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"I think you're beautiful, Tom," Doug whispered to his 'brother', Tom. "Did you know that?"

"What are you, stoned? We're on duty. At a school. We're the McQuaid brothers," Tom hesitated, looking Doug in the eye for nothing but a moment. He looked away, for fear of getting too lost in them. "You're not supposed to say those kind of things here. Especially under our circumstances."

"What, you mean with us being the McQuaid Brothers, heh?" Doug asked. "What are you doing anyway? McQuaids don't bring books to class."

"I'm looking at myself in the mirror," Tom said, biting the right side of his lower lip. "Doug, I think I'm breaking out. This is not good. Do you know how bad it gets when I get a little case of acne?"

"No, Tom, I don't know how severe a little case of your acne can get. Wanna know why? You don't get acne. You're twenty-five for christ's sake, and you really aren't a teenager. Teenager's break out, not adults. Maybe I should talk to Fuller and get you a few weeks off, just to remind you that you're no longer a confused adolescent," Doug joked. "Now, come on," he insisted, closing his boyfriend and 'brother's' locker door. "Don't look at yourself so long in the mirror. Tommy McQuaid ain't gay."

"Yea, well I am, and I care a whole hell of a lot about what I looked like," Tom pouted, looking at his shut locker door. "You're a bitch, Doug. I really think I'm breaking out. This could be serious."

"You're over-reacting," Doug said.

"Oh, you mean like when you got me a fucking Chihuahua for my birthday?" Tom asked, staring at his boyfriend in the eye, once again looking away. Curse his eyes. They were far too beautiful for his own good. "Am I over-reacting like that, Dougie?"

"Exactly, Tommy," Doug grinned. "But you love little Bianca, don't you? She's the greatest thing I ever got you, just admit it."


"Now stop complaining about your acne, because there is none, as usual. You look perfect, as usual. You are perfect, as usual. Fuller would kill us if he knew we actually talked like we do at work while we're undercover, as usual," Doug said, looking at the front door of the school. "And they're here, as usual. So you have to act like a McQuaid brother, as semi-usual."

"Those are a lot of usual things, Doug," Tom said, stupidly.

"Yea, well life tends to lack in variety lately," Doug remarked, kicking his foot against a locker for no apparent reason. Perhpaps it was just, well, he was a McQuaid, wasn't he? "I won't be complaining if you try something new tonight," Doug added, winking.

"Just for that, I don't think I'm going to do anything, period," Tom told his boyfriend, fighting the urge to kiss him on the cheek. Times like this, being undercover was rather difficult.

"The McQuaid brothers!" Damian Savage mocked the McQuaid brother handshake/salute, walking up from behind Tom, who was still smirking at his boyfriend. Right then and there, his persona immediately changed from a Hanson to a McQuaid. There were days where it was a rather dramatic change, and there were days where the only difference was Tom's last name. Today, it felt pretty dramatic, but refreshing at the same time. Sometimes (well, actually, all of the time), it was fun to be a McQuaid.

"Hey Damian," Doug nodded towards him. "Marc, Tegan, Brae." They were the only kids they had to be looking for when they'd first stepped inside of the school. Truth was, Tom felt genuinely bad for them. They were all going to be arrested, obviously because Damian was, well, Tom didn't know how to describe Damian-- but all four were going to be arrested because of him, once they got enouf evidence. There must have been some nice side of him, but the rest of the time he was determined to ruin the lives of the school board with the havoc and stress of a bottle of spray paint. The only problem was that with the McQuaid brothers around, he had suddenly stopped the vulgar messages he would spray paint onto the elementary and middle school's walls. Only just random things, and at this point they weren't even that serious. Sure, a few times he decided to get a little overboard, and write the word 'fuck' on the wall, but that's not exactly what Tom and Doug were after the four for. It was about what they had been doing before the McQuaid brothers had busted into the school-- the death threats and so-forth that had been spray painted onto the walls, taking hours out of everyone's life as they attempted to scrub them off of the walls. Vulgarity was typical in these parts, and they simply left that sort of thing if it was spray painted onto a wall around here. It was just that the death threats were obviously much more serious, and the younger a more immature a child was, the more it would scare them. It had just been a lucky guess that it was one certain group of people.

There was almost verbal evidence that they had done it, but even that wouldn't be enough in the end. If they totally had verbal evidence, which they didn't. There had been references, like "Remember back a few months ago, when we got away with that one threat?", but that wasn't saying that "Hey! Remember when we spray painted 'THE END IS NEAR, FUCKERS' onto the back of that one school?" Apparently, the group of Damian Savage, Marcus Savage, Tegan Wyght, and Braelyn Charbonneau, who had an obnoxiously difficult to pronounce French surname, did not find reason to trust the McQuaid brothers that much.

While Damian was most obviously the ring leader, the only reason that Marc seemed to be sticking around was that Damian was his fraternal twin. Yea, the McQuaid brothers were able to identify with that, although they were much closer than Damian and Marc were. Even before they had discovered they were gay, which had taken a while after the initial founding of the McQuaid brothers. Brae, the girlfrined of Marc and best friend of Tegan seemed to only stick around due to peer pressure. Maybe it was the fact that Marc was her boyfriend; maybe it was the fact that she obviously aspired to be just like Tegan. But Tegan was so hard to figure out, and even at this point, Tom wasn't able to figure out what to think of her. Usually, Tom had very developed impressions of a person within two weeks of knowing them. Tegan, on the other hand, just spent most of her time cracking perverted jokes. She never really participated in conversations about their habbit of vandalizing, but nor did she ever go against it. She never looked nervous, she never did much of anything when it came to that sort of thing. Otherwise, she was probably the most talkative of the group. The rest of the time, she seemed to have Damian's tongue down her throat. Honestly, above all, she seemed rather acquiescent, though she did seem rather nice. Of course, there was the venemous side to her, too, though Tom was convinced he had yet to see it in it's entirety.

"How's it going, guys?" Tegan grinned as Tom finally willed himself to tear his eyes from Doug's and look at the four teenagers who stood behind him. "Anything exciting happen in the last twenty-four hours that I may have missed out on?"

"Shut up, Tegan," Damian said. Oh fuck, Tom though to himself. Tegan and Damian fight. Every couple had problems, even Tom and Doug. Tegan and Damian seemed to incessantly have vicious battles that probably always ended up with some under-aged kinky sex. If it wasn't that, there was definitely some serious rough-housing going on.

"You know, Damian," Tegan said, rolling her eyes, leaning on the locker, staying as far away from her boyfrined as she could, "not everyone in the world is such a bitch as you. Some people are actually understanding when their girlfriends call them at two in the morning, because they're parent's are duck fucks. I could be the girlfriend of any of those guys, but I'm not. I'm yours."

"You couldn't go out with anyone else but me, Tegan," Damon remarked. Once again, Tegan rolled her eyes. She looked back at her best friend, Brae, grabbed her hand, and wordlessly walked away. Tegan only turned around to look at Tom for a moment. There was something strange about her.

"Girls," Damian remarked, sounding rather disgusted at the prospect that he actually had a girlfriend, and mostly that he actually put up with her. "Sometimes I wish I just fucked guys. Must be ten times easier to deal with. Too bad I'm not attracted to them."

"Yea," Tom said, looking at the ground for a moment. Doug couldn't help but laugh a little.Tom nudged him with his elbow, and followed Damian as he and Marc made his way down the hall.