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"Yo," Hichigo talking

Summary; Ichigo discovers why you should stay far away from perverted shopkeepers, and is entered in a school.

Warnings; The usual cursing associated with our favorite hollow, and slightly mature themes here and there...Or maybe not…

Edited; June 11, 2010


Ichigo looked over the bloody sands that made up the Hollow world.


Endless bodies of shinigami and remains of hollows littered the ground like discarded trash. It was disgusting, and left a chill of cold in Ichigo's heart.

He had failed.

He couldn't protect anyone.

It shouldn't have happened. He should have been strong enough to make a difference, but he wasn't. He was just too weak.

"Ichigo..." The distant and sad voice of Rukia's called. You could hear it in her voice that she herself wasn't sure if she should be disturbing Ichigo.

Ichigo didn't answer, he continued to look over the fields of blood, and steeled his resolve. He would end this war, and he would stop this cycle of death and despair, both himself, and for everyone...

Chapter 1

-Two weeks later-

Ichigo looked over his shoulder once again. Right now he hated his god forsaken luck and whatever beings made it so that he was at his current destination.

'SHINIGAMI ACADEMY TESTING' the sign read near the old style Japanese door. People walked in and out careful not to bump into anyone else, but Ichigo was different, he glared at the sign, scaring some poor bystanders.

He didn't notice this as all his thoughts focused solely on one vow. When he completed this hell training called the 'Shinigami Academy' he was going to beat a certain shopkeeper.


"Well, well if it isn't Kurosaki-kun." Urahara said giving Ichigo a fake smile. "What can I help you with today?"

"Training," Ichigo monotoned. He had long since lost his emotions after fighting in the center of this bloody war. Now all he wanted to do was get stronger so he could kick Aizen's butt and stop the sorrow.

"Mmmm..." Urahara looked thoughtful at Ichigo words, and waved his fan to his face, as if contemplating something. "Of course you need training Kurosaki-kun, but I've finished teaching you what I can-."

"Kisuke's right Ichigo," Yourichi said appearing on Ichigo's shoulder's in her cat form.

"You need to do something every soul reaper has to do." Urahara said waving his fan at Ichigo.

Ichigo blinked, somewhat confused.


"You'll see." Urahara said smiling a very evil smile.

Somehow, Ichigo was creepied out by his smile.

Ururu suddenly appeared next to the three.

"Kurosaki-san, I have informed your family about your situation, and gathered some of your things," She said giving Ichigo a middle backpack.

"What situation?" He asked.

Ichigo's question was left unanswered as he felt a strong blow to his head...


Back to Ichigo's current headache…

'Why the hell I am in Soul Society? Why was he even in front of the reaper academy?

Ichigo silently growled. His luck sucked.

"Are you Ichiro Kuroi?" A voice said snaking Ichigo out of his murderous thoughts.

"What?" Ichigo asked very confused.

The person asking was a teenage looking female with wavy black hair. She was wearing an outfit similar to the standard Shinigami uniform, except that her clothing was white with red lines.

"I'll take that as a 'yes'." She said handing Ichigo a letter with the number fifteen in large print. She didn't even let Ichigo say anything as she run away from him, and back to where she came from.

'What the hell?' Ichigo sighed, and looked around trying to get his bearings.

'Okay, start over.' He told himself thinking the situation over logical. It was a skill he had long picked up from spending way too much time with Kuchiki Byakuya.

1) He was in front of the shinigami building for trainees. It didn't take much to figure out that Urahara was responsible for dumping him there.

2) He was given some of his belonging by Ururu, so he isn't totally screwed.

3) He was just given some weird letter because some girl thought he was Ichiro Kuroi.

And 4) he had no idea and no way of getting home.

Ichigo glared at the foreign letter in his hands. 'Stupid Hat-and-clogs,' He thought. That's when he noticed to initials on a small corner of the letter.


Was this letter actually for him? Ichigo had no idea, but was determine to figure this mess out. He turned the letter around, and broke the seal, taking out a single sheet paper, and a small key chain with two paper thin gloves. He ignored the gloves for now, and forced on the letter and reading it.


Yourichi and I have set you up with training at the academy, for now we will take your place in the battle. Train, and grow stronger... For reasons you will find out you will be using a false name while at the academy. No doubt you know its Ichiro Kuroi. The gloves with this letter are to be worn to disguise your reiatsu and dampen it a bit.

There was a huge space, and then at the bottom of the letter, in tiny letters, a post script.

P.S. you can't come back till you've complete you're training. I'll bring you back when you're done.


Ichigo's glare at the letter intensified tenfold as he crumpled the sheet into a ball.

Forget beating the perverted shopkeeper he was going to kill him when he got back... but dammit he needed to finish the academy first.

Ichigo's eyes narrowed as he followed the old man's advice and slipped on the gloves, they were both clear and seemed to disappear on Ichigo's hands. It was a strange feeling, but ever so silently he could his reiatsu changing while lowering to maybe a twentieth of his regular shikai power.

He felt weak again.

"Ichiro Kuroi!" The same voice yelled as before. "It's time for you to test," The girl from before, said grabbing the back of Ichigo's ghost clothing and dragging him inside the building.

Ichigo didn't struggle as he was easily dragged by the girl.

He had lived a very important lesson from this whole ordeal...the only good trouble-free Urahara was a dead Urahara.

(End of Chapter)

(1) Ichigo name can mean fifteen in Japanese.

(2) Ichigo's been fighting in the war for a while so he's pretty powerful, and plus academy students are really weak when they start out.

(3) Ichigo isn't wearing the black shihakusho he usually wears, his wearing some regular clothes, most shinigami only get the shihakusho only after they graduate from the academy.

A/n: this is like my fifth Bleach fan fiction, hope its good...