Author's Note and Disclaimer

Welcome to my very first public fan fiction! Like any good obsessed Twilight fan, I often frequent Stephenie Meyer's website and I was delighted when I read that she was writing Midnight Sun. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about -- go to her website, click on other projects and read her information about Midnight Sun.) Edward is such a fascinating character and I loved the idea of getting into the head of the guy who is constantly in everyone else's head.

Unfortunately, I am not a very patient person and as Midnight Sun has no known publication date and we are still months away from the release of Breaking Dawn, I decided I needed a distraction. So in an attempt to hold on to my sanity until I am able to read some more of Stephenie's original writing, I decided to try to write Midnight Sun myself. Please keep in mind that I am not Stephenie and do not judge my writing too harshly. This is for entertainment purposes only!

Now that you know why I 'm writing this, there are a few assumptions I am making about you as the reader:

1. Since you are reading fan fiction about the Twilight series, I am assuming you have at least read Twilight. If not, this story isn't going to make any sense to you. The whole point of this fan fiction is to try to explain things from Edward's POV, exploring his thoughts and motivations. I am not going to try to retell the story in its entirety.

2. Most of the dialogue, including all of the dialogue between Bella and Edward is straight from the novel Twilight. I summarized/left out the parts I felt contributed minimally to the story (i.e. Edward's version) but transcribing large chunks of dialogue is a necessary evil for this story.

3. You have read Chapter 1 of Midnight Sun, which Stephenie has generously posted for free on her website. Never in a million years would I bother trying to compete with the perfection that Stephenie creates, so I felt no reason to rewrite the first chapter. Instead, my story picks up at Chapter 2. The chapters coincide as closely as possible with the chapters in Twilight.

4. You are informed that all of the characters, names, places, etc. portrayed in this story, as well as a lot of the dialogue, are the creation and property of Stephenie Meyer. I own nothing of any real value in this story. (You are informed because I just informed you.)

Finally, please tell me what you think/offer suggestions about what I've done so far (keeping in mind this is my first fan fiction). Also, while I will probably continue to write for myself even if no one wants to read it, please let me know if it is worth posting my chapters on this site as I complete them. In other words, if you like what you read and want me to keep posting, please let me know. I will need a lot of encouragement to get through this. (No promises though!) made it through my long introduction. Now for the fun part. ENJOY!