Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. Some of the content might not make sense and some OOC moments will be there I blame puberty

Sasuke's team was on a mission. "Kakashisensei, why aren't you coming with us?" Sakura asked Kakashi. "I don't wanna got to a cliff above a freezing river that is who knows where from home. Someone should really invent a gps tracking system. Now go" Kakashi left. As the team was running through the forest they thought to them self "Why are we doing this." It really didn't make sense. Some snot nosed brat left his pants there on the cliff. GET A NEW PAIR OF PANTS. "Sakura! Look out!" Naruto shouted. She fell off the cliff into the freezing river. "NO" Sasuke shouted as she ran after her. He stopped. Sakura plunged headfirst into 0 C water. The icy water paralyzed her body. Sasuke ran down the conveniently located staircase, not even noticing that Naruto had dosed off, considering it was late at night. Sasuke found her body on the river bank. "Are you dead" he quickly asked but then realizing that it was a stupid question (I know, so ooc.) "Oh Sasuke" Sakura said as he set her on his lap. "I am freezing" "Maybe this will warm you up" he said as he kissed her. While Sakura was lying there dazed, he took of his shirt and laid it over her. "Don't ever scare me like that again" he warned her. At this time his arms were around her. Now they both knew it. She couldn't get dry in… wet clothes. They would have to take it off of her. Well, Sasuke would, because Sakura couldn't move. But that means he would see her naked. It would be awkward. He removed his shirt from on top of her. "Sakura, you won't get better with these wet clothes" He started removing her dress thing. Then the rest of her clothes. The sight of the naked Sakura made his nose spew blood. He wrapped her up in his shirt. Crackle. "Freak thunder storms" Sasuke muttered as he dragged her to a cave. They huddled together for warmth. Soon they fell asleep. Early the next morning Sakura woke up to find her strength back. "Oh, Sasuke has been so nice, I really should thank him. I'll give him a great breakfast" Sakura thought as she skipped down to the river to fish up a nice zezera. While she was gone, a bear went into their cave, while Sasuke was sleeping. The smell of Sasuke angered him. He drew closer and Sasuke still slept…

Will Sasuke survive with the bear? Read on to find out.