Shawn didn't mean to take so long in the shower but he couldn't help it. He had so much on his mind that the shower acted as a way to release some of the tension as well as a way to help figure things out. Shawn was feeling terribly guilty about the situation and it didn't help that he was attracted to both John and Chris. Both guys were so different from Hunter that it was like day and night. Hunter was serious, possessive – in a good way – and very reserved while John and Chris were a bunch of kids. They were always arguing, laughing, and acting macho but it was so much fun to watch. Chris had a big mouth but Shawn couldn't exactly hold that against him since he used to be the same way. As for John, he was just so cute. The way he looked at him sometimes Shawn would almost swear John worshipped him.

Then there was the fact that both of them had great hands. He could still easily recall their time in the shower as well as their close call in bed. While one set of hands is good, two sets are way better and the sad part is, Shawn was curious about them both. Shawn shook his head. I should be focusing on how to get out of this situation. Hunter's going to flip if he finds out and I need to push them away. I can't…I can't just let Hunter go. He's been too loyal to me. Shawn finally turned off the water and threw on some boxers. Maybe I'll talk with them tonight. They have to understand that this can't go on any longer. With that in mind, Shawn headed towards his bedroom to wait for the guys only they were already there – and getting along again. Chris was reading a magazine while Cena was leaning next to him reading along. Every now and then Cena would point something out and Chris would call him an assclown making Cena grin.

"You know he's doing it on purpose right?" The two men looked up smiling at Shawn with awestruck faces causing him to blush.

"How long have you been standing there beautiful?" Cena asked.

Shawn shrugged. "Not very long."

"We figured you would take an hour or so with your girly habits," Chris snorted.

"I do not have girly habits!" Shawn huffed. "Besides, I needed some time to think about things."

Both Chris and Cena cut each other knowing looks. Shawn thinking was never a good thing for them because for some reason that big nosed bastard always came out looking like roses. "What kind of things Shawn? And please don't say you were thinking about that assclown because John and I would rather it wait until another day. Besides, we're both planning to fly out tomorrow morning then you can have some time to yourself to sort things out."

"You're both leaving?" he asked. He wasn't expecting that one and to make matters worse, he didn't really like the idea of being alone.

Cena nodded. "Yeah, but don't get it twisted. We're not giving up on you. We just don't trust ourselves," he grinned.

"I'm actually going to talk with my producer about a new track for the new album while Johnny's going to see Vince about another movie script."

"Oh…okay then."

"See? I told you we could be good boyfriends," Cena grinned. "We're respecting your wishes by not violating you but man…its so hard."

Shawn only shook his head as he crossed the room. The guys made room for him to crawl in between them, neither of them arguing about who Shawn faced or anything. Shawn thought about asking why they were getting along so well now but he decided it was best to just enjoy their company – and they were quite the company. He was going to miss them tomorrow; that he was sure of, but it was probably for the best. Earlier tonight he was sorely tempted to do something he never would have thought about in a million years to Cena but he didn't. Shawn groaned.

"What's wrong?" Chris asked. He leaned over Shawn to get a good look at his face but the blonde shook his head.

"Nothing," he mumbled. "Just…it's nothing."

Cena pressed his lips to Shawn's since he was facing him, engaging him in a quick kiss. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," he sighed. "Just tired of thinking."

Chris threw an arm around Shawn's waist snuggling against him. "Then don't think," he whispered.

"I have to otherwise I might get swept away."

"Sometimes being swept away is a good thing," Cena answered. He kissed Shawn's lips one last time before getting the lights. "Goodnight Chrissy…Goodnight Shawny."

"G'Night assclown and goodnight Sexy Boy."

"Goodnight kids," Shawn yawned. He buried his face in Cena's chest while Chris nuzzled him from behind; both men eliciting a sweet, warm feeling that Shawn hadn't felt since Bret and he loved it. Shawn closed his eyes and drifted off to another perfect sleep forgetting all about how alone he would be in just a few short hours.


