The Amulet

The Amulet

Chapter 1: The News

Shorty: When an important object is stolen from directly Mount Olympus Percy, Annabeth, Grover, and Thalia must retrieve it. But where will there adventures take them?

KG: How 'bout England?

Shorty: Why England?

KG: They have hot guys with cute accents, duh!

Shorty: Brilliant idea!! Wait! I've got another idea!

KG: Here we go again…

Shorty: What if the "Fearsome Foursome"—

KG: You got that from Avatar!

Shorty: Toph rules!! Go Kataang!!

KG: Zutara is better!

Shorty: Anyway…What if the Oracle tells them to stay in a school of witchcraft and wizardry?

KG: You don't mean Hogwarts, do you?

Shorty: Yes!!


Shorty: What are you doing here?

Emma: Well, Connor told Travis who told Nico who told Percy who told Grover who told Juniper who told Annabeth who told Thalia who told Artemis who told Zeus who told Poseidon who told Sally who told Paul who told one of his students in his 5th who just so happens to be a 2nd cousin twice removed of mine who told me that you guys are writing an HP/PJO CROSSOVER!!

Shorty: Ow, my brain hurts!

KG: You lost me at Percy.

Emma: So can I be in the pre/post-chats or in the story?

Shorty: Sure, why not?

Emma: Yes!! Wow! Your pre-chats are long!

KG: Well it would've been shorter if you didn't tell us the whole freaking story of gossip!!

Emma: He! He!

All: On with the story!!

Disclaimer: Shorty: Must I say it? We don't on PJO or HP!!

Shorty: P.S. This takes place in September during one of Percy's visits to see Mrs. O'


The character who's POV we are on inner "Romeo". (You'll see.)

Said person's thoughts.


(Percy's POV)

Annabeth and I where at sitting on the beach, watching the sunset. It was beautiful. So is Annabeth. What?! Oh come on! How clueless are you?! You know you like her… maybe she likes you back. But what if she doesn't? So what? Sure, it might ruin your guys' friendship, but who cares? Uh, me! Oh, just tell her! But— No buts! Tell her! Fine.

"Hey, uh, Annabeth? Can I tell you something?" I stammered. Oh gods.

"Of course," She said turning toward me.

"Well, I think, I think that I--"


I sat bolt up right in my bed. Oh it was just a dream.

"Come on, Percy, wake up!" Grover called through my cabin door. "You'll be late for breakfast!"

"Coming!" I yelled through the door. I pulled on a pair of jeans and stuffed on a 2007 Montauk Surfing Tournament T-shirt. I opened the door and met my friend Grover. He was wearing a Camp Half-Blood T-shirt and no pants (Emma: Ewwwwwwww!! Shorty: He's a satyr remember! Emma: oh yeah!).

"Hey, G-man!" I said stepping out of my cabin.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, just thinking,"

"About what? A dream?"


"Was it about Kronos?" Ever since the Lord of Time took over Luke's body I'd been having more dreams about him. Particularly about him constructing a new body. If Kronos got a new body, what would happen to Luke? Would he live? Would he die? Personally I would like the creep to die, but that's just me.

"No, it was a happy one, sorta."

"Was it about Annabeth?" How did he know? Curse him and our empathy link!

"Maybe," My eyes darted side to side suspiciously.

"Oh come on Percy! You need to tell her!"

"Tell her what?"

"Oh don't play dumb with me! I mean tell Annabeth that you—mmph mm!" His sentence was cut off by my hand covering his mouth.

"Shhh!" I scolded him letting my hand return to my side. "Don't say it out loud!"

"So you admit it! But why can't I say it out loud?"

"Because, somehow Kris will find and tell Lizzy, who will tell Silena, and by lunch time the whole camp will know!" By this time we were almost to the dining pavilion or mess hall.

"Boo!" A girl's voice said behind me. I was so sca—I mean surprised, that I jumped six feet in the air. I whirled around to find Lizzy rolling around on the ground laughing hysterically and Kris hovering three feet in the air laughing harder than Lizzy.

"KRISTINE!!" I yelled. She was laughing so hard she didn't hear me. Then I got an idea. "Miya!"

Almost immediately Kris's magic flying converse shoes de-activated causing her to fall… on Lizzy. This was followed by two "oof!"s.

"Hey!" Kris shouted indignantly.

"That's what you get for sneaking up on the Son of Poseidon," I said proudly.

"Funny," Lizzy said getting up causing Kris to be thrown back with another indigent "Hey!". "I would have thought you would have seeked revenge with something water related."

"Yes, but I don't have any water on hand,"


"So what did you want?" Grover asked.

"Us?" Kris said putting a hand on her chest. "Oh no! We don't want anything from you, but Annabeth and Thalia want to talk to you guys so they sent me, being the daughter of the messenger of the gods."

