Disclaimer: If I owned Digimon, I'd be writing scripts, not fanfics

Disclaimer: If I owned Digimon, I'd be writing scripts, not fanfics.

A/N This is a sequel to First Day Of School, which was my most popular fic! This one is about the first day of middle school. (Sixth grade.) I know some people may have been a different age when starting this grade, I'm writing this, and I was eleven, so they are all eleven.

There will be twelve chapters. One for each chosen child. (Digidestined.)

It's not necessary to read First Day Of School to get this, but it will help, A LOT. (If you do read…review pweese? Either of them.)

Some people will have Digimon, some will not. It depends on age. Of the 01's everyone under 11 has their Digimon. In 02, same.


Here we go again. Probably another day of pain and misery, as usual. My usual tormenters will be going to my school, oh joyous rapture.

Pretty much everyone I know is going to the same middle school. It's because it's in the same building as the grade school, it's a matter of convenience.


"Mom?" I called to my mother. "I'm going now."

"Okay…uh…which kid am I talking to?"


"Oh, okay! Bye!"

So I left. How exiting. I am overjoyed to be going back to school, and enduring this horrible agony once again. In case you haven't noticed yet, insert sarcastic voice here.

It's not that I don't like school, I actually sorta do. I'm good at it, you see. It's just, school is very painful. I have a record for never being in school for the whole day, or at least not in class. After recess, or, beating time, I either wind up in the nurses office, at home, or if they hurt me bad enough, in the hospital.

Which is really just grand.

I walked to school. It's six miles from my house, but I'm used to it. The first time I tried this I got so tired I fainted on the way. But now it's nothing.

I saw the school, so I walked to it, and into it's dreaded doors.

What sucks the worst of everything, is Mimi isn't here. She's in fourth grade, still in grade school. If I had any sort of social life I'd be embarrassed to hang out with one so young. But, I don't. She is my social life.

Oh well, at least I get to see her in the halls. No lunch or period breaks though…different lunch periods, plus the grade school doesn't have period breaks.

I looked at my schedule. Homeroom first, then Math…yuck…then, huh…a creative writing class? What the heck…? Science, Art…Lunch…if things go like they did in grade school, I wont even need to look at the afternoon schedule.

And I'm sure they will.

No one I know is in homeroom. Well, this girl, Becky, who was in my kindergarten class. She doesn't really talk much. It's rumored her sister died or something like that, which is why she's like this.

But to tell the truth, no matter how sad it is, I can't care. Becky was one of my tormenters, and I can't care about their problems, if they are going to make mine.

I looked at the teacher. I'd never seem him before, but he looked relatively scary. He had a big fake frozen smile, and he looked like he's either crack up, or faint, at any moment.

"Welcome sixth graders." He said. "As you should already know, middle school is very different from grade school.

Fine, go ahead and tell us whats completely and totally wrong. Maybe for other people it'll be different. But not for me.

I have some kind of bad aura you see. Some people just don't like me. People are already looking at me weirdly. It's not like kindergarten where they just came up and said they didn't like me. But they still…don't.

I miss Mimi.

"Anyway, class, I'm Mr. Bell. I'll be your homeroom teacher, and your Math teacher. Math is starting…" He checked his watch. "Right about now. So now, I magically transform into your math teacher."

He began ranting about how really wonderful math is, and how much it enriches ones life.

He needs to get a life. Then again, so do I.

I looked around. Hey, wait a minute, I do know most of these people. Renee Exti, Becky's best friend, Rui Fiu, one of my few friends besides Mimi. No longer though. He had just moved here, and didn't know about my rep. He still wanted to be my friend, but it could be downright scary in this school, and he didn't want to risk being hurt himself.

And Tekuno… Tekuno Raiu is my worst nightmare come true. He's the one behind a large number of my hospitalizations.

Needless to say, I don't really like Tekuno. Not even slightly.

I hope he doesn't see me. I am very scared of Tekuno.

But he sees me, and he sees my fear, my blood. He's like a shark.

Except sharks follow blood. He's the one who causes it, and leaves me to the rest.

"This exponent squared…" Mr. Bell droned on and on.

Math was over, finally.

Tekuno walked up to me. "Recess." He said.


There is no point in not coming. If I don't go out, I get detention, which he has all the time, and I'll be beaten then.

I walked to the creative writing class. Tekuno was not there, thank god. Although he was in my homeroom class, and we had mostly the same periods, for period two, each student was assigned a random class to try out.

I had no idea what class Tekuno was in, and I didn't really care.

The teacher was a woman with light brown hair, and these odd golden eyes. She gave us each a piece of paper. "I want everyone to write a poem."

I'm no poet, but I think I can do this. I've got to have some creativity in my body. I mean, my mother is a famous author.

I picked up a pen and started writing.



