Naruto: A Shinigami's Awakening

After the Awakening

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or Bleach…but wouldn't it be cool if I did? I mean Sasgay wouldn't be overpowered and Naruto wouldn't be underpowered it would be sweet…plus it'd be more Mature aka Naruto getting some lol. As you may notice my fight with the Menos may not be as easy as Cannon to destroy but that's because I don't think a normal sized Katana could deal a fatal blow to such a large Hollow. So it'll take either ranged attacks, extended blades with Reiatsu, a Shikai, or some way to cut/pierce all the way through the mask or other fatal blows.

"Ok you big mother fucker lets get to it!" loudly declared the blonde shinigami towards the giant beast that towered before him. Quickly charging the giant Naruto drew his blade and positioned it up over his right shoulder with a two handed grip, before he swung with as much strength as he could muster once he was within range of the creatures side, barely making it a foot into it's flesh before being batted away as if he were a fly through several trees. 'Fuck it's reaction time is at least triple that of the smaller ones.' thought the blonde before he stood up pulling himself from between several destroyed and uprooted trees.

Looking back towards the beast he noticed it's mouth wide and glowing a bright red, noticing that the odds of it being good were slim he quickly used the strange speed technique to close the distance. Appearing atop the beasts nose he noted the surprise on the featureless face of the creature, then the pain as he sliced clean through the appendage he stood on close to the base. Leaping from his perch to the left side of the giants face as the nose disappeared in the same way as the other beasts he slew earlier.

As he fell he dragged his blade dug half way in the creatures face eliciting a screech of outrage from the monster, Naruto quickly planted his feet around the chin of the giant masked beast before leaping downwards at a quick pace to avoid the hand that closed in on his previous trajectory. 'Damn…from my previous encounter I need to either slash through the mask completely or connect with an instant death blow' thought the blonde as he dodged another swipe from the now enraged beast. 'Fuck the size of my blade makes that impossible…hmm I wonder if this power can be used in a raw from. Though I'll need to pierce or slice…through the mask.' asNaruto thought of ways to convert this power of his into a raw form that can pierce or slice another unwanted memory crossed his mind.

This one though was of a man he once though of as a brother who betrayed him, and while their final fight had ended in minutes in his favor the blonde did get to see the Uchiha's trump card 'Kirin' the ultimate Raiton jutsu. 'But alas I don't have the time to figure out how to form it, or create a thunderstorm.' thought the blonde as he now almost casually dodged the large hand. 'Hmmm maybe I can try directing it to places other than my feet.' Quickly leaping away and creating sufficient distance Naruto held his left hand up focusing as much of the power…reiatsu he guessed it was energy and he was a spirit a 'Shinigami' if the words of those beasts were to be trusted so it would make sense. He noted with pleasure the tremendous power surrounding his hand, though his joy was short lived as he saw the creature complete the red energy attack and prepare to launch 'Shit, that's what I get for not minding my surroundings'.

Naruto quickly held up his left hand facing the creature palm up and almost at the same time launched his attack hitting the red beam head on only 50 yards from the blonde. The power generated from the two attacks were astounding the very earth beneath him quaked. Putting as much energy in as he could the blonde Shinigami noted dully it wouldn't be enough, he was losing ground. Deciding better than to keep up the attack as it seemed useless he used this…Shunpo….to escape the blast radius, though was still caught up in it slightly as the explosion was bigger than expected. The sheer force of the blast knocked Naruto off his feet as he tumbled back before clutching to a fallen tree. As he stood shaking the dust and debris from his robes he thought about the interaction of their blasts 'They were close but it's power was more that the blunt force of mine was nullified by it's power…like I thought I need to pierce.'. Naruto quickly attacked the beast head on again slashing out with a horizontal strike at it's left eye, before quickly fleeing directly behind the creature several hundred yards away.

