AN: this is the first story I've posted and isn't beta-ed.

-- Destiny Islands—The Beach--

A small brunet sat on a bent tree, watching the waves as they lapped up against the raft he and his friends were working on.

"Hey Sora! Are you ready to go?" a small redhead said running up to him.

"Yeah Kairi, just waiting for Riku to show up." Sora replied happily.

"Why wait for him? He barely did anything! Besides he is way to serious, he'll just keep us from having fun!" Kairi cried.

"I promised him I wouldn't leave without him. He trusts me Kairi, think of how betrayed he would feel. Please?" Sora sighed Riku and Kairi had never gotten along and he didn't know why.

"He'll get over it. But think about it Sora! You and me exploring all those stars, wouldn't it feel great?" she said looking at him pleadingly.

"Fine all right we'll go. I'm sorry Riku…" Sora said to no one as he looked behind him as Kairi dragged him to the raft that would sail into the ominous black clouds.

-- Destiny Islands—The Beach—Two hours later--

"Sora! Sora! Where are you? Sora! Please! You promised you wouldn't leave me here! Why, why…" these were the last words Riku ever spoke. He whipped around and ran back to his house, slamming all the doors he went through, alarming his father who simply glared at him. As the last door slammed shut he started to cry. An hour later he had found a pair of whistles he and Sora had used to communicate from various parts of the Islands and strung them around his neck, they clanked as they hit his mother's locket. From that day on for the next few years Riku never said a word, he ate slept and from dawn to ten he trained with a sword, from ten till dusk se sat on the pier and watched, waiting for Sora to return and take him away from this place.

--Prologue complete--

AN: That was awkward. Next chapter more on Riku. A bit on Sora and Kairi. As you can probably tell I don't really like Kairi all that much. You get to meet my OCs next chapter. And my made up world!