Chapter 1 : Interviewing Pokemon and Death Note

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(Flyer : )

The sights are fantastic. The scenery is wonderous. And all of the people are ecstatic for the long - awaited 2008 Anime/Manga Olymics. Far and wide teenagers, college students, and adults of all anime and manga alike submitted their forms to get admitted into the world event, but of all the candidates, only sixty - six people from eleven anime/manga series were accepted. Join us as Poke - TMZ hosts the event called the Olympics !

A brown haired girl of thirteen grinned insanely at a nearby camera. She had brown eyes, green eyeshadow, and pale skin. She was short, thin, and wearing a green tanktop, jean shorts, and green flip - flops. She was also wearing dark sunglasses.

Next to her was a girl of the same age. She also had pale skin (but paler 'cause she was full white), blonde hair and blue eyes. A little bit on the pudgy side (and tall), this girl was also wearing dark shades, a long silver chain around her neck, a baggy dark purple t-shirt, ripped shorts emo style, and white sandals.

Both girls were standing side-by-side at the camera as they started the interviewing.

Axletia : Hello, viewers ! Welcome to the 2008 Anime/Manga Summer Olympics, hosted by Poke - TMZ !

Todd : The crappy channel !


Axletia : SHUT THE HELL UP, NOOB ! Anyway, I'm Axletia Rosonetis, reporter/manager of Poke - TMZ, and this is my best friend, Agent Jey !

Agent Jey : Hey, everyone ! MOO ! (burps)

Carid : I thought I was your best friend, Axletia !

Axletia : Oh, good gravy. This is Carid Ketchum, my camerawoman and fictional best friend.

Carid : Hi.

Agent Jey : Hey.

Axletia : Anyway, before the Olympics actually air, we're interviewing our contestants.

Agent Jey : Today we are interviewing the contestants from Pokemon and Death Note ! Hope you enjoy ! (Moo)

Interview Montage ! :

Axletia : Hi ! So, can you tell me about yourself, like your age ?

Ash : My name is Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town ! I'm fourteen years old !


Brock : Uh, I'm Brock Harrison from Pewter City. I'm nineteen.

Axletia : And...what race are you again ?

Brock : Uh...Chine-no...Puerto Rica- Mexican ? Black ? I don't know, actually. I know I'm a Mormon, though.

Agent Jey : Oh, that explains everything.

Near : I'm Near. I'm thirteen and a half.

Axletia : NEEEEEAR !

Agent Jey : Get a hold of yourself, Axletia.

Light : I'm Kira.

Axletia : No freaking duh.

Agent Jey : So...why did you want to complete in the Olympics ?

Misty : Simple. To take my rage out.

Axletia : Nice. Same here. That's why I drink caffeine.

Agent Jey : O.o

Axletia : Oh, don't act surprised, Jennifer.

Jessie : To secure my beautiful self - esteem.

Agent Jey : As in the title of Queen Bitchiness ?

Jessie : Yes. That's exactly what I mean.

Misa : To make Light love me !

Axletia : You're a ho, Misa. Do you know that ?

Misa : Yes. Yes, I do.

Mello : 'Cause the voice inside my head told me to.

Agent Jey : You're f--ked up.

Axletia : What do you want to be when you grow up ?

James : A professional ice skater.

Agent Jey : Cool. I want to be a skilled assassin. Or a samurai.

Axletia : T.T Why am I not surprised ?

Paul : Dead. But before that I want to kill my brother.

Axletia : Why ? To act emo ?

Paul : I hate nice people. And that is why I'll kill Ketchum next.

Ash : O.o

Axletia : Eh. Fine with me.

L : Alive.

Agent Jey : I thought you were emo, though.

L : It doesn't matter !

Ryuk : An apple juice maker.

Axletia : Yeah...let's leave it at that.

Agent Jey : What are your goals ?

Rem : To kill Light.

Axletia : So do I.

Agent Jey : Me too. (He's still cool, though.)

Gary : Uh, to be arrogant again.

Axletia : I'd love that, Oaky-kun.

Sabrina : Hell, I just want to be emo again and drink a six - pack.

Axletia : So does Jey.

Agent Jey : -.- I hate you.

Axletia : I hate you, too.

Harley : I want a lot of things. A Ferrari. Some pot. Oh, and to rape Max again.

Agent Jey : Dude...weird.


After a long rant from me, we managed to confront Harley. It turned out his dad is Juan, his mom is somehow Orochimaru, and his grandpa is the Third Hokage. (!) We also managed to get answers from him.

" Harley. why are you a pervert ? " Agent Jey asked, pencil in hand.

" 'Cause my boyfriend is my dad. "

" And...why are you dating your dad ? " I pressed on.

" Well, he makes my fireman feel good, and plus he sells me pot. "

" So...why do you bitch all the time ? " Agent Jey inquired.

" I have my monthly ! " Harley happily replied.

" One last question, " I said. " All of us are wondering...are you a dude or a chick ? "

" I'm a guy, of course. "

" So...why do you have a 'thing' and a monthly ? " Agent Jey wondered.

" 'Cause anime allowed me to be a perverted , molesting freak, that's why. "

In the end of our first day, we had found out that Harley is a sickening twenty - nine year old that is SOL when he's older (in five years).

Anyway, join us next time for when we interview the contestants from Naruto and Shin - Chan ! Brought to you by Poke-TMZ, the proud sponsors of the 2008 Anime/Manga Olympics !


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Shin Chan.

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