Anthony DiNozzo and Ziva David arrived outside the doors of the hotel as if it were fate. They stared at each other for a few moments, unsure of who would speak first.

"You look…nice." Tony managed as he looked her up and down.

"Is nice the best you can do?"

"Well I figured your date would have the rest covered." He peered around then smiled. "You don't have a date do you?"

She shook her head. "He got a sudden case of the flu." She rolled her eyes and slipped her purse under her arm.

"Must be going around…that's what mine got too."

The two continued their stares until Tony put his arm out nonchalantly. "Well?"

She intertwined her arm with his. "Okay, but you won't be getting a good night kiss."

The two entered and found McGee already sitting quietly beside Ducky. Tony slipped the chair out and allowed Ziva to sit down before plopping down beside McGee. "You two dating now too?"

They managed to laugh it off, but Ducky had to ask. "Too?"

Tim sighed. "Never mind."

Ducky resisted the grin fighting its way on his face. "Alright then…have any of you seen Jethro? I was hoping he would actually come this year."

Tony shrugged. "Take a miracle to get him here Ducky."

"Or a beautiful woman."

All three of them stared in his direction. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing at all. I'm just stating that that is the one thing that would bring Leroy Jethro Gibbs to an awards ceremony."

Tim nodded. "You're probably right…anyone seen Abby?"

Each of them shook their heads and turned their attention towards the stage as their very own Director took the podium. "Please let me begin by thanking each of you for being in attendance tonight…"

The next hour consisted of Tim picking at his food; Tony and Ziva flirting and Ducky staring at the entrance in anticipation.

"We conclude every year by giving special recognition to an Agent who by Agency Standards has excelled above and beyond the call of duty. An Agent who displays fine leadership; diligence and character. An Agent who gets the job done at all costs and manages to keep the integrity of this Agency in tact. Without further adieu, this years Agent of the Year award goes to Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs…" She looked up at the applause and almost dropped the award out of her hand when she saw him come through the door. The applause subsequently stopped.

Gibbs stood at the entrance, his arm intertwined with that of their very own forensic scientist. Some thought nothing of it; but one particular table's tongues were close to hitting the floor. They watched as Gibbs escorted her to the stage with him as he took the award. She stood silent as he approached the podium and looked out. No one expected a speech, and were surprised to find that wasn't the case.

"I don't get this medal thingy…without my team."

Timothy McGee, Anthony DiNozzo, and Ziva David eyes were fixed on the stage, but they still hadn't closed their mouths. After a wave of his hand Gibbs put out his arm and escorted Abby down the steps and toward their table. He moved out her chair and gently kissed her lips before sitting down. Gibbs looked around the table and pointed.

"Pick up your tongues from the floor…someone's liable to trip over 'em."

Ducky glanced over and managed a wry smile. "Congratulations Jethro."

He tossed the medal in Tony's direction and watched him barely flinch. "DiNozzo? Earth to DiNozzo…"

He slowly closed his mouth and reached to place the medal in his pocket. "Sorry boss…I'm just…"

"In shock?" Gibbs finished for him and watched as the three nodded their heads up and down slowly.

Abby had to laugh. "Oh come on guys, it's not that bad."

Ziva finally got her breath back. "I think it's wonderful."

"And I as well." Ducky added.

"So you two are…I mean you're…so like you're…" Tony looked confused and didn't try to hide that fact.

"In love." Abby smiled and watched Tim's mouth finally close.

"You alright over there Probie?" Tony asked as he examined Tim's expression.

He nodded and slid out his chair to stand up. "I need some air."

Abby started to stand up and follow; but Gibbs placed a hand on her shoulder and followed after him himself. Leaving Tony and Ziva to bombard Abby with questions.

Ziva chimed in first. "So is he a good kisser?"

Gibbs arrived directly after Tim had set his back against the concrete wall outside the hotel. McGee stood up immediately.

"What's up boss?"

Gibbs shrugged. "Just need some air too."

Tim slipped his hands into his pockets and if it hadn't been so awkward; he may have started whistling to pass the time.

"McGee I…"

"Boss I…"

Both had to smile at their simultaneous responses. McGee put his hand out in a gesture to allow Gibbs to go first.

"I would've told you but I had to…"

"Check with Abby first. Yeah I know. She's sensitive. Was the right call."

Gibbs nodded. "I take it you found the note in the folder that was meant for me?"

McGee didn't even ask how he knew and simply agreed. "Yeah. But something inside me had a feeling…"

"In your gut?" Gibbs questioned and watched at the young Agent shuffled his feet.

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Always follow your gut Tim…mine hasn't let me down yet."

McGee managed a smile. "I'm not mad boss."

"Never said you were."

"I know, but my guts telling me that's what you're thinking…but don't worry. All I ever wanted for her was to be happy…and if it can't be with me…then I couldn't pick a better man than you boss."

Gibbs smiled slowly and put out his hand for Tim to take. As he did, Tim mirrored his smile. "She really cares for you Tim…it's be important for you to share that with her."

"I will."

Abby was relieved to see Gibbs and Tim return and watched McGee send her over a smile. She sighed and reached for Gibbs hand under the table.

"So what do they know?" Gibbs asked quickly as he sat down.

Tony put his hand up to silence Abby and grinned. "The question is…what don't we know boss…you lucky devil you…" He playfully punched at Gibbs chin and laughed a bit.

Gibbs stared back at Abby and she pouted. "Don't be mad, I didn't tell them everything…"

"What? What else is there?" Tony asked as Ziva leaned onto his shoulder to hear the response.

"You didn't tell them about…no…the bull pen?" He tried to whisper but Tony just about fell out of his chair leaning in.

"The bull pen?" Tony questioned. "What happened in the bull pen?"

It was as if a light when on in Tony's head and this time he literally fell out of his chair, taking Ziva along with him onto the floor. Laughter erupted soon after.

"Will you two get a room?" Ducky added as he watched the two slowly get up.

It was then Gibbs and Abby stood up and motioned towards the door. Tim and Ducky followed suit and headed out; leaving Tony and Ziva alone at the table in their laughing fit.

"Shall we get a room?"

Tony shook his head. "Who needs a room? When you got the bull pen…"

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