EPONINE: The Last Black Heir

The Prisoner of Azkaban

Chapter 1

A Very Secret Meeting

The North Sea roared loudly and the winds were terrible and strong and the rains poured down. The man sat in his cell, stroking a golden lock of hair. His long black hair was unkempt, his face was waxy, withered with misery, and he wore a tattered coat with a black and white striped prisoner outfit that was dirty and tattered. He had lots of tattoos. His favorite one was on his left forearm: a heart, a red rose rising from behind it, surrounding it with thorny vines. On the heart was a single name in elegant handwriting: EPONINE.

This was Sirius Black.

He sat in his prison cell, weeping. He'd suffered for twelve years for a crime he didn't commit and he left his daughter almost thirteen years ago with Dumbledore and he heard no news of her since he was arrested. He held the parchment along with a golden lock of hair close to his heart, as if he were hugging his daughter.

Every day, he imagined his little daughter with golden hair, blue grey eyes, and rosy cheeks. She had to be thirteen by now. Every day, he wondered how his daughter was doing and there was not a day in his life that he wanted to write to her, telling her that Daddy misses her and that Daddy would be back soon.

He decided that it was time to leave Azkaban and take his daughter back. He didn't care if he was a fugitive on the run. He didn't care if he was a criminal. Nothing was going to stop him from seeing her. Once he found his daughter, he vowed he would never let her out of his sight, not even for one second. Not only did he vow to get his daughter back, but to avenge his friends that were murdered, even his beloved girlfriend, Jane. There was a traitor who had to pay for his crime.

(daddy is coming, 'Ponine. Daddy is coming)

He waited and made sure nobody was watching, even the dementors, the guards that guarded the prison, Azkaban. Once nobody was looking he transformed into a black dog and wriggled out through the bars. He picked up the only thing he had left of his daughter with his mouth: the birth certificate and the lock of hair.

The storm was strong and terrible tonight. But, not even a storm would stop a father from being with his daughter again. He jumped from the window and into the sea, clutching the parchment in his mouth. He swam and the terrible waves were going to force him to drown, but he didn't give up. He would be with his daughter again. He would die for his daughter, he would die trying to get to her…nothing could stop him.

(daddy is coming, 'Ponine)

Once he had reached the shores of England, exhausted and wet. He shook off his fur and then, dropped the birth certificate on the sand. It was slightly wet but still eligible and the lock of hair was still there, thankfully.

To be safe, he decided that it would be safer travelling as a dog rather than in his human form because he knew that everybody would be looking for him by now. He pictured his daughter: maybe similar to her mother, Jane, but she would have his blue-grey eyes. She would have long golden hair, rosy cheeks, same height as her mother and her smile.

He travelled to a little village called Hogsmeade. He had to first contact someone he could trust: his best friend. He could probably hide him somewhere safe and maybe give him some news on his daughter. He changed back into his human form and found some wet parchment in the trash. He cut his finger to use it as ink. He wrote:


I am here in Hogsmeade. Please meet with me. Know of anywhere safe in Hogsmeade?


Now to send it, but how? Thankfully, it was nightfall. He broke into a pet shop and stole an owl. It was reluctant at first to deliver the letter, but after feeding it an owl treat, it obliged. The owl flew off in the night and he watched it fly away.

The next few days, Sirius remained in his animal form. The world had already delivered news about that he had escaped from Azkaban, that he was a criminal, and that he was working for the Dark Lord. He just sat there patiently, waiting an owl to bring him a reply from Remus, ignoring all the rumors. There was a photo of him when they were taking his mug shot, screaming at hands held him back, screaming Eponine's name, sobbing.

By afternoon, he received the letter from Remus.


Meet me in the Shrieking Shack. I guarantee you'll be safe.


By nightfall, he ran to the Shrieking Shack, carrying the only thing he possessed. He found his friend, Remus Lupin, with his back turned away. He turned around when he heard him approaching.

"You're here, Sirius," he said.
He transformed into his human form.

"So good to see you, Remus," he replied.

"So, now that you're a fugitive on the run, Sirius, you know that everyone is looking for you."

"I'm aware of that. But I need someone to help me."

"What is it that you need from me?"

"My daughter. I've come to get my daughter. Her name is Eponine. The last time I saw her was thirteen years ago when I left her with Dumbledore. I have been sending letters to him since I left her in his care as well as money for her to have clothes and toys. But, when I was arrested, I never heard from him again. Azkaban stopped my letters from going out as well as the money. I believe they stopped Dumbledore's from coming in as well. I will not spend another day in that hellhole, waiting for my death. I will not die without seeing my daughter."

