I've never intended to write a follow-up, but well... just thought that it needed a piece from Olivia's eyes. That, or I guess I'm just bored cuz there's no SVU for us 'till september. ¬¬

You brought me home.

I've never expected you to stick around like this. You just said you wanted to and, God help me, I'm glad you did. I don't wanna be alone right now.

You're messing around my kitchen, trying to fix me some tea. I wanted to tell you that actually I'd like real coffee but I didn't. It's just funny how you remembered that I gave up on coffee.

You're really thoughful.

On the way home you spent the whole time trying to distract me from my mess. We talked about food, politics, cartoons, even about relationships. I didn't share much, but you told me some funny stories about yours. We talked about movies and I realized how long it's been since I went to see one.

The last movie I saw was Titanic. Shame on me.

You told me about how your prom party was actually your first date. I found it funny, 'cause most boys starts dating before that. You just told me you were really shy. Who would've thought. You said you still are.

It's hard to believe that a guy like you are actually shy. You seem so sure of yourself, a little over confident sometimes. I still remember what I thought about you when we first met. You were so arrogant and stubborn, and I hated that. I'm pretty sure you hated me back, though.

I don't know how it changed, but you don't hate me anymore. Neither do I.

I'm actually enjoying having you around like this. And that's a first, I must say. The only ones I'm used to have around my place are Elliot and Case. Alex used to come often too.

You told me about the last time you dated and how it had to end in a rush. I felt sad for you, 'cause it's just too hard to part ways like this. WPP. Why do we keep losing people to the system like this? You told me it was ok 'cause you both knew the job and were prepared for something that, but I don't think anyone can be prepared enough for it.

I wasn't prepared when Alex had to go away. And she was only a friend. No, she was a best friend for sure. I miss her, it's a shame that we couldn't keep in touch anymore.

You talked me into going to the movies with you.

You wanted to lighten the mood and started talking movies. You listed lots of movies and I must say, if you actually saw all of them, then you're the ultimate movie-freak to me. You stopped talking at some point, and stared at me with a half smile. That's when you asked me about the last movie I saw.

The last movie I saw was Titanic.

I thought you were going to laugh at me but you didn't. You just said I should see the latest Indiana Jones, "'cause it's really good". That's how you talked me into going to the movies with you. I gave you the "we'll see" answer and you said you would make sure I did by going with me.

"I know I'm taking too long but how do I turn this thing on?" - You ask me from the kitchen.

"Just plug the power cord, it's behind the microwave..." - I tell you, chuckling. Yes, there's only one power source in my kitchen.

I hear you laugh from the kitchen. I saw your place and it's big. You actually have a real kitchen and seems to know how to run it, so you're probably having a hard time trying to fit into mine.

I'd help you but you were the one who insisted in fixing me tea and making us popcorn. Besides it would never work, since two bodies can't occupy the same space in time.

Or maybe they can.

Ok, I'm stopping right here. It was supposed to be a short drabble after all. Thanks for reading, peeps!