The world is nothing more,

Then rocks to smash my head open,


That I shall someday fly to,

If life continues this way

Why wont they just kill me?

Please let me die

Okay, that was lame.

The teacher came and colleted the poems. She then talked about the point of the class and blahdy, blahdy, blah.

In science we didn't do anything, which is horrible. I had to watch Tekuno's glaring eyes.

I am very scared. I don't want to be beaten again. I hate it, I really do, it hurts so much, and I can't take it and I wish I could die…why can't they just kill me?

                I saw Mimi on my way to Art. She was one her way to lunch. She was talking to her friend Paige.

                My god, she is so beautiful. She's a sunbeam. "Mimi!" I yelled. "Hey, Mimi!"

            Mimi looked over at me. "Hi!" She turned to her friend Paige. "Excuse me." She said, bowing.

            She ran over to me. "Hey! I haven't seen you in nearly forever! Not once, all summer. Where have you been?"

            "Oh, um…" This was sorta hard to tell her. See, over the summer, Tekuno had been her boyfriend. They broke up for two reasons. One, because all he cared about was that Mimi was pretty, or 'hot' as he called it. I ask you, how can a nine-year-old be hot? She can be beautiful sure. But not hot.

                The other reason was because Mimi had found out that Tekuno had been beating me up all the time. She didn't know, a lot of the time, I didn't know.

            Still Mimi would be mad if she knew I'd been avoiding her all summer just because of that.

            But she looked at me, and said, "Tekuno…right?"

            I nodded.

            "Okay." She smiled.

            She wasn't mad. Amazing. "So…." Mimi said. "You wanna cut, so we can talk? I can cut lunch it's no big deal. And arts not so important, is it?"

            "We'll get detention."

            "Oh, I don't mind detention. Besides, I don't think they give it on first days, do they?"

            "I don't know. I know they don't in grade school, but I'm not sure about middle."

            "Well, whatever. Lets go."


            "Um…" We thought about it.

            "Lets just wander around." Mimi smiled. "We'll find somewhere to go eventually."


            "I really missed you…" Mimi trailed off. "I wish you wouldn't avoid me."

            "I know, but, I couldn't, Tekuno…if he knew I was friends with his girlfriend, he would kill me even worse next time…"

            "I understand…that's the third reason I broke up with him. I missed you, and with him around, you wouldn't come anywhere near me."

            "I sorry. I'm 2/3 why you broke up."

            "It's not your fault, we'd have broken up anyway. He didn't really like me, I didn't really like him. If anyone, I like you."


            "Yes, I like you. Best."

            "You mean, as a friend, right?"

            "Sure, as a friend, but as a guy to."

            "Mimi, don't you think you're a little young for this?"

            "Your never to young to be in love."


            "Listen, Jyou, I've been dating since second grade….wait….do you…like me…you know…to?"

            This was a no-brainer. I always had, since that day at the nurses office. And I always will. "Of course. I love you."

            "I love you to."

            "So…ask me."

            "Ask you what?"

            "Ask me to be your girlfriend."

            "Why do I have to ask."

            "I'm just traditional, that's all."

            "Okay. Will you be my girlfriend?"

            "Yes. Can we…kiss?"

            "Are you sure?"

            "Of course."

            And so we kissed. And it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

            "I love you." I whispered. I didn't think she'd hear me, but she did.

            "Not more then I love you."

            We stopped kissing. "Wow…" Mimi smiled. "You're a good kisser."

            "Your better."

            Mimi looked at her watch. "Oops…I've got to get to class. Bye Jyou!" And she ran off.

            God…she's wonderful…I don't deserve her. "Bye."

            Oh great…lunch time…my worse nightmare…

            I ran down to the lunchroom. I never eat lunch, because if I do, I'm late for my beating, and if I am late, it is much, much worse.

            So I walked into the yard. I looked around for Tekuno.

            What did I do to deserve this?

            Tekuno walked up to me. "Hey, punching bag."

            "Uh…hi…" I looked at him nervously.

            He proceeded to beat me up. Punching, kicking, doing everything possible to hurt me.

            After what seemed like years, he slammed me to the ground, and left.

            I hope I can get up.

            I tried to but, failed. He must've broken every bone in my body.

            Why is it, I am a magnet for beating? I never did anything to anyone here.

            So I just lay here, waiting for someone to come, and help me.

            Finally I passed out, the usual thing.

            I woke up. I looked around. Home.

            My mother came in, and looked at me. "Again?" She asked.


            "Why do they do this to you?"


            "Are you okay?"

            "Guess so. They've done worse. How'd I get here?"

            "Your brothers…during their lunch period, they found you, and brought you home."

            "That was nice of them."

            "Yes…" Mom left, and picked up the phone. She was on it all the time.

            I bet anything this happens again tomorrow.