, but it was a different story when we got to our rooms.

Mine had the best view, with a walk in closet and my private bathroom. Thank the lord for that, I thought. The bedroom was a shade of blue going from midnight blue to sky blue. I just loved it. Alice on the other had had everything I had; except for her room was every shade of pink. Knowing Alice, she probably made her mother make it pink.

Alice was squealing in delight as her small pixie like figure danced around the house. The first thing she had told me when we got of the plain was that we had to go shopping and god did I dread the minute that, that would happen.

"Isn't the house B-E-A-utiful Bella." (Joey says that in Full House) I just proceeded to nod my head to tell her that I was listening as I walked around the apartment. I stopped at the living room window and looked down at the street to see all of the people walking around.

We lived on the 16th story in the apartment building and I could barely see the people at the bottom of the building. When we had first walked in we were greeted by a door man by the name of Cameron. He was a polite old man, who showed us his kids, and wife that had died about two years ago. We promised him that we would invite him over for dinner with his kids some time, because he reminded me a great deal of my father.

My mother and father had separated when I was born, and I moved with my mother to Phoenix, Arizona. But when I started freshmen year I moved back to Forks, Washington where I met my best friend Alice, and since then we have been inseparable. We attended college together, and both majored in journalism, except Alice minored in design, and I in English literature. When we graduated college we decide to move to New York to hit off our new lives.

We had come up about three weeks ago and got an interview at the New York Times sending us into a wave of panic. What if one of us didn't make the job, what if none of us made the job? When we first walked into the office we were interviewed by the current editor. Carlisle Cullen, he astounded me, he was making me laugh during my interview, and began to explain to me about his family. He told me that him and his wife Esme, were going to be settling down, and were giving the company over to their son Edward who would be the Editor In Chief, and Emmett who would be Co-editor in chief. He explained to me about the needs of working on the paper, and how The New York Times was the best News paper in the world. When I left my interview, Carlisle shook my hand and led me out of the building finishing his story about when Emmett was six years old and stuffed a toy car into the Thanksgiving turkey.

I had guessed Alice interview went well because when she got back to the hotel she was as chipper as could be. A week later I got the call around nine 'o clock telling me that I had gotten the job. Alice was quiet for once in her life until her phone rang. She was bouncing so high and tackled me to the floor when she got the job.

We danced around Forks getting congratulations and such, and when we got onto the plane was when the whole thing hit me. I was moving and who knew when I was coming back. Alice was bouncing in the seat next to me, and when the plane took off all I could think about was that if was going to make a name for myself, I couldn't do that in the small town of Forks, Washington.

Alice and I didn't have to work until Monday which gave us three days to unpack and explore the beautiful city of New York. It was around two o clock and Alice and I decided to go out and shop for food, then come back and unpack, and get some takeout.

We headed down 61st street looking for a grocery store which we found about a couple of blocks away. While walking to the grocery store we came across a bagel place called H & H Bagels. Alice and I decided that we were going to be going there for breakfast and entered Balducci's,

When we walked into the store I was dumbfounded. This was where you wanted to shop if you liked to cook. I walked into the store with Alice hot on my heels and walked into the deli section. We walked around the store just checking things out when we finally started to get the stuff we needed. All of their fruits and vegetable were delivered that day and were the finest of New York the sign said, but knowing me I checked every one while picking them out.

"This place is amazing, Bella." Alice said as she bounced over to me.

"I know right, I love it." By now I was bouncing with Alice and I was sure we looked like we were tourists. I was the first to calm down and that was only because I was falling toward the floor. I reached for anything and everything, I was holding two apples in my hand and when I fell I heard both of them make a splatting noise, and the sound of glass breaking. My hands were scraped and I had a small hole in my jeans from where I fell.

I looked up only to see a silver Volvo with a hole in the window and a very pissed off driver. I stood up dumbfounded for words. The man who I hadn't clearly looked at yet was standing before me, I could see in his beautiful piercing green eyes all the anger he was about to implode on me. I was trying to hold back tears and talk. I was the first to try to talk to him and when I saw him, I couldn't get a word out. He had the most unusual bronze hair like a penny. His beauty reminded me of Adonis, the way his hair looked to be messed up, but perfect. From the outside of his clothing you could see that he was lanky, but well built, his eyes were memorizing, and then I remembered my eyes were traveling his body and I forgot that he was fuming.

"I am so, so sorry." I spat out. "I am so going to pay for it, I tripped and I was looking at the apples, and I let go of the apples." I was blushing profusely, and I so wanted to die on the spot.