"Jeffy!" Matt grabbed his brother drawing him in for a quick kiss on the lips. Randy didn't even notice for he was just starring off into space. They were standing on Matt and Jeff's porch in Cameron getting ready to haul luggage into the house. Matt spotted Randy and before he could question it, Jeff pushed him inside giving him the "I'll tell you later" look. Matt shrugged and said nothing as Jeff led Randy up the stairs to one of the guest rooms. Jeff returned moments later without Randy shaking his head.

"What's wrong?" Matt asked. "And why is Randy with you?"


"I'm not busy so tell me what's going on."

"Well…I know you've heard the rumors about Hunter."

Matt snorted. "Rumors? Yeah right Nero. Everyone and their mama knows that Hunter is bangin' Randall."

"Yeah well Shawn don't know."

"That's because Hunter's going around threatening people's jobs and all. Who's gonna tell Shawn when Hunter's threatening to make them jobbers for life?"

"You're right about that, but still…Hunter's got to stop this shit."

"You don't need to get involved Jeff," Matt scolded. "Hunter's dangerous."

"Yeah, well I'm already semi involved Matt. Randy's my friend and I can't just let him go crawling back to Hunter. That's why he's here with us for the next day or two. He broke up with Hunter and I needed to get him away in case Hunter tried to find him."

"Really? Like…he seriously dumped Hunter?"


"Oh…fuck. Well that's…that's gonna—

"Piss Hunter off but who cares? Hunter deserves it and if Chris can get Shawn then Hunter's through. He'll be all alone getting what he deserves – a miserable life sad and alone."

"But I thought you liked Hunter? You took up for him the other day even going so far as to threaten Chris."

"I only did that to be a good friend to Randy. Hunter's gonna pay Matty."

"I don't know about that Jeff. Randy…" Matt sighed. "I don't think Randy's ready to give up on Hunter just yet. I mean look at him. Even I could tell that Randy was missing something…or in this case, someone. They may be broken up for now but you best believe Hunter will get Randy back. Its just a matter of time bro."

"But until then, I'm going to try and keep him busy. Now that he's through with Hunter, I'm gonna see if I can get in touch with Dave. Randy misses his best friend."

Matt raised a brow. "Oh really?"


"Oh come off it Jeff! You and I both know—

"Yeah well you do too so don't even start with me." Matt folded his arms mumbling something that sounded like "I used to" but Jeff merely laughed. "Come here you." Jeff pulled his brother into his arms kissing his cheek. "It'll be fine. Everything will work itself out."

Matt returned his bother's embrace sighing. "I hope so Jeffy and I hope you won't get put in the middle."

"I'll be fine now let's stop worrying and grab some grub. You promised to cook for me."

"Fine. Let's go."

"Yay and you have to wear the apron too. You promised!"


Randy tossed his bags to the side and just crashed on to the bed. He was too tired to talk and he knew that if he hung out downstairs, Jeff would go out of his way to cheer him up. Right now he didn't feel like smiling, not since his world just came crashing down before him. Hunter. God he loved that man so much, even when he was with Dave. He loved Dave too but not like that. They were better friends than lovers plus it was hard to be with Dave when the one you truly wanted was also standing by your side each night. Being a part of Evolution changed a lot of things, including Hunter though he wasn't going to admit it.

Hunter and Shawn were known as the 'E's Power Couple. Nothing and no one could ever stand between them. Given their history it was hard to argue that something could come between them. Randy thought after the first two times he and Hunter made love that it was possible, but maybe he was just fooling himself. The way Hunter touched him he'd swear Shawn was never touched like this. But he was but a fool in love so he knew it was possible that it was all in his head. Maybe I can call him…see how he's…damn. Jeff has my phone. Randy rolled over on his side and curled up. He missed Hunter so much. He just hoped that Hunter was missing him too.

