Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, only the story in which they live in

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, only the story in which they live in.


Chapter one

I hated swimsuit shopping. With my mom, with Margaret, even with smug boy, I mean it's bad enough I'm a stick and pale, but I don't even get in the water so what does it matter? But no the entire world doesn't see it that way, and certainly not Ben Harris. Maybe it's because the entire world can swim. Yes that's right. Red, Sadie Hawthorne is terrified of the water. I've never told anybody, not even Margaret or Rein, and if I told Ben he'd just laugh. So while I'm standing her in this dark blue bikini with Smug Boy, Ben, outside waiting so I would have something to where when we hang out at the pool later that week. It's a cruel world.

As I submerge from the dressing room fully clothed with my bikini clutched tightly in my fist. Ben stares as a smirk flows to his face.

"What no preview Red?" He questions as my face reddens. "None that you get to see." I mutter. He stops as I brush past him, speed walking to get to the checkout. I glance back and he looks mad, emotionless, even shocked maybe? I don't care; I have to get out of this latex store alive. I pay quickly, the cashier congratulating me on my purchase, as I snatch the bags out of her hands. Ben is suddenly already walking out of the store, and I have to hurry to catch up. He's my ride.

I catch up easily but my breath is still heavy as we make it to his car. A black '79 Chevy, courtesy of his grandfather, a classic, just as Ben wanted. He clicked the car and waited for me to get in. Still silent. Obviously I irked him to far, but if I did, he couldn't stay mad at me for long right? I mean I was Red. His Red. He got out of the parking lot quickly almost without even staring at the rode. Halfway to my house I sighed, his face blank, almost like he is playing poker, almost.

"Ben," I mummer "I'm sorry."

"Don't Red. No blood, no foul." I contemplate this, while we arrive in my driveway.

The smirk reappears on his face. "What Red? To amazed by my understanding- ness that you don't want to leave, fine, but now you have to show me a preview." My eyes went wide and my face blushed red, as heat rushed to my face. I opened my door as quickly as I could, but he was quicker. And then he was there, on my side of the car and had me pushed up against the car. His blue eyes hazy, almost non readable, but there was something hidden inside. Excitement. My face red, and that just seemed to encourage him more.

"Wow Red. Your Red." He laughs but keeps his eyes glued to mine, his cool cough-drop breath flowed into my head as I inhaled like an addict.

"So, how about that preview?" I gulped.

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