A/N: This is just a little two shot that popped into my head. In this fic, Hermione is in 7th year but also of age due to her being a bit older then everyone else. Also, Voldemort has already been defeated so he wont be mentioned here.

Lucius Malfoy walked through the corridors or Hogwarts after a short visit to his son. He had learned that Draco was not getting the best grades in his year and was trailing behind the one and only Mudblood, Hermione Granger.

Being second would have pleased most parents but not Lucius. He hated the fact that a girl with inferior blood was besting his pureblood son in every subject. He gave Draco an earful, told him what was expected and walked away without letting Draco explain – Lucius didn't know that Hermione spent all of her time studying and reading, he probably wouldn't have believed it if even if Draco managed to get a word in edgewise to tell him.

He continued on his way, his long blond hair softly swaying as he walked, his cane giving a gentle tap against the stone floor and his elegant robes flowing around him. The was a man of power and influence – anyone could see that.

"Oh look" a voice said above him, "With hair so fair, no doubt a Malfoy."

Lucius looked up to see Peeves floating over head, "Get away from me you floating abomination." Lucius hissed.

"Oh, Is the Malfoy losing his temper – pity, I guess I need to cool him off with a large bucket of water."

Lucius's eyes went wide, "You wouldn't dare."

Peeves gave off a small grin and floated away with promises to be back in a second. Lucius looked around trying to figure out a way to get away from the deranged little beast. The corridor he was in held nothing more then an empty classroom and a broom cupboard, That wouldn't do so he continued to walk, hoping to just escape Peeves without incident.

"I told you I would be back Malfoy." Peeves said with a laugh, dumping the bucket of ice cold water over his head, "And the best part is, That water is charmed – you will stay cold for hours."

"Why you little -" Lucius yelled, pulling his wand from his cane.

"Tut, Tut, Malfoy, I think you need a second bucket." Peeves cackled and disappeared again.

Lucius ran for the empty classroom, The first bucket of water was chilling him to the bone and he didn't want to imagine what a second bucket would do. He blasted the door open and ran inside just as peeves came back into view.

"Well" Peeves sighed, "No use wasting this bucket – I'll just set it aside for when Malfoy comes back out, after all, he cant stay in there forever."

An hour passed and Lucius was no closer to getting out then he was before. Peeves paced back and forth in front of the door, waiting patiently for the Slytherin to reemerge.

Peeves wasn't joking when he said the water made the body cold for hours. Lucius had already shed his robes and all of his clothes, leaving only his boxers behind. It helped but not much as the castle was a bit chilly in itself. His skin felt like ice and warming spells we ineffective against it, making him shiver and try to use his own body to warm itself by rubbing his hands over his arms furiously.

"Peeves, what the hell do you think you are doing?" A voice yelled from the corridor.

Lucius sprung up and ran to the door. He peeked out the small window to see the reason for his visit in the first place, ducking around a large red bucket.

"Can the brightest witch out smart a bucket of special water." Peeves cackled

"I swear to you peeves, I will find a way to hex you." She yelled

"Peeves is going to wet you through, he is." Peeves laughed, hold the bucket over her head.

Hermione had no choice and dashed into the empty classroom before Peeves managed to spill even a drop on her. Lucius was quick and managed to get out of the way before the door would slam into his face.

"Stupid Peeves" she cursed, "There has to be another way out of this room."

"None that I've found." A voice said behind her.

Hermione spun, wand clutched tightly in her hand to see the eldest Malfoy standing in only his boxers. She had the decency to blush before turning her head.

"What are you doing here?" She asked, backing away from him. She knew he was a death eater and the mark on his forearm proved as much.

"Peeves got me with a bucket of freezing water." He said sternly, "And he has been keeping watch on the door, preventing my escape."

Hermione continued to back away, moving closer and closer to the door – she would rather deal with Peeves then be killed.

"You cant go out there." He said softly, staying where he was, "The water is charmed to stay freezing for hours ... nothing will warm you."

"I'll take my chances" she said as she continued to back up, "At least Peeves wont kill me because of my blood."

Lucius waved his hand as best as possible, He was growing numb as the waters effect continued to assault his body, "I couldn't hex you if I wanted to. The water has made me numb and I wouldn't trust myself to cast anything."

