Author's note: This is just the introduction. That's it for now, but I hope it whets your appetite for more when the whole next section finally gets finished after… HOLY CRAP, IT'S BEEN NINE YEARS? Um, sorry about that, I hope people are still interested in the saga, I hope it doesn't take me that long to actually finish it once I get past this section. I never stopped thinking about where I wanted to take it, I've just found it hard to write for some reason. Well, enjoy, and hopefully, the full part will be up after school gets out June 9th, and I can get moving on it really hard.

Everything was exploding around them as Jason struggled to steer the Freedom close enough to the giant ship standing between him, Neri and home, trying to get into transporter range for the giant bomb sitting in their bedroom, waiting to detonate it's deadly load.

"10…9…8…7…" Neri counted off as Jason concentrated on dodging phaser blasts, thankful there were only two banks on the ship that rotated in and out of usage as they repowered.

It was only a few seconds later though that a large explosion rocked the ship as Jason was too slow on the dodge.

"Transporters offline," the computer announced emotionlessly.

"Damn it, now what?" Jason asked, not taking his eyes off the screen for a second as he continued dodging.

"I don't think we have much choice," Neri whispered, watching the screens and pushing the occasional button.

"We're going to have to ram them."

"Jason…" she whispered, leaning her head on his shoulder.

"I know, we're not going to get out of this," Jason sighed, taking a moment to kiss the top of her head. "Are you all right with that?"

Neri was silent for a moment. "If we save Earth…yes, it's worth it."

"All right, I've got to stay here but would you go get the bomb armed? If this console explodes we're going to need that back console quickly.

"I'll keep an eye on the situation from back there," Neri promised.

"Come here for a moment," Jason said, giving her a kiss that was a lot shorter than he wanted it to be. "Good luck."

"You've got the hard job, not me. If you think it's going to explode, get to the back. We can handle it from there."

"I will, get going, there's not a whole lot of time," Jason said, turning back to the console as Neri slipped away into the bedroom.

It was only a few seconds that what Jason feared what would happen did, the console in front of him exploded sending him flying backwards end over with his ending up towards the frontend as the cabin began filling up with smoke quickly, the fire-suppression system apparently having gone offline.

Jason tried to crawl out from under his overturned chair, coughing as the fumes filled his mouth. "Maybe we should have brought Brett," he muttered, staring at his burned hands, barely able to move forward as he managed to push the mangled chair off of him.

"Neri," he called, coughing with the effort of talking loudly. "Neri, you have to steer from back there."

"I already am…Are you all right?"

"You're going to have to close the door Neri so you don't get overwhelmed by the smoke…I'm not going anywhere."

Neri was silent for a moment, contemplating that. "I love you Jason. Don't forget that," she called out quickly before the door between them slid shut with a thunk.

"Like I could," Jason murmured with a sigh, figuring he only had a minute or two to live, he contemplated how they had gotten into that situation in the first place…