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"Yo," Hichigo talking

Summary; the continuing class, thoughts about others, meeting the noble princess, and bullies?

Warnings; The usual cursing associated with our favorite hollow, and slightly mature themes here and there...Or maybe not…

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Chapter 6

Last Time

"HURRY UP AND GET OUTSIDE!" Togichi-sensei's voice carried over the crew. The class was quick to follow her orders as the class made it outside in ten seconds flat.

Ichigo only followed them and sighed. It was time to face the music. He was so not looking forward to getting embarrassed in front of a bunch of strangers.

"Something wrong, Kuroi-san?" Kinomi said. An eyebrow twitched when Ichigo finally noticed what Kinomi was calling him.

"Just Kuroi," Ichigo said, he really hated anyone using honorifics with his name(s).

Kinomi nodded, and extended the same courtesy to Ichigo.

"Then, refer to me as Ayumu," Kinomi said smiling faintly. He seemed genuinely pleased with Ichigo's words, and was happy to jump on the offer to call each other by their first names.

"Alright," Ichigo started but was interrupted by Togichi-sensei.

"Get in pairs, and try the spell out on each other. To release the Kidou release your reiatsu, listen carefully, when I say stop…you better stop." She said, and the class as a whole shivered at her last words…well everyone barring Ichigo.

After all, Ichigo had been battles, and fought the real Kenpachi to not be afraid of a teacher. He simply sweat dropped.

'Togichi Miyako-sensei is definitely like Kenpachi.' Ichigo thought with some finality. And now that she had threatened them, Ichigo could say beyond a doubt that she was related to the eleven division captain.

"NOW START!" She yelled smiling evilly and every person quickly rushed to fill out her orders.

Everyone quickly found their partners, and as Ayumu looked to Ichigo, Ichigo nodded at him (even though a part of him was expecting the Byakuya look-alike to do that from the start) answering his silent question of being partners.

Unfortunately there were an uneven number of students leaving Koshiko by herself as she walked along trying to find a partner. Ichigo watched her wander around casually before tapping her on the shoulder to get her attention.

"Yes…Ichiro-san?" She asked, thought there was an underlining tone in her voice that said she suspected Ichigo to ask something of her. She was right in one way, but Ichigo was going to asking something else of her.

"Want to join our group?" Ichigo said once more seeing a brief flick of surprise in her eyes, before she nodded smiling.

Ichigo nodded back at her, before leading her to Ayumu, to start their task. They needed to hurry if they didn't want to fail.


"Where is Ichigo?" Hiyori asked hotly. She pronounced every word slowly, and angrily. Both she and Shinji were currently at the Kurosaki Clinic trying to get information on the substitute shinigami, so who better to ask then Isshin Kurosaki, former captain, and father of Ichigo?

Isshin didn't answer, and instead pretend to be observing the living walls.

"I don't know where Ichigo is." He said looking up at Hiyori after a minute, and then his whole demeanor changed; as he reverted back in to the idiot he pretended to be. "But would you like to stay for dinner friends' of Ichigo?"

Another vein appeared on Hiyori's head, and Shinji sighed.

They weren't getting anywhere.


"Go ahead." Ichigo said motioning for Koshiko to go first. She bowed slightly before raising her hand into a two finger stance reminiscent of Rukia's when she paralyzed Ichigo.

"Binding Spell, the first, Sai." She said fiercely. Ichigo stood absolutely still, and waited patiently for her spell to take affect…but nothing happened. Ichigo blinked confused.

Koshiko blushed heavily, and Ayumu…he was silent yet had a curious look on his face.

"… Here you go Kinomi-san." She said moving back quickly. Ayumu didn't need telling twice as he stepped up, and faced Ichigo head on.

"Binding Spell, the first, Sai." Ayumu said, and Ichigo's hands, and feet snapped together making him lose his balance and collapse to the ground.

"Ow." Ichigo said falling awkwardly. Ayumu smiled at him for a second, before releasing his reiatsu, enabling Ichigo to stand up once more.

As Ichigo stood he dusted his clothes off, and faced Ayumu ready to attack-

"ICHRO KUROI! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?" Togichi-sensei said making Ichigo jump at her sudden appearance. Ichigo raised his hand. "THERE YOU ARE! REPORT TO THE OFFICE, NOW!"