Quickly the blonde Shinigami started focusing reiatsu into left hand again but this time focusing on taking the raw reiatsu and converting it to Lightning and to his pleasant surprise it worked. His hand was now engulfed in crackling reiatsu, his joy was short lived as he looked up to see the beast begin to launch his attack. Quickly holding his left hand up four fingers pointed directly at the incoming attack thumb inwards twisted so his pinky faced the ground, then not a second after the creatures blast was launched roaring through the air Naruto struck "Kirin". With a flash a lightning bolt separating the beam in two and struck clean through the center of the beasts mouth and far beyond was seen for a spit second, as it all happened to fast to even consider seeing or dodging all that was visible was the path it took for a mere second before all that was left was the rapidly disappearing beast.

"Wow…fast" mumbled the blonde before thinking 'I shouldn't really be surprised, it was a literal lightning bolt…and didn't Shikamaru say it moves at what 60 thousand meters per second when I mentioned Sasuke's attack?' as Naruto shook off his temporary awe from the power of his attack he noticed his reiatsu was low likely slightly below half what it was when he obtained the strange power. 'Haku-chan I'm coming!' thought the blonde face showing unwavering determination to see his love once more. With a flash he was gone.


"Shuichiro-san, your going to make a full recovery we managed to isolate the infection and eliminate it before it reached any major organs. So you'll be able to get out of here within the week." said a beautiful raven haired doctor while writing on a clip board in her hands after putting her stethoscope back around her neck. She was wearing a long white doctors coat over a dark blue battle Kimono with a light blue sash, and her Hitai-ate on her forehead signified her as a Kunoichi. The Kunoichi smiled at the relieved look on the older woman's face before her as she bowed slightly to leave, though as soon as she closed the door there were four puffs of smoke signaling the arrival of four ninja.

"Momochi Haku by order of the Council of Konoha we are to escort you to their chambers immediately." stated firmly in a monotonous voice one of the four Anbu to arrive in a four point formation around the newly identified Haku. None were wearing any unique masks other than the one who spoke who wore an Inu mask.

"This had better be important I was suppose to scrub in and help Tsunade-sama with a surgery of one of the Councilmen's daughters, and as you know Tsunade-sama has a short fuse when it comes to tardiness." Haku said as she walked over to the nurses station across the hall to put the chart of her last patient into a file, before putting her stethoscope down and returning to the Anbu awaiting an answer.

The Anbu seemed to either not fear the wrath of Tsunade or hide it well as he didn't miss a beat, "Hokage-sama's anger issues have no place here as this is a direct order from the Council, and as such you will attend regardless of prior engagements." stiffly stated the Inu masked Anbu.

"Watch your tongue Inu-san that sounds awfully close to treason. The Council is a luxury the Hokage's have allowed some power as a way to appease some of the more politically connected shinobi and citizens of Konoha. As such any power it has is second to the Hokage." stated Haku with an icy tone to her voice before thinking 'How dare he insinuate the Council has precedence over the Hokage.'.

"Regardless you will attend as it's mandatory refusal will not be tolerated." retorted the Anbu leader with venom poorly hidden in his voice.

"I'm in no mood to argue I will take this up with Tsunade-sama after the matter is finished, but first I need to go sign off my patients to Shizune-senpai as some are in critical condition." Haku said as she grew tired of bickering with the Anbu before her.

"That is not allowed, according to our orders we are to come to you and escort you to the Council chambers immediately…by force if necessary." threatened Inu as he stiffened his posture as if to be intimidating, this resulted in a mock gasp of fear from the raven haired beauty.

"Oh what will I do now? Three mid Chuunin level and one low Jounin level Anbu resorting to force? I'm so frightened I better do what you say." Haku said while holding her hands in the air as if to surrender before busting out in laughter. "Hehehe you honestly believe you could take me in by force? I was trained since age 5 by Momochi Zabuza, whom I exceeded in overall strength at age 14. I've been training under Senju Tsunade Godaime Hokage of Konoha since then and achieved the rank of Elite Jounin at the age of 16. So let me reiterate, you believe that you four could take me to the Council chambers by force?" asked Haku who shook her head as the Anbu before her stepped back assuming defensive postures,

'Must be Root Anbu they never were very smart, oh well I'll take out the trash and see what those old bags of the council want.' thought the Ice Mistress, before running through four one handed hand seals landing on a half Tori, and saying in a bored tone "Hyouton: Gokusha no Koori'. Immediately afterwards the air around the four Anbu froze in the form of solid bars each so close and at such angles that made movement impossible as well as eliminating any chance for the new captives to gain enough leverage even with chakra enhancements to break the Ice.

