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Shawn Michaels hobbled back up the ramp slowly after his match against Chris. He had somehow managed to drown out all the voices from the crowd shouting at him about how great his match was. His mind was running wild with questions of why. Why didn't Chris finish the match as planned? Why did Chris look at him that way? And then the kicker, why did he cry after the match? All of these questions were plaguing his mind and the only way he would be at peace was to get some answers.

He headed straight to the locker rooms and found Chris inside throwing things out of his locker and into his bag. He seemed upset and though Shawn wasn't one for confrontations, this was one time he felt that he needed some answers.

"Hey Chris. We need to talk."

"No we don't. Just go away. Go get your damn shower and just stay out of my way."

"What was that all about huh? After the match, tell me what the heck that was all about? You were supposed to beat the hell out of me with that chair but you didn't. Tell me…"

"Shawn just please…let it go." He zipped his bag and started for the door but Shawn stopped him by grabbing his shoulder forcing him to turn around.

"I want to know why you ruined the match ending."

"You know, some things are better left alone Shawn." His voice was lower with a slightly threatening tone to it. Shawn stared at him for several seconds doing his best to read into Chris's actions but he had no idea what was going on in Chris's head. Whatever it was he thought he saw after the match was long gone by now.

"Whatever. I just…Forget it. I'll let it go." He went to his own locker and pulled out a towel to wipe the sweat from around his neck. Chris followed him to his locker and took a seat on the bench next to him. I want Shawn to know how I feel but how do I tell him?

"Despite the ending Shawn, it was still a great match. Wouldn't you agree?"

"Yeah. I agree. I think it may have been just as good as the one we had at Wrestlemania 19."

"Yeah. It was."

"I guess you did your homework again."

"Not really. I just kinda knew this time, how it was going to be. The first time we ever stepped into the ring as opponents, the whole match was like magic. I read your every move and you read mine. This may sound a bit cheesy but…some people just have that chemistry." And I never forgot that chemistry either. It was part of the reason why I came back to the WWE in the first place…

"Yeah. I guess you're right. There has been only one other person that I've had that chemistry with and that was with Bret," he grinned. "But you know how that went." He sat down on the bench next to Chris and there was a long, awkward pause.

"Well imma get going. Don't hurt yourself in the shower. Is your back ok?"

"Yeah. I know I landed wrong but… You actually checked to make sure I was alright during the match. You even did that at the last PPV…never mind. It's not important. Catch you later."

"Yeah." Chris started for the door but then stopped short, dropping his bag to the floor.



"How are things with Dave?"

"Dave? What are you talking about?"

"I know you two have been seeing each other. I just…the way he threatened to hurt you last week…"

"Oh that. Yeah well, Dave is just talking smack. He should know by now that I'm not afraid of anyone. Besides, he's just playing games with me in a feeble attempt to get in my head."

"More like get into your pants," Chris mumbled.

"Huh? What the hell are you getting at?"

"Nothing. I just…I can't believe how clueless you can be sometimes."

"Clueless?" Shawn asked with a frown. What am I missing here? He stood up and walked towards Chris but stopped when he was just a foot or two away. Chris's voice was full of a soft and dangerous anger that Shawn was just preparing for a fight just in case. There was something weird going on with Chris and he was sure it was bothering him enough to start a physical fight, something Shawn was definitely in no mood for especially since he had no idea what was going on.

"Look Chris…"

"Shawn, Dave likes you but…he knows you aren't interested."

"Well…that's…news to me." I never thought Dave would be interested in me but what does that have to do with anything?

"Yeah well it's the truth but it's your business what you do with your private life. Don't let me ruin the start of a beautiful relationship," he said. His voice was dripping with sarcasm and Shawn didn't like it.

"Now you go too far Chris. You know full well that I am not seeing Dave and…wait a second. Why does it matter to you huh? Since when did my private life become your concern?" he snapped.

"Just forget it Shawn. If you don't know then I guess you'll never know."

"You act as if I'm a mind reader!" he snapped. "If there's something you want to tell me or something about me that's eating you up inside then face me like a man and tell me how you feel. If it's that bad and you feel the need to get physical then we can have as many rematches as you want if it will help you feel better but dammit Chris…" Apparently Shawn had gone too far. In that instant, Chris quickly turned around and pushed Shawn against the lockers behind them.

"THIS…THIS ISN'T ABOUT SOME STUPID REMATCH SHAWN! This is far from it!" he growled. Shawn pushed Chris away hard causing him to stumble backwards, falling to the floor.

"THEN WHAT?" he screamed. Chris just laid there on the floor, staring up at Shawn as if in disbelief. I am so confused right now. Is Chris finally losing it? Shawn let out a sigh and stuck out a hand for Chris to grab. Instead of pulling himself up, he pulled Shawn down on top of him. "Chris, what are you…?" Chris flipped Shawn over so that he was the one on top.

"Don't fight Batista this Sunday."

"Huh? You know I can't do that! Besides, I told you that I'm not worried about Dave. He's just…"

"He's just a psychopathic lunatic who only wants to hurt you."

"I'm not afraid…"

"I know you're not but he wants to hurt you for a lot of reasons. For starters, he's still pissed about Ric Flair even though most of us knew that Flair wanted to retire. He's also…a little pissed because you're always in the spotlight and he's not."