"So what do you want me to do?"

"I need you to find her. Meet with me on the night when the school term begins and bring me news of her. I need to know if she's alive and well."

"Well, now that you say this, I was offered a job at Hogwarts as a teacher. So finding her should be easy."

"Good. And I want you to make arrangements for me to see her."

"Sirius, it's too risky. You can't just waltz into Hogwarts. You'll be arrested in a heartbeat."

"I don't care. Nothing is going to keep me from seeing her. Not even the dementor's kiss is going to keep me from being with her."

"Well, I can't guarantee you anything, but I'll try to figure out a way you could see her. The other concern is, you haven't seen her in thirteen years, will she even know you?"

"I doubt she'll know me, but I will tell her when the time comes."

"Do you want me to tell her that you're alive?"

"Not just yet." He paused and reached into his pocket and held a sack of coins. "Oh. And get her a birthday present while you're at it."

Eponine was exhausted from a hard day's work. She had been mopping all the floors in Hogwarts from top to bottom. Snape yelled at her for the floor not being shiny enough for him to see his reflection and threatened her with a lashing if she didn't do it again. She complied without complaint.

Eponine was thirteen years old now. Of course, she was the skivvy of Hogwarts and had been so ever since she was five years old. She always complied and never complained.

Once in her tiny attic, which was in a tower right across from the tower where Trelawney's Divinitation class was taught, she was about to get ready for bed when five owls rapping at the window, holding parcels in their beaks and letters. One was a snowy white owl, the second one was a bedraggled brown owl who looked really exhausted, the third one was Camille, her screech owl that lived in the rafters (a birthday present from Hagrid two years ago), the fourth one was a barn owl (probably Hagrid's), and lastly a tawny owl that she didn't recognize.

She let the owls in and fed them owl treats and let them roost in her attic rafters. She was happy to see that they were letters as well as birthday presents from friends. She smiled and opened the first one, which was from Harry. It was a silver mirror that matched the silver hairbrush he gave her two years ago. The second present was from Ron, which was of course, was homemade fudge. Along with Ron's present was Hermione's, which was an elegant leather journal with an elegant letter E on the cover. Hagrid's was a hand-carved wooden flute.

The last one was wrapped in a dirty brown paper. She was suspicious of course. She sat on her bed and held the present, opening it with trembling hands as quietly as she could. Inside was a beautiful castle that stood on a sandy beach with blue waves. She saw a note fall out and it was also written on brown paper and what appeared to be blood. It read:

Play me and remember.

What did this mean? She looked on the bottom of the castle and there was a gold wind-up key underneath the castle. She turned it once and sweet little bells began to play a tune that was too familiar to her…the one happy memory she had…

She closed her eyes and hummed it along with the music box…images of a man, smiling and bouncing her in his arms, long black hair and grey-blue eyes… Soon a voice began to sing…

There's a kingdom by the sea

As far away as could be

She couldn't remember the words after that. Soon, the music box stopped playing. Eponine still couldn't remember…what happened to that man? Where was he now? She had so many questions about her past that she didn't know where to begin.

The next day, Eponine was on her hands and knees, scrubbing the floor. She couldn't get that song out of her head that was playing on the music box. She hummed it as quietly as she could and got so into the song that she drifted away into a fantasy world.

La, la, la, la…

There's a kingdom by the sea

As far away as could be

La, la, la…

As she scrubbed the floor, she sang the verse over and over; it echoed throughout the castle. There were sounds of tiny bells being played in her mind. She saw her kingdom by the sea and there was a man waiting there for her, just like in all the memories she remembered. He greeted her with a hug and stroked her hair.

"Daddy loves you," he said.

"EPONINE!" yelled a voice that ruined everything. Snape, of course!

She snapped back to reality.

"Lazing about with our silly daydreams, are we?" he asked, sarcastically.

"Sorry," she said. "I just…I was distracted."

"Then, quit daydreaming and get back to work, you lazy girl!" he said. "Or the strap will be on your back."

She nodded and scrubbed the floor. She couldn't help but think of that music box that she had gotten just yesterday. She longed to play it again and at least try to remember what she could.

Once at her attic by nightfall, she went up the stairs and turned the music box on. She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep, in hopes that her dreams would bring her to her memories…