"Let us go you demon whore! We were sent to retrieve you by the will of the council! You will pa-gurk." said one of the non-descript Anbu members who lost his temper and started flaring killing intent…before he lost his life from a shard of ice sprouting from one of the pillars of ice straight through his jugular.

"If anyone else wishes to die speak up now?" venomously asked Haku who's left hand was in the half Tori sign again while three more ice shards slowly grew from the pillars of ice to the jugulars of the remaining nin. Said nin didn't dare move, which Haku took to mean they understood. "Good now I will go to the Council chambers after I get Shizune-senpai to cover my patients as I said before, Tsunade-sama would have yours and the Councils heads if some patients died because of their high and mighty attitudes." finished Haku as she went off to Shizune's office.


Council Chambers Ten Minutes later…

KNOCK "Enter" was the one word spoken from within the Council chambers as Haku knocked on the large dual doors, before walking in.

As she surveyed the room she had a foreboding feeling as she noticed the Council was missing several members, 'Hmm strange the Hyuuga, Yamanaka, Nara, Akimichi, and all the female members of the Council are missing…and why is Neji-san here?' Was the one thought running through her mind, though while most beautiful young Kunoichi would feel threatened by walking into a room full of dirty old men, she wasn't threatened in the least since the Anbu guard in the room was obviously Root by the way they stood next to Danzo and no Root Anbu she had ever met was any higher than High Chuunin. 'Seriously you'd think he'd have learned from Iwa it's always better to have quality over quantity. I mean he trusted that weakling Sai to take out Sasuke-teme? Once Naruto-kun found out he had betrayed Konoha and given Anbu records to Orochimaru he ripped through that army of Ink beasts like they were nothing and decapitated the weakling. On his own power hell he didn't even go all out, and yet these old bags tried to claim he couldn't take out a 'Root Elite' Pfft he fell like he was nothing.' Thought the Ice Maiden internally disgusted with how bigoted all these 'Distinguished Councilmen' were, as she walked towards the center of the horse shoe shaped Council table.

"Momochi-san you have committed a grave crime in killing a fellow Konoha shinobi, Anbu even." started a man with an eye patch along with several scars, who also looked to be a cripple. He started speaking again as if to let the pause scare the kunoichi before him. "So what do you have to say for your crimes that have been committed today?"

Laughing in her mind Haku quickly reigned in her thoughts lest she express it visually, before answering. "Well Danzo-san he insulted me and my Fiancé in a threatening manner whilst releasing killing intent, and Tsunade-sama has given Naruto-kun and myself complete discretion over all matters concerning threats made towards either of us." After noting the furious look on Danzo's face either from losing any leverage he had, or from her blatant lack of respect by refusing to use an honorific with his name Haku couldn't decide which. Though the sick grin that soon took a firm hold on his aged face told her she was not going to like what came next.

"Regardless we called you here to inform you on some changes in your life soon to come." started Danzo who took pleasure in the uneasy look on the Kunoichi before him. "Your engagement to one Uzumaki Naruto has been canceled, and you are to be wed to Hyuuga Neji within the week." continued the war hawk with what seemed to be glee upon seeing the confused look on Haku's face quickly replaced with a firm look.

"I refuse, you are in no position to dictate my relationship with Naruto-kun. Also you have no power over whom I wed and who I don't, and I will die alone rather than marry any other man nothing against Neji-san here, but it's the truth." said Haku giving Neji an apologetic nod to let him know it's not personal.

