Stalking, Kidnapping, and Flirting or Oliver Queen Has No Respect for Chloe Sullivan

Notes: This is it. Rather short, but I was kind of ready to close it out.

"I've been thinking."

Chloe hadn't even heard him exit his bedroom. She hated it when he snuck up on her. That was another thing she could add to a list of things Oliver Queen did to make her angry. "So you're saying you weren't thinking when he tried to kiss me? Who would have thought?"

It took a lot, but Oliver didn't respond. In the end, he decided he had deserved that. What had he been thinking? Did someone slip him Red K? There was no denying now that he wanted her, but to throw himself on her? As he walked to his kitchen he glanced at her from the corner of his eye. Just as he suspected, it was still there, that feeling that he needed her. Of course the angry look on her face didn't make him feel that comfortable about approaching her. "The way I acted," Oliver began as he opened the door to his refrigerator and retrieved a bottle of water, "I may have been a little forward." He expected some kind of sarcastic response, but received none. Instead, she just continued to stand there with her arms over her chest, waiting. "What do you want Chloe? Everything I told you was the truth. I may have just gone about it the wrong way."

She bit back a sarcastic retort. What she wanted was a real answer. She wanted to know what he wanted from her. There was no doubt in her mind that everything he said was the truth, he couldn't make that up. But was that it? Did he go about it the wrong way and now he was sorry for it? Well to hell with him then. "I'm leaving." She grabbed her purse and headed to the door. "And I'm taking a cab."

"Chloe." But she didn't stop. She was headed strait to the door, leaving him with the bad feeling that if he let her walk out that door that he'd lose everything. Even her friendship. "Wait." He hurried forward and just as she opened the door he pushed it closed. If looks could kill he'd be dead. "Just give me a minute and talk to me. If you want to leave after, fine, I won't stop you."

His behavior up to a few moments ago had been horrendous. What Chloe should have done was walk out on him; he deserved it, except her heart wouldn't let her. She wanted Oliver to ask her to say. "Okay."


"Clark." Chloe spoke into the phone with relief. "He's here."

"Alright, I'll be right over. You get out of there."

"You don't have to tell me twice." The air on the rooftop was muggy and she was starving. Finally, the man her and Clark had been tracking had showed up. She'd get the scoop from him later on it. She made both him and Lois swear that this Superman story was hers. With a groan she stood up and stretched.

"Past your bed time isn't it?"

Before turning around she fought away the smile on her face. When she was sure her face was neutral she turned to face him. "Take it up with Superman."

"I probably will."

His voice distorter unnerved her a bit. She checked her wrist for the time and almost groaned. It was past ten and she was starving. "So what are you doing here?"

Oliver frowned and turned his voice distorter off. "I tried calling you to perhaps take you to dinner but you didn't answer."

"So you tracked my cell phone?" She was really going to have to figure out what he did to her cell.

"Of course. So hungry?" He took the telescope from her and held open the door.

"Starving. What did you have in mind?" After collecting her purse, Chloe followed him to the door.

"Whatever you want." Just as she entered the doorway she stopped and looked up at him. There was something on her mind.

"You know, I'm having a feeling of déjà vu." Chloe looked down at her attire then back up at him. "I guess it's a good thing that I wore pants."

Oliver's lips twitched as he held back a smirk. "For you maybe, but not for me." He wrapped one of his bare arms around her waste and pulled her closer. "But I'm sure I can work my way around them."

Chloe smiled up at him, having no doubt that he would. "Dinner first at least."

"Like I said," Oliver pressed a kiss against her lips, "whatever you want."

She liked the sound of that.