Ichigo jumped up, and rushed off, waving to his partners, before entering the school building.

'Now what's going on?' He thought rushing.

He had no idea what was going to happen.


Rukia sighed as she went though her notes, reviewing the situation, for the group. "So far, the only thing we know about Ichigo's destination is that he's 'learning' and is 'safe'-"

"So we got nothing." Renji stated.

Rukia nodded. "Unfortunately, Urahara-san has mysteriously vanished again, and Tessai refuses to tell us or Yourichi where he is so we're stuck."

There were sighs again.

"How long until the vaizards react?" Uryuu asked pushing up his glassed in an annoying way.

"Three hours...if they don't already know," Rukia said.

The atmosphere in the room turned dark.

'We are so screwed.'


'WHAT OFFICE?' Ichigo thought in frustration. He had pasted twenty of them already...and on top of that Ichigo was lost.

Hichigo chuckled evilly. "Pathetic Aibou, really you're the savior of all the weak shinigami—"

Ichigo toned his hollow out; he really did not need its unhelpful advice. Right now he needs to assess the current situation, getting upset wouldn't help, and he needed to think this out logically.

1. Togichi-sensei told him to go an office, not someone's office, meaning whatever office he was suppose to go to was an open area for students.

2. From walking around, all of the offices he had passed had name tags on them, so none of them were what he was looking for. Hopeful...

3. Because he was lost, none of the rooms were remotely familiar but there was an easy way to remedy the situation back...

Ichigo took a deep breath, and sensed for the familiar reiatsu signatures of his classmates. Even if he had only known them for a short time, they're reiatsu was unusual that Ichigo could recognize it anywhere.

Ribbons of spirit energy appeared from the ground, several were the distinctive red of a shinigami, but a huge number of them were pink tinted, signaling students-there!

Ichigo's sense honed in on their reiatsu—


Ichigo sighed. He had noticed a foreign reiatsu approaching, but he didn't think the person was coming for him...

Ichigo turned. "Yes?"

It was none other than the letter girl who had delivered his letter from before.

"I'm so -pant- glad I -pant- found you Kuroi-san. I was looking everywhere for you." The girl panted looking very out of breath. "The office is in this direction." She motioned, and started walking.

Ichigo followed along quietly.

Maybe he'd finally figure out what the office wanted...


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Chapter 7

It took an exhausting twenty minutes of being dragged behind from the messenger girl but finally Ichigo had made it to his destination. Though in hind sight Ichigo would have felt better had it not been the same room that he had tested in before...

"Well, go in, Kuroi-san." The girl pushed before running yet again.

Ichigo dodged the push and went in anyway, maybe now he could figure out what he was being called for.

"Alright, that's it for today class!" Togichi-sensei said from her place on the grass.

"Yes," The class bowed as one, thanking Togichi-sensei for a very...creative lesson.

Of the twenty students the class started with, three had blown themselves up trying the Kidou's, another had passed out after a teammate used too much reiatsu, and two were still unconscious from attempting the kidou with nearly no reiatsu. Simply put only sixteen students had survived lesson one.

"Well, what are you still doing here?" The Kenpachi-double asked remarking on the slow speed of the class. "MOVE IT!"

Suffice to say, they 'moved it.'


"Ichiro Kuroi?" The office clerk asked not even looking up from her paperwork.

Ichigo nodded.

"Mmmm, according to your files you are the top student in fifth year based on the entrance exams scores. I have received notice that you would like to take Kidou Inventing, Healing, Zanjutsu Meditation, Reiatsu Control, but Kidou Inventing is full. Would you like to take another class instead?" The clerk finally raised her head watching Ichigo closely. "History, Science, and Math are still open if you would like another class."

Ichigo thought about the options. He would rather not take math (he wasn't too good with numbers), and science was boring (he was average, but disliked the class...) so, he could probably take up history...

Hell, maybe he'd find out what made Soul Society so twisted...

"I'll take history."

The clerk nodded. "Good. Now then, as for you being a fifth student you will be asked to lead a group of third years in a hollow exercise later in the year-"

"Hollow exercise?"

"Yes, an exercise. The Thirteenth Division will secure an area for your group, mind you that two others from your class with be assisting you, and the twelfth division will monitor a few students to ensure they defeat the weak hollow."