Danzo's face lit up as he started to get anxious to see the look of agony on her pretty face when he revealed his scheme. "Oh I beg to differ Momochi-san, when you registered for your ninja status with the Sandaime you were safe from the KGBA or 'Kekkei Genkai Breeding Act' by the vouching of Uzumaki Naruto who had some pull with the Sandaime. As such he signed as your representative." Upon seeing her nodding head and seemingly irritated look he continued. "Though with the Sandaime dead along with Uzumaki, and this document disappearing mysteriously you are stripped of your Shinobi status and as such citizenship in Konoha making you a foreign nin. As such you can and will be forced to do what we say, and what we say is that you will be branded with the Shiyounin Fuu to keep you in line. We then will marry you off to Neji-san here where you will be expected to begin to breed at once though not before we take eggs from you and semen sampled from Neji-san to artificially inseminate surrogate mothers." finished Danzo loving the look of disbelief and sadness in the eyes of the women before him, and when she opened her mouth to refute his claim on her breeding he decided to further torture her. "Ah before you start saying things like your barren or something know this it was a contraceptive seal called the Fumou Fuu placed on your scalp during your first check up before the Godaime showed up, this was used to keep you and Uzumaki from doing anything rash."

"N-N-Naruto…kun…d-d-dead…it's not possible your l-lying HE'S NOT DEAD!" Haku stuttered out before loudly claiming the man before her lied to her, while tears threatened to break free.

"Oh I beg to differ Momochi-san on his last mission his rations seemed to have been poisoned with a specific poison derived from medical reports copied from Tsunade's records, that were able to negate the Kyuubi's healing properties for long enough to kill him…slowly and painfully." Danzo said with a sick sense of self satisfaction before continuing. "Isn't that right Neji-kun?"

"Hai Danzo-sama it was a most pitiful scene witnessing such a powerful nin die like a bug, but alas he should have checked his rations as he usually did and not blindly ate it simply because it was a friend to hand them to him." Neji said with what appeared to Haku through the tears making their way down her beautiful face to be a smirk.

"N-n-no…my Naruto-kun can't be dead." Haku mumbled in disbelief while tears now flowed freely down her face, and she quickly collapsed to her knees hands at her sides with the sleeves of her battle kimono covering her hands 'Neji-san…killed my Naruto-kun…no…it can't be…these bastards they had my Naruto-kun killed so they could pair me off with Neji and breed. Their the reason we weren't able to conceive a child, their the reason for our pain! THEIR THE REASON FOR OUR MISERY!' thought Haku her grief turning into rage, rage at those who dampened the several years of piece after Akatsuki, Orochimaru, and the traitor were taken care of. "NAAAAAARUTOOOOO-KUUUUUUUNNNN!" Haku screamed to the heavens.

Naruto and Haku's apartment…

Naruto had arrived in Konoha not two minutes prior and was in his and Haku's apartment near Hokage tower searching for his beloved. When he heard it…it was faint but he heard it his hearing having not been reduced to the Inuzuka levels they were before his death.


'Haku-chan' thought the blonde Shinigami as his head perked up and he disappeared.

Council Chambers…

Reappearing inside the council chambers the blonde glanced around seeing several Anbu low levels though as they appeared to be Root, then he noticed only men were present and several noticeable Clan heads were missing 'Bastards! Their doing this behind the backs of anyone who would object, the women for obvious reasons. The Hyuuga, Akimichi, Nara, and Yamanaka clan heads along with Tsunade-baa-chan, because they'd all would side with Haku-chan, and Hinata-chan while not interested in me anymore or men in general now that she has Ino hehehe NO focus Naruto! Anyways she's still my friend and wouldn't let her father let such a crime go unpunished regardless of his opinions of me.' thought Naruto as he focused on his Haku-chan, and the pain and anger rolling off her seemingly in waves "Don't do anything rash Haku-chan!" Naruto said just under a full on shout as he noticed her piercing gaze peek through the tears as she stared in unmatched hatred at the men before her.

