Chapter 6-Ending

Kagome found herself babbling unintelligibly between pointing at Haruhi and smacking herself in the face. Haruhi shrugged nonchalantly before giving her a gentle smile, showing that he (she) didn't mind the least being mistaken for a boy. Kagome managed to shut up for a second to ask Inuyasha a question.

"How did you know that Haruhi's a boy?"

Inuyasha smirked and tapped his nose. "Forgot about this, Kagome? And it smells like she's going through her monthly cycle as well…"

It was at these words that the two girls present went brilliantly red. Something seemed to explode at the side on Tamaki's head and he fell over, unconscious. The twins sputtered indignantly and were glaring daggers at Inuyasha. Kyouya looked like he was enjoying himself. Honey tugged at the shirt of his impassive cousin and asked, "What does he mean by 'monthly cycle', Takeshi?"

"You don't need to know, Mitsukuni," was the simple reply, and did his voice sound a teensy bit more tense than usual…?

"Inuyasha…" Kagome seethed. Inuyasha flinched as her extremely visible aura of DOOM rolled off of her in waves. "Do you have any tact whatsoever?"

Inuyasha mumbled something that sounded like a string of curses under his breath as Kagome shoved him into the tiny shrine and shut the door behind them. The Host Club silently stared at the wooden shack when the shouting match of the century burst out, sounding very much like a feuding married couple on steroids, only to end with a bellowed 'SIT!'.

Tamaki and the twins hid behind Haruhi's small frame, peeking out and looking terrified. Honey, who had jumped into Mori's arms in fright, asked in a warbling voice, "Is it over?"

Kagome, her (considerably larger than Haruhi's) chest puffed out in anger and annoyance, stepped out of the mini-shrine alone and slammed the door hard enough to shake the structure by the frames. She then strode over to them, and it was almost scary how bright and cheery her expression switched over to in mere moments. She bowed slightly to them, saying, "It's been very nice to meet you all!"

Haruhi smiled one more time before reaching into her pocket for a pen and her receipt, and quickly scrawled her telephone number down before pressing the scrap of paper in Kagome's hands. "In case you need someone to talk to."

Kagome smiled back genuinely. "Thanks!"

Hikaru grinned. "It's been fun. We should hang out sometime."

"Bring your friend, Inuyasha-kun, was it, too! I want to touch his ears again!" Tamaki said, so enthralled by them that he didn't even bother questioning the exact nature of those adorable appendages.

Kagome sweat-dropped.

I'm going to need an aspirin.

As the group began to leave in single file, Kyouya was last in line and stopped to whisper in her ear.

"I'm not anywhere as thick as the rest of them, and I'm very curious on what exactly goes on around here."

Kagome froze. Kyouya stepped back and smiled charmingly at her, although the way the light glinted off his glasses and prevented his eyes from being seen was not exactly very comforting.

"Come on, Kyouya!" Tamaki's voice called out from the bottom of the steps.

"Coming," he replied, leaving Kagome to be left on her own devices.

Forget an aspirin. I'm going to need the whole damn bottle.

And so the pointless story ends.

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