"Your right, you are going to pay for it. I would like your number, and then we can talk about how much this will cost." He was clenching his fists and I could have sworn his eyes were green, but now they were just pitch black. I gave him my number, and told him to ask for Bella. I was surprised when he walked into the store and didn't even bother to tell me his name. I had Alice go back into the store to pay for the food, while I sat on the curb and looked at the broken glass of the Volvo.

"The glass isn't going to mend itself back together, Bella." Alice said to me as she danced over to stand on the side of the curb. "Hey do you know how many people probably spit or even peed were you are sitting right now." And I was off the floor in a second I tried to steady myself while Alice beside me giggling I guess trying to break the guilt that I felt.

"I feel so guilty Alice, the first day I'm here, and I have to be a klutz and ruin some guy's car. Can you believe that? Come let's go home so I can wallow in self pity." With that we made our way to our house.

EPV (Edward's apartment is on my profile.)

About seven months ago my parents told me that I was going to be taking over the paper along with Emmett. When I heard Emmett's name I groaned, why did I have to work with Emmett.

"What's that for, huh, think you're too stuck up for me." Emmett commented when my groan came out. "Well I'll have you know Mr. Prude the only reason I am doing this is because the last time I went into the paper there was this hot blond, and she likes smart guys so I have to show her that I am smart, got that." He said poking my shoulder.

We had been working on the paper for seven and a half months getting everything straight, and all. Being Emmett and I was hard. Most guys wanted to be us and most girls wanted to be with us. We were the top paid bachelors in New York City, and were constantly followed around by the press.

I groaned as I unlocked my apartment. Emmett and I were going to be talking about the family business, and then Emmett began to ramble on about this hot new girl, as he called her. I walked over to my window and looked out to the Hudson River, I had barely moved into this apartment when I was looking for a place close to the paper. My mother being my mother renovated it. I had chosen the color white and black. Everything was those two colors. All of the furniture, and walls were white and all of the tables, and floors were black.

Emmett continued to talk about this girl while I droned him out. When he was finally done talking, I headed out for some groceries because I was very low on food. As I walked out to my baby I hopped into it and left Emmett in my apartment. Part of me thought that, it was a bad idea. That he could destroy my house, but I knocked it off as I got out of my car. I was heading into the store when she fell. All I saw was the brown hair go flying and the fruit fall out of her hand. I was watching the girl intently trying to figure out if I should catch her, when I heard the breaking glass. My head swiftly moved to my car to see my car's window broken. My hand clenched and I tried my hardest not to kill the girl that just smashed my window. She slowly got up and then flipped her hair backwards, she smelled like strawberries and freesia. I glared at the girl and then looked back at my car.

I faced back to the woman only to be captivated by her deer in the head light brown eyes. I looked at the simple woman, and I couldn't get a word out. I looked back into her breathtaking eyes and saw them fill with tears. I wanted to tell her that it was okay and that it could be repaired, but I was too stubborn and continued to glare at this breathtaking woman. She was the first one to talk breaking me out of my trance.

"I am so, so sorry." She said looking like she was going to drop down and beg for forgiveness. "I am so going to pay for it, I tripped and I was looking at the apples, and I let go of the apples." Her cheeks began to blush profusely, and I wanted to run my hand down her cheeks.

"Your right you are going to pay for it. I would like your number, and then we can talk about how much this will cost." I didn't mean for it to sound harsh, but it came out that way. The girl by the name of Bella gave me her number and I walked into the store with a second glance.

I was walking among the isle when Bella's very short friend came up behind me and started to talk. "My friend is really sorry. She's usually a really big klutz, and I just know what happened out there is tearing her apart. Stuff like this always happens, but never has she damaged somebody else's things. I should probably get back out there now. Bye." She hadn't even let me get a word out of my mouth before she ran off.

I walked to the door and saw the short girl standing next to Bella "The glass isn't going to mend itself back together, Bella." She said as she stood next to Bella. "Hey do you know how many people probably spit or even peed were you are sitting right now." With that Bella hopped off the floor stumbling a little bit. The woman beside Bella giggling, and I lowly chuckled.

"I feel so guilty Alice, the first day I'm here, and I have to be a klutz and ruin some guy's car. Can you believe that? Come let's go home so I can wallow in self pity." I felt bad for Bella, but at the same time I felt bad for my car, this woman had just cost me a great deal of money.

I walked into the store and called Emmett to come pick me up and explained my story. The whole time he was asking if Bella and her friend were hot. I hung up the phone and called a tow truck. I then proceeded to shop until I saw a burly man walk into the store, and Emmett yell something at me.

"Dude do you know you have a hole in your window?" He asked.

"Yes, Emmett, that is why you are picking me up and that is why I called you." A look of understanding crossed his face.

"Oh." He said and then hunched over laughing his booming laugh. And with that I paid for my food and headed home.

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