*Sorry, this isn't very Kennish. More Daisuke-ish then anything…but I cant get his personality right!

            It's very, very cold in here. It was warm last night so I opened the window, and now it is freezing! Hate when that happens…stoooopid window.

            I got out of bed and put on my clothes. "Ken!" My mom yelled. "You wanna eat breakfast?"

            "Yeah." I went downstairs. "What is there?"

            "I dunno, ask your dad. He's making it."

            "Dad, whats for breakfast?"

            "I dunno." Dad said. "Your moms making it."

            "I am not!" Mom yelled. "You said you would!"

            "But I don't have time!"

            "If you have time to eat it you have time to make it!"

            "I am not making stupid breakfast!"

            I got up and took some yen from the counter. "I'll buy my own breakfast, ok?"

            They didn't pay attention.

            I bought coffee and a bagel at this random coffee shop. I cant read the name of it, its in Korean or something. I'm in homeroom, with DAISUKE!!! YAY!!! "Hi." He said, in a very depressed voice. My poor Dai-kun is miserable lately…that makes me depressed, just when I got OVER being depressed all the time…

            "Hey." I said.

            "How are you?"

            "All right. You?"


            We are quiet for a few minutes. The little edgy subject was edging itself into my mind. "Hows Jun?"

            "Dying. It hasn't changed since you asked me that yesterday." Daisuke sounds mad…
            "Sorry." I looked at the floor. "I'm just worried, is all."

            "About Jun? I thought you didn't like her."

            "More about you then her."

            "What're you worried 'bout me for? I fine, she's the one who's dying."

            "I know. But you're the one who's my friend."

            Daisuke stared at me really strangely…he didn't say anything though.

            Our teachers name is Miss Nemaji. She has funny big ears that look like discs. Discworld! I am currently reading Hogfather, its sooooo funny!

            I passed Daisuke a note. Maybe it would cheer him up. We always did these things, making fun of our teachers. It'd crack him up, even if it wasn't funny at all, just stupid and mean. Miss Nemaji is funny-looking. She's got big ears.

            Not as big as Mr. Futter's stomach!!! Daisuke wrote.

            ^_^ Nothing's bigger then that!!!

            Me and Daisuke dis our teachers all the time. Its so much fun, but not when Daisuke says it to their face. The teachers can be very scary, and can and will fail us for it.

            I drew a stick figure of Miss Nemaji. Her ears reach the ground, and it cracks Daisuke up.

            I stared at him. Daisuke…my Daisuke, LAUGHING? He'd been so depressed lately, and here he's laughing. Last year I wouldn't be surprised. He was always in a good mood last year. He was indestructible, nothing could bring him down. But now… "This is the first time you've laughed in a while, tomadachi."

            "I guess so, yeah…there hasn't exactly been much to laugh about lately."

            I nodded. "I know." Daisuke was looking at me strangely…sort of lovingly…I didn't mind at all, but I just looked at him blank faced…if he knew I didn't mind…Jesus, this is confusing!

            A pink blush crept across Daisuke's face. Oh, Dai, you look so cute like that, but please don't be embarrassed! I smiled and patted his shoulder. He seemed to like that a lot.

            "Hey!" Miss Nemaji shouted. "Stop talking and pay attention you two!"
            Damn you Miss Nemaji. I need time with my Daisuke.

            Our Math teacher, Mr. Futter, is immensely fat. And he's planning to go on a diet! GASP!!! Daisuke looks really annoyed.

            Okiko Leslie Saguchi thinks he should have liposuction. Mr. Futter does NOT like that idea.

            "I can diet. I have will power." He snorted.

            Daisuke told me that Mr. Futter sounds like an elephant who accidentally sat on a whoopee cushion. I laughed. Mr. Futter stormed over to us. "If you talk in my class, I'll will crush you with my immense stomach."

            "Then I hope your diet plan works, sir." I said, nervously. I know he's joking, but he really could do that…his stomach big enough.

            "Ken, he's just kidding." Daisuke said.

            I nodded. But I didn't talk anymore. Anything that came to my mind was erased by the thought of his stomach.

            The next class was the random one. I have Karaoke, which I don't really like. I get to nervous to go up and sing, and besides I don't have a good voice. Daisuke has 'Being a Crazy Baka.' Maybe the lunacy will cheer him up better then my lunacy can.

            The music teacher was a tired, sickly looking woman named Ms. Anowa. You couldn't help feeling sorry for her, really.

            "Okay, class?" Ms. Anowa squeaked. "We're going to be doing karaoke, so who would like to sing first?"

            This one girl raised her hand. Her name was Sakaya Itsudo. "MEEEEEE!!!" She shouted.

            She stood up, and sang 'Yellow Submarine, in horrible English. Everyone booed her. I sort of felt sorry for her…but not anymore when she sat next to me, so close I could barely breathe. "Sakaya? Get off of me, please?"

            "I'm not on you."

            "Your close enough."

            She got up, looking very disappointed.

            Weird girl…

            I didn't sing. I didn't want to. My mind kept wandering to Daisuke…how I would comfort him when Jun died, and things like that…then for some reason I thought of Osamu…my own dead brother…that had been awful…there was no comfort for me when Osamu died…I couldn't help Daisuke when Jun's time came, no matter how much I wanted to.

            Class was over. Fourth period was next, which was boring. I fell asleep. Daisuke was on the other side of the room, and I didn't want to continue my thoughts from before…to depressing.

            I was sitting at the cafeteria, and Takeru came over. "Hey have you seen Hikari?"

            "No. She's probably having lunch in the other cafeteria."

            "What other cafeteria?"

            "Didn't you hear? They built a new cafeteria, not everyone could fit into just one."

            "Oh. I didn't know. This really sucks, I haven't seen her all day."

            "That's to bad."

            Then my Daisuke came. He looked very unhappy, as usual, but then he brightened up and smiled. "Hey Ken! How are ya?"

            "Good." I smiled back at him.

             "Oh, hi Takeru." Daisuke said, in a more sad voice.

            "Hi." Takeru waved, then sort of spaced out.

            "Whats wrong?" I said. He might look happy, but I KNOW something's wrong.

            "Jun's dead." He said, simply.

            I hugged him. I wanted to kiss him to…I love him so much…but I can't…

            But I can. I just did. I kissed my Daisuke.

            Sparks flew. Something blew up in my mind. The little part that had been hiding my love for him was alive and free.

            Daisuke kissed me back. It was wonderful.

            People stared from tables away. I kept kissing him.

            I was about to go through the door to go home, when Dad pushed me out of the way and went out the door. "Hey, Dad? Where are you going?" He had suitcases. This couldn't be good.

            "I dunno." He shrugged. "I'm just not staying here."

            "You guys are breaking up?"

            My mom walked in. "Yes. The breakfast thing was absolutely the last straw. We fought ALL DAY."

            "So no more family?" I asked.

            Dad nodded. "Sorry Ken."

            The phone rang, and I left them behind. I needed them not. I didn't need anyone but Daisuke.

*I'm DONE!!!!!! YAY!!!!