Ichigo blinked. He couldn't believe his ears.

Some untrained third years were being made to defeat a hollow. It was ridiculous, especially since Ichigo could vividly remember Renji's and Rukia's tales of these Hollow exercises. These 'hollow exercises' usually ended with several students dead because of poor security, or because the 'safe' area was actually a nest of hollows.

And this exercise was being led by the twelfth division? That was just asking for death in the name of 'science.'

Ichigo sighed. Regardless of his thoughts on the matter Ichigo would insure that no one died on his watch. He'd seen enough of death during the war...

"Do you understand?" The clerk said breaking though Ichigo's thoughts.

Ichigo nodded.

"Very well, you may return to classes. If I'm not mistaken lunch is about to start..."

"Alright..." Ichigo said as a good-bye, and left the office.

It was time for lunch.


"Where is he, dick wad?" Hiyori hissed. She wasn't in a very good mood after spending most of the day searching for Ichigo (Isshin was utterly worthless), and now here she was face to face with the perverted shop keeper himself.

What's more, was that Hiyori and Shinji were one hundred percent sure that Urahara had information of the missing orange head.

"Where is who?' Urahara said playing innocent, he didn't convince anyone.

Another large angry mark appeared in Hiyori's head. "Ichigo... Now answer my question."

Urahara hummed and pretend to think about his answer.

"Ichigo is... somewhere."

Shinji rubbed his forehead, and had to restrain Hiyori lest she strangle a certain someone.

Though, on any other occasion Shinji was very tempted to let Hiyori beat the crap out of Urahara, but not now right now. Right now, they needed answers...

"Where?" Shinji asked.

Hiyori was too busy growling, and cursing Urahara from high heaven to hell. It was amazing how foul mouthed Hiyori could be...

"Ichigo is training..." Urahara said casually. "Though if he completes his training fast enough, you may see him before July."

Hiyori blinked, confused and very frustrated with the current situation. It simply made no sense to the vaizard what Ichigo could be doing (probably something Urahara forced) that could be nearly a year long.

Though Shinji was much more logical then his counterpart, he too was confused. 'How are we supposed to find Ichigo, with so vague a time line?' Shinji thought, though both vaizards settled on the idea that Urahara hadn't meant for them to find Ichigo in the first place.

'Why that stupid pervert—' Hiyori started thinking. "WHERE THE HELL IS ICHIGO?" She yelled again.

All of Ichigo nakama (and even Isshin hiding in the back round) clamped their hands over their ears. How in the world was Hiyori able to scream so loud? Bells continued to ring as Shinji tried his luck with the ex-captain.

"You're not even going to give us a hint?"

Urahara smiled. "And what makes you think I did anything to Kurosaki-san?" Urahara waved his fan in an irritating motion that did nothing for his suppose it 'innocence'.

The collective group glared. "Because you're you."

Urahara smirked. "Really?"

At least three people smacked their heads. Urahara Kisuke was one sadistic shopkeeper.


Ichigo could believe how fast the time went by searching for the 'office'. His last class period was long over,

Lunch was a hearty beef stew with a medium helping of rice, and a small of bowl of ramen-a big meal for Ichigo. Still just seeing food reminded him of Yuzu-.

"Kuroi!" Ichigo was brought out of his thoughts. It was Ayumu voice. He looked around trying to find his new friend in the mass of students currently in the cafeteria.

"Over here Ichiro-san." Another voice came.

Ichigo eyes met the pale blue eyes of Ushino. Both she and Ayumu were sitting comfortably in table on the other side of room, where strangely enough many students were avoiding that certain corner. Oh well. Ichigo didn't care frankly, and confidently took a seat with Ayumu, and Ushino.

"Hey." Ichigo greeted sitting down. He picked up his chopsticks digging into his food. He was very hungry after searching so long for that office.

"Did you find the room?" Ayumu said casually.

Ichigo nodded. "No, an office aid found me and led the way."

Ushino glanced up from her food. "That is...usual."

Ayumu looked at her. "What is?"

"I don't recall there being any office aids helping out this year." She took a bite of her food, before continuing. "And as far as I know there has not been one for some years."

Ichigo went back to eating. 'Probably some student skipping...'

He never noticed the set of eyes watching his every move from the shadows...

(End of Chapter 6 &7)

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