"You bastards…you're the reason we couldn't conceive a child after several years of trying, and nothing…and now I'll never bare his children." Haku said in a cold tone devoid of any emotion. "Worse than that you killed my precious Naruto-kun…for that you'll pay!" Haku continued this time her voice filled with hatred towards the end. What followed was several moments of tense silence before Haku suddenly held up her left hand that had twitched slightly for a few seconds before in the half Tori sign, obviously having done a string of one handed hand seals much to the dismay of all those present. She then calmly said 'Hyouton: Tsumetai Jisatsu no jutsu' upon hearing the name Naruto panicked his love was killing herself and taking everyone with her. Quickly all the moisture in the room grew thick before suddenly converging on Haku where she began to glow and Shards of ice shot out at random directions from her body impaling all those present.

The councilmen and Hyuuga traitor died brutally Danzo and Neji specifically, Neji died from two senbon shaped ice shards penetrated his eyes though just enough to cause extreme pain and blindness letting him feel the pain of losing his eyes before one large spike of ice shot through his heart killing him along with countless other shards penetrated his body. Danzo though was obliterated every inch of his body was struck instantly wiping him from the face of the planet, all that remained was bloody smear.

Whilst this happened Naruto stood in shock that he was watching the love of his life kill herself…he snapped. He ran in front of her knowing the jutsu she used would allow her to live long enough to see her enemies demise. Unknowingly his reiatsu had been flaring to maximum levels since he saw her initiate the jutsu, his reiatsu was warping the room as he stood there ice shards flying harmlessly through him. "HAAAAAAAAKUUUUUUUU-CHAAAAAAANNNNNNN!" yelled the panicking blonde as he stood before his lover.

Haku felt the life fleeing her body as she watched in satisfaction as the bastards who had took her Naruto-kun from her. Her eyes slowly closing embracing death, when she hear it…she hear her beloved. Opening her eyes quickly she saw him standing before her dressed strangely, but there none the less "Naruto…kun…I love…you…." was all she managed to get out before collapsing to the ground a serene smile gracing her pale lifeless features.

AN: Ok so this sucked I struggled the whole time the fighting didn't come easily, the angst was hard as hell I'm just not a sad person by Nature. Hell I listened to The Cure, watched some of the more somber and sad episodes of Buffy an Angel and yet I'm still unsatisfied with how it turned out. Oh and Theoretical cookie for anyone who guesses where I came up with the name for the Patient Haku was seeing. Also yes I made Hinata and Ino lesbians big whoop I enjoy the images in my head of the two together so deal with it. Anyways I edited it and if the grammar and stuff suck let me know I'll fix it, but as for the chapter itself I know it sucks but not much I can do about it. I struggled to just do this much. Also I plan to get out one more chapter of GOW before getting another idea out of my head and onto the internet it'll likely be the Bastardized Sharingan fic which and in depth summary is in my profile.

Translation section:

Kirin: Named after Sasgay's Raiton jutsu in cannon. This has no shape though it's a bolt of lightning and takes a lot of energy and can't be used often as it hits what your aiming at, but if they move at the last minute before it launches it will hit where it was targeted because it's so fast it's damn near instant.

Tori: Bird

Senpai: senior

Hyouton: Gokusha no Koori: Ice Release Ice Prison, uses the moisture in the air to create chakra reinforced Ice pillars.

Shiyounin Fuu: Servant Seal, keeps those applied in a state of servitude causing pain at even the thought of insubordination.

Fumou Fuu: Barren Seal, keeps women barren and unable to become pregnant, used on Kunoichi during missions where capture or those who just don't want children.

Hyouton: Tsumetai Jisatsu: Ice Release Icy Suicide. Takes all the moisture in the air and draws it to the user where it's magnified before released in shards of varying size in all directions killing everything, depending on how much chakra is used depends on how much area is covered and is a S-rank Kinjutsu costs the user their life. Haku only used enough to make sure everyone she wanted to die died.