Hermione dared to look a bit closer as Lucius made his way back to the floor next to a wall. She could see his flesh was pasty looking with goosebumps and his lips were a slight shade of blue. She also didn't miss the shivers running through his body.

She rolled her eyes at her Gryffindor self and walked over to him, taking off her robes in the process.

"Use my robes to get some warmth, that is if you don't mind Mudblood germs."

She thrust the robe in his direction, leaving it up to him to take it or not. Lucius wasn't thrilled but anything was better to freezing to death. He picked up the robes and wrapped it around himself as best he could, his arms were starting to freeze up.

Hermione noticed he was only half covered and walked closer, hesitating for only a second before reaching down and tucking the robes tightly around him. Lucius looked at her wide eyed for a minute, not believing that she would actually help him.

She said nothing to him and walked back to the door, flinging it open.

"Peeves" she yelled, "How bloody long does that spell last?"

Peeves laughed, "could be four hours, could be five – Only I know and I'm not telling."

Hermione quickly slammed the door once again as Peeves lunged at her with his bucket. She wasn't going to stand there and just let him freeze her to death.

She walked back over towards Lucius. She didn't know why she was concerned, after all, she knew he wouldn't hesitate to kill her and she knew he sure as hell wouldn't help her if the roles were reversed.

"Mr. Malfoy" She asked cautiously when she noticed his eyes had closed. She reached her hand forward, placing it on his chest to see if he was still breathing – he was, but he wasn't responding to her.

She could feel his skin was like ice and knew that being as cold as he was probably forced him to pass out.

Hermione let out a groan, Her damned Gryffindor tendencies were taking over. She removed her shirt, enlarged it and magicked it over his body, giving him an extra layer of warmth before going over to his pile of clothes to see of she could dry them.

She tried every charm she knew but they were useless on the clothes and they remained just as soaked through as they were when she started. She let out a sigh and walked back over to Lucius. She knew how to warm him a bit more and just prayed to whoever was listening that he didn't hex her when the spell wore off.

She heaved his heavy body forward and placed his back firmly against the wall before sucking in a deep breath and straddling his lap and leaning against him, sharing her body heat with him in hopes that he didn't die before the spell ended. Deatheater or not, she would not allow someone to die when there was a possibility that she could help him – after all, he hadn't threatened to harm her when he was alert.

Hermione was human and no matter how hard she tried to ignore the feeling of his much stronger body pressed against hers, she couldn't. She could feel the strength in his chest and shoulders, the way they were perfectly sculpted, screaming power behind each ripple.

She cursed herself for even thinking about it and closed her eyes, opting for sleep instead of her vivid imagination.

Four hours later, Lucius woke up with a groan and was slightly disoriented. He had a face full of brown hair, a small warm body pressed against his and an incredible amount of warmth pressed against his nether regions – he froze.

It had been along time since he had a woman this close to him other then an occasional fuck, but even that was rare as he had more important things to do with his time. Narcissa and Lucius had been married by force and while they were still married, she rarely slept in the same bed with him, choosing to be with her lover instead. He didn't care, she was too skinny and bony for his liking anyway.

Hermione shifted slightly and rubbed herself against him, making him groan. It was wrong, so, so, wrong but the feel of her body against him, her head placed on his shoulder, her warm breath ghosting over his neck made him more aroused then he cared to admit. He glanced down and noticed her bare shoulders and the straps of her red bra falling down said shoulders – he groaned again.

He couldn't stop his hands as they reached up and pulled her a little closer, pressing her further against his already straining cock. He needed contact even if it was only for a brief second.

The action woke the sleeping witch up and caused her to jerk away but his hands prevented her from leaving his lap.

"I'm so sorry, I was just trying to keep you warm – I wont tell anyone." she said hurriedly, trying to get up from his lap once again.

He looked to the witch and released her, letting her get her belongings so she could flee like she wanted to. He watched as she threw on her robe, not even mentioning her shirt and ran out the door, threatening Peeves with the Bloody Baron and running out of sight.

Lucius let out a sigh and redressed, wanting to get away from Hogwarts before he tracked the girl down and shagged her senseless. It wasn't right for someone such as himself to want someone like her so badly so he left, vowing to get the witch out of his head.