Title: Game Play
Pairing: House/Wilson/Amber
Rating: PG

House and Amber had been going at it for hours, and Wilson was quickly becoming bored. Wilson sighed, but the noise was drowned out by the sounds of buttons being violently pressed upon. Taunts, shouts of victory, and groans of defeat blended together with the electronic music of Super Smash Brothers. Wilson was going to be driven mad any minute now, he just knew it.

House (playing as Donkey Kong, currently) defeated Amber (Yoshi), so Wilson decided to end the madness before the two could start up another round. 'Hey, Amber, we should probably get going, it's late...'

The eerie echo of a harmonized, 'Shut it, Wilson,' rang through his mind long after House and Amber had uttered it. He didn't know what was more disturbing, the fact that the two had spoken in sync, or the fact that neither seemed to care. He tried pointing out this oddity, even explaining it away ('You guys planned that, right?'), but he only received twin looks of annoyance in response. He was seriously thinking that they were doing this on purpose, just to fuck with him. The alternative (that they were synchronizing unintentionally, while playing a video game, no less) was something far too horrible to consider. Wilson knew he was overreacting, of course, but still.

His original plan for the evening had been nothing like this. He'd wanted to just go back to Amber's house and relax, but House had insisted he come over to his apartment to play video games.

'I actually have plans with Amber...' he'd begun, only to be cut off with a skeptical look.

'No, you don't,' House had said. 'I asked her earlier, and you're free, buddy.' House clearly saw Wilson hesitate to respond, which caused him to roll his eyes overdramatically. 'Just bring her along, if you're going to be like that.'

It had seemed like a good idea at the time, and yeah, Amber and House were obviously enjoying themselves, he just... he was being ignored. By his best friend and his girlfriend. Because of Super Smash Brothers. It was an odd situation he found himself in, to say the least.

After about 20-30 rounds (honestly he didn't know how they could play that much without getting bored), Wilson threw his hands up with an exasperated sigh. 'Are you two going to be playing all night?'

'Mommy and Daddy are busy right now, Jimmy, try again later,' House said at the same time Amber replied with a simple, 'Yes.'

'I'd like to get some sleep at some point, you know.' He already knew at that point that his attempts at ending their 'battle' would be in vain, but he still felt the need to try. He really was tired, and he couldn't even lie down on House's couch, as the other two were taking up most of it.

'Bedroom's free,' Amber said, following that up with a, 'Goddamnit, House,' as her character once again lost the game.

'What she said,' House grinned and stuck his tongue out at Amber. 'You've lost the last five rounds, Bitch, getting tired?'

'You wish,' she replied, going to start up the game once again.

With a roll of his eyes and a mumbled, 'Goodnight,' (which was not responded to at all) Wilson went into House's bedroom, inwardly swearing to never again let Amber step foot in House's apartment.