Hey, peoples! I have to warn ya'll know. This took all of three minutes to write, and while it has a piece of a song, it is NOT a songfic. It's a short, cutesy little oneshot, which will rot ya'll's teeth out. You've been warned. The song is That Song In My Head, by Julianne Hough. Enjoy.

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Olivia flipped through the radio stations until she finally found one that they both liked. Turning up the volume, she turned to her partner, a paint brush in his hand and spatters of blue paint on his cheek. It brought the color of his eyes out well, she thought, and she smiled.

"What are you smiling about?" he asked curiously.

She shook her head. "Nothing, El."

He loved it when she smiled at him, and looking at her right then... He dropped the paintbrush he was holding and quickly crossed the space between them, gathering her into his arms and cuddling her body close to his. Before she could utter a sound of protest, his lips were on hers, hard and demanding.

Surprised, her lips parted, and she groaned softly when he deepened the kiss. She couldn't fight it. She didn't care anymore.

The next day, she was sitting at her desk, humming softly to herself as she tapped at her keyboard.

Across from her, Elliot was sitting in his chair.

No one said anything, but everyone could sense that something had fundamentally changed between them. What it was, they couldn't quite place. But it was big.

Later that night, on her drive home, Olivia searched the radio stations in her car, desperate to find the song again. She knew it would bring back that feeling of his kiss, the utter delight that had engulfed her when he held her in his arms.

She didn't find it, and soon she was home again. Her entire being longed for his touch, for his kiss again, but she resigned herself to another lonely night. She unlocked the door, and when she pushed it open, she was immediately swept into his arms.

He held her tightly to himself, kissing her neck and whispering softly. "Liv..."

She melted in his arms, kicking the door shut before he swept her off of her feet again. Like last night, there would be no stopping him. She snickered. Like she wanted to, anyway...

And as they stumbled back into the bedroom, Olivia could have sworn she heard that song again, somewhere...

I don't know who sings it

I keep searching the radio

I just wanna hear it

So I can watch that video

I've got in my head of a blue eyed boy

Dancing in the bed of a two ton Ford

Oh, Lord, it's love, I just can't stay

But I've had that song in my head all day

The End!

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