Bikini: Chapter 5

I tried to close the door and lock it, despite my efforts, he was much quicker and stronger.
His hand made it's way in between the door and me, and I had no way of closing it. I couldn't even look at him. I was too ashmamed, he probably just came here to ask for his shirt back, or something along the lines.

I turned away, sheilding my face, and walked over to my bed, and sat down on the opposite side, facing the window. Waiting for him to say the first world.

"So you can't swim?" he asked, waiting for me to reply. When I didn't speak he made his way over to me. "It's ok, you know Red?" He said as if it made me feel any better. "It's fine, I just wish you would have told me sooner? You really freaked me out." He was still waiting for a response. "Won't you talk to me Red? Won't you at least tell me that you want me to teach you how to swim?" He asked.

"Whaat?" I asked, his last question not fully registering. "You want to teach me how to swim?
It won't work, I've been to classes, even actually swimming teachers. I'm hopeless." I was starting to cry, realizing I'd never be able to swimm. Or go deep sea fishing. Or makeout with my boyfriend under water. It was just never going to happen.

He saw my disspair and came over and sat down beside me. "You just haven't had me teach you yet, trust me by the time you get out, you'll be an expert!" I knew he was just waiting for him to prove me wrong. "Come on Red, don't you trust me?" I trusted him more than I trusted myself at that point, because he didnt seem to notice that I was still in my underwear. While I seemed to notice he was still in his bathing suit.

"Ok, Ben. Prove me wrong." I said, and he laughed proudly, as he through me back on the bed.
He started kissing me, first sweetly at first. His lips were pepermint flavored, and felt amazing moving endlessly agianist mine. Then he seemed to notice what we were both wereing and his movements were more heavy grinding his body into mine. His lips heated, and moving forcefully agianist mine. I felt a shift in the bed and his hand trailed from the bottom of my shirt, up to were he was grasping one of my breasts.

This sent us both straight back into reality. He stopped kissing me and removed his hand from my boob and dropped his head into the crock of my neck, breathing heavily. I knew I had to be the first to speak.

"So that was new," I said quietly. He laughed, and got up off of me and pulled me up with him too. He laughed agian as he shoke his hair in his eyes, as he blushed. "Sorry Red, I guess I got a little excited about you accepting my invitation to teach you to swim."

This made me laugh even more, because I was sure he wouldn't be able to prove me wrong with this matter.

"So umm," He spoke quietly, his voice shaking. "I guess I'll see you tonight at Margret's at.....
9? Just say your sleeping over." He said, "So i'll see you later Red." He said laughingly still noticing that I haven't spoken a word sence my whisper.

But as I watched him walk out of the room, his pants seemed tighter, and his face redder. HA. I had a good effect on Ben! Finally, I sighed taking in a full deep breath. Yes, that was good.

I put on some clothes and walked down to the kitchen for dinner a couple hours later. "Mom is it cool if I spend the night at Margret's tonight?" I asked immediatley knowing the answer.

"That's fine Sadie, just don't stay up to late." She replied, smiling.

"Ohh she won't", Hal said, " Sadie's had enough excitment for today with poor Ben" Which he followed by making kissing noises.

"SHUT UP HAL!" I yelled at him from across the table.

"I'm sure what Hal means to say," my dad spoke this time, "is that your being safe."

"You are being safe, aren't you honey?" my mom asked.

"Yeah Sadie! Use a condom everytime!" He laughed, which got a glare from my dad, and a concerned look from my mom. I got up from the table and made my way toward my bed room to start packing an over night bag.

Tooth brush, Tooth paste, that horrid bikini, makeup, girl stuff. Check. .etc. Finally I was happy that it was 8:50 and I said good bye to my parents and made my way over to Margret's house for my first swimming lesson with Ben.

Margret was waiting at the door with Rein. "Oh my god, Sadie!" she half yelled, " i'm sooooo sorry, we didn't know you couldn't swim, but I think it's a great thing, that you want to learn."

I glanced at Rein, "Margret, if you don't mind me asking why is Rein here?" "Ohh Sadie, well you know since my parent's are out of town, after all that's the only reason I invited you guys over earlier today, Rein and Ben are spending the night."

I gulped, then shivered at the idea. "Hes already here," Margret said, "he's out in the back waiting for you." She said hopefully. "Ok," I said, smiling at both Rein and Margret.

I made my way back to the pool house where I didn't see Ben in the water, but figured he was in there somewhere seeing how dark it was. So I made my way over to the Cabana and turned on the lights, to start getting my clothes out to get dressed.

"Boo." Said someone behind me. I screamed, until my mouth was covered. "Chill Red, your safe." Ben laughed, and he pulled me close to him in his arms. "Your going to be fine." He laughed, as I snuggled more in his chest.

"Come on Red, as much as I'd like for us to do, what we did earlier today, you have to learn how to swim, so.." He unhooked my arms from around him, and left the cabana, leaving me to get changed.

I slipped into my bikini and started walking out to the pool to see Ben already in the water, he muscles flexing with every move he made.

"Come on Red. Join me" He said, seeing me hesitate as I went to the side, and sat down. He waded over to me and moved in between my legs, he was so tall, that even with him in the pool, his head was able to be just below mine. He stared in my eyes, with that flirtatious stare.

"Please?" He asked as he brought he hand up rubbing my thighs with encouragement, which got me excited in a whole another way.

He then, seeing how I wasnt going to move, moved his hands to pick me up and bring me to the water.

"Do you still trust me Red?" He asked shaking his hair alittle, with me still in his arms.

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