"I just tagged along for the laughs," Lizzy explained. "C'mon! They're by the mess hall."

We followed Kris and Lizzy to the mess hall.

"There they are," Kris pointed to two girls waiting by a pillar I recognized as Thalia and Annabeth. We walked over to them and said "hi!".

"We beat you in Capture the Flag! We beat you in Capture the Flag!" Kris and Lizzy started dancing in circles around Thalia who was looking a bit P.O. Then she stuck out her foot and Liz tripped with"oof!", then Kris tripped over Liz. Double "oof!"!! What was it with Kris falling on Lizzy?!

"So what did you want?" Grover asked as Kris and Liz got up shooting glares at Thalia who just stuck out her tongue.

"To talk," Thalia said. She and Annabeth looked really serious so I knew something was up. Also she hadn't changed much since last winter. The only difference was she wore a silver jacket and was seemed calmer and happier.

"About what?" I asked.

"Something big," Annabeth replied. "We think something was stolen from Mount Olympus, again." (Bum bum bummm) I let that sink in. The last time something had been stolen from Olympus it was Zeus' Master Bolt, which I had been blamed for.

"What?!" Kris cried.

"Shhhhh!" Annabeth scolded. "Quiet!"

"What was stolen?" Lizzy asked. Good question.

"We don't know," Thalia shrugged, but we think that's why the Hunters are here. Artemis had to have a meeting with the other gods to discuss this.

"So… do you at least know who stole it or have clue?" I questioned.

We all looked at Kris who was playing with a bronze mechanical dove Tyson had made for her. She called it Mercury (the roman name for her dad, Hermes) because she often used him to deliver messages (it's cheaper than an Iris message.). However; when it got quiet she stopped and looked at us. "What? Oh, hey! I didn't steal it!"

"We know that!" Annabeth pointed out. "The theft occurred a few days ago and you can't have left camp because your cabin was having a 5-day poker tournament at night.

"How'd you know that?" Kris asked.

"I have my sources," Just then the conch horn blew signaling for breakfast.

"We'll talk later," Thalia said. "For know: I'm hungry." We all nodded in agreement and filed into the pavilion. After sacrificing a half a chocolate chip pancake to the gods, I sat down alone at the Poseidon table. I glanced over at the Hermes table to see Kris's plate loaded with about 5 of the chocolate-chip pancakes. Great! Now she's gonna get hyper. As I chowed down on my pancakes I thought about what was stolen and who it was stolen by.

As soon as everyone finished breakfast Chiron pounded his hoof for our attention. "Good morning everyone!"

"Good morning Chiron!"

"Unfortunately, I have some bad news. The Amulet of Immortality has been stolen!" (Bum bum bummm… again!)

Stunned silence filled the hall, with the exception of a few gasps and whispers. What was the Amulet of Immortality?


Shorty: Cliffie!!

Annabeth: Noooooooo! Why?!

KG: Oh, so now you decide to join us?!

Annabeth: Well, excuse me! I was busy.

Shorty: With what?

Annabeth: I was teaching Percy advanced Ancient Greek.

(KG & Shorty look at each other with mischievous grins.)

KG: Where?

Percy: My cabin.

Shorty & KG: Percy and Annabeth sitting in cabin 3, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Annabeth with a baby carriage!!

Thalia, Grover, & Emma: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Aphrodite: Nice!!



Shorty: Don't ya mean fly? Miya! (Flies away safely while Kg runs for her life.)


Demigods & Grover: AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

Grover: Who are you?

Emma: You rule!!

Grover: Thanks!

Percy: Again, who are you? And who's Harry Potter?

Emma: I'm Shorty & KG's friend. And Harry Potter—

Shorty & KG: Don't get her started!!

Thalia: I thought you guts where running from Athena.

KG: We were.

Shorty: Athena and her kids maybe wise, but Hermes and his kids are clever. He! He!

Grover: I don't even want to know. So who's Harry?

Emma: He's only the—mmph mm! (Shorty grabs Emma and sticks her in a closet.)

KG: Ha!

Emma: (through door) Alohomora!! Aveda Kedevera! Pellegrino!!

Shorty: No using the Killing Curse!!

Percy: What's that?

KG: A curse that kills people.

Percy: Oh.

Nico: How come I haven't heard of it?

Emma: Because you're a muggle!!

Shorty: Technically, we are Half-Bloods!

Emma: You're wizards!? Why didn't you tell me?!

KG: We mean Demigods!

Annabeth: So who is Harry potter?

Shorty: You'll find out later.

Annabeth: I hate you.

Shorty: Of course you do! Any who…

KG & Emma: Send reviews!!

Shorty: Hey! That rhymes!

Emma: WOW!! You're post-chats are long, too!!

Shorty: Oh shut up!!