"Not my fault. It's not like I ask to be in all the main event matches. Flair asked me personally to fight him at Mania. How could I tell Naitch no?"

"I know but…it goes a bit deeper than that as well."

"What else could he possibly hate me for?"

"For…for not loving him." Shawn stared up at Chris full of disbelief. I know he can't be… "I'm serious Shawn. I…I know Dave is in love with you but he'd much rather hurt you for what you did to him rather than fess up and tell you how he really feels. So instead, he's burying his feelings and letting some of the other guys that hate you convince him to beat the hell out of you."

"No way. You can't be serious?" The look on Chris's face said otherwise. "Alright. Say all of this is true. Is Dave that simpleminded to let others…?"

"You'd be surprised what you'd do when you've been hurt enough Shawn," he said softly.

"I…God, I really didn't know. But…there weren't any signs that he…" Dave never showed any signs of caring about me. Then again, I don't know how I feel about this. Me and…Dave? It would never work.


"Huh? Oh I'm sorry. I guess I kind of zoned out. Not like I can move anyway being that you got me pinned to the floor."

"Don't," he sighed. "Please don't fight Dave."

"I'm sorry Chris but I can't just back out. You know it's not my style to chicken out. Besides, if he does manage to hurt me like he says he will then it won't matter one way or the other."

"It will matter!" he snapped.


"Because I care dammit!" A frustrated laugh escaped Chris and he shook his head. "God, you are so unbelievably stubborn!"

"Stop caring. I don't want or need anybody to care now if you please, I'd like to get up."

"You know…Let me tell you the real reason I asked for that rematch tonight."

"Oh finally," Shawn said rolling his eyes.

"I asked Vince for this match so that I could beat the living hell out of you myself in hopes that you'd give up your fight for this Sunday. I figured if you were about 50 percent then maybe you'd give up or Dave would call it off, but no. You just…you just had to get to me!" he snapped again.

"Get to you? What the hell did I do to you?"

"You…YOU LOOKED AT ME!" Chris was way beyond frustrated at this point and it all just came pouring out. "You looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes of yours and I saw you flinch…and then...and then I just couldn't do it."


"YES BEAUTIFUL! YOUR EYES ARE FUCKING BEAUTIFUL! You…I just…I wish I could get you out of my system but I can't." Chris started to laugh because he knew that to Shawn, he seemed a bit off his rocker. Never the less he couldn't stop his mouth from confessing everything he had been trying to suppress since the last PPV. "When I offered my hand to you, you hesitated for a few but that gave me plenty of time to look into those eyes and get lost. I know you felt it too because your face softened as our hands made contact. I don't know if you noticed but my hand lingered in yours for several seconds before I lightly brushed your wrist. My body had to fight to suppress a strong urge to kiss you earlier when I touched you…like…like now," he added in barely a whisper. Shawn was completely speechless and his mind was running wild. I have no idea what I felt. I mean, he was about to hit me with a chair so I was preparing for impact but…I must admit that I did feel something…strange…but I highly doubt…

"Chris, listen to yourself for just a minute. I know something…happened but I highly doubt it's what you think," he said nervously.

"Uh huh. Yeah well…unlike some people who are afraid to admit how they feel, I'll have you to know that I'm not. I'll do whatever it takes to make you understand how I feel and you can either except it or continue on as if I don't exist. In any event, I'm going to be there for you on Sunday since you insist upon getting your ass kicked. I just…I really don't want you to do this but it's not like I can stop you."


"I'm sorry to spring this on you Shawn but I can't go around carrying this burden anymore. I have to get everything off my chest now otherwise I'll explode. You see, part of the reason I came back to the WWE is to see you again."

"But…we haven't had any contact since you left so how can you be sure…?"

"How can I be sure? I haven't missed any of your matches since I left. If you were wrestling on Smackdown or just making an appearance, I'd watch it or Tivo it to watch it later. I'm sorry if I'm coming off as some raving lunatic or crazed fanboy but that's just how it is. I can't fight the attraction anymore."

"Chris…" He had no idea what to say to this. For the first time since Bret, he was speechless. No one had ever cornered him and sprung something on him like this. The last time that happened…well…it was a long time ago and it didn't work out between the two of them. There's no way I can let anyone in my heart again. "Chris look, I can't…"

"Yes you can," he whispered. "I…I figured you'd say something like that but just hear me out." Shawn nodded and waited for Chris to keep talking but he didn't want to talk. Instead Chris started planting small fevered kisses on his neck.

"Chris, what are you…?"

"I can talk all day about how I feel but I'd rather show you instead." He raised his head and nipped at Shawn's bottom lip, before suckling it softly.

"Chris don't…" he murmured but Chris ignored him. He muffled Shawn's protests by covering his mouth fully, slipping in his tongue tasting him. He ran his tongue all around Shawn's mouth driving him crazy. Shawn's arms finally embraced Chris, rubbing his back as Chris deepened the kiss. Wait a second…this is wrong! I can't let him…

"Mhn…Chris stop!" He pushed Chris away and quickly sat up off the floor panting heavily. My God…I almost gave in…but it felt so right but I just can't…He watched nervously as Chris gathered his things and headed towards the door.

"Like I said Shawn, I care about you and I probably always will. I'm not sorry for any of this and despite how you may feel, I'm going to have your back at One Night Stand. Good night…Shawn."

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