Hunter was not happy. He'd been trying to call Randy all day and he wouldn't pick up the phone. He left him a voice mail or two but nothing and it was starting to piss him off. Randy broke up with him but Hunter never really figured he'd go through with it. Randy loved him too much and truth be told, Hunter probably loved him too which was why it was making him twitchy. He wanted to talk with him so he could apologize to him for the way he acted. Accusing him of sleeping with Dave may have been the icing on the cake and wrong of him. To think that Randy would have anything else to do with Dave was stupid, especially since both men were in love with other people. Hunter slammed his phone shut again and groaned. This was starting to get complicated and he didn't like it. He'd been with both Randy and Shawn for a while now with no real problems so what fool was able to get in Randy's head like that? Then there was the fact that he could no longer be around Shawn as much to reassure him of their love…if it was still love at all. Some douche managed to talk Vince into sending him to Smackdown full time and Hunter knew all too well that it was Jericho.

That overbearing, loudmouthed blonde was the king of rhetoric. Only Irvin, Mark, or Shawn would have been able to convince Vince to do such a thing. He ruled Shawn out because his baby would never do that to him. As for Mark, he never got into anyone's business so that left only Irvin. I should kick his pudgy little ass but I'd never get away with it. Vince would kill me. Hunter let out a laugh. It was funny. He never thought Chris would take the fight this far especially since it was a losing battle. Bret failed miserably and Chris was next. Cena…well, Hunter wasn't going to entertain the idea of Shawn and Cena. The thought alone was laughable. As if Cena had anything to offer his Shawny. Hunter finally managed to relax a little. He still had another hour or so before he would land in San Antonio. Since he couldn't have Randy tonight, he was going to have his Shawn. They were yet to make love since his return, but tonight he was going to have him and hopefully some things would be put in perspective.


Shawn woke up the next morning to the smell of food. He sat up in bed, his stomach growling furiously. Something smelled delish and he wasted no time hurrying to see what it was. Once again there was a table filled with food. Pancakes, sausage, bacon, eggs and coffee. Shawn smiled. He could definitely get used to this.

"Hey beautiful. You're up early." Cena grabbed him from behind kissing the back of his neck.

Shawn laughed. "Well who could sleep with all of the food smells in the house?" Cena grinned as he moved past Shawn rolling a suitcase. Shawn spotted the bag frowning unintentionally. "Um…what's with the bag?"

"We're about to leave in a few." Chris shoved Cena out of the way to get to Shawn. He cupped his face drawing him in for a quick kiss.

"Chris, you push me like that one more time and I'll tell all of your secrets."

Chris shot him an evil look before he burst out laughing. "Whatever Wonder Boy. You tell, I'll tell…you tweek." Cena didn't say anything else. He just grabbed his bag wheeling it out the front door leaving Chris with Shawn. Chris twirled a finger in Shawn's hair. "Smile sexy. What's wrong this morning?"

"Oh…nothing," he managed. "I'm fine. I just…you guys cooked all this food…"

"All of it's for you. And don't let Cena fool you. I cooked all of it. He just stood idly by snatching up bacon."

"I should have been up. I'm sure that would have been fun to watch."

Chris kissed his head. "Well you needed your rest. Besides, we were going to sneak out of here, but your sensitive nose caught us."

"Alright Chris. My turn with Shawny. Get the steppin'." Cena pulled Chris away from Shawn pulling him into his arms while Chris hurried to get his bags put in the rental car. "Did you sleep good beautiful?"

"Yeah I did," he admitted.

"You should sleep with us more often then. Best sleep you can get without taking meds," he joked.

"I think you may be onto something."

"I know I am now can I have a kiss? Please?"

Shawn looked up to see Cena's pouty face staring back at him. "Oh gawd. You're actually asking? You normally just do it anyway so why ask now?"

"Tch, I already told you last night. Chris and I are trying to be more respectful. We're not going to do anything you don't want us to do from now on."

"Oh…well…" I guess that's a good thing…

"Please, please, let me kiss you once more? I'll die if you don't."

"Quit pouting and just do it." Cena grinned before taking Shawn's lips in another powerful kiss. Shawn found his arms reaching for Cena's neck, kissing him back as he was swept away. He didn't want Cena to go and for some reason his body didn't either. What the hell was wrong with him? He must be crazy letting that boy kiss him again. Cena suddenly pulled away, his face flushed from the kiss.

"I'll miss you Shawny. I hope you have a great weekend."

"Me too." Chris was now leaning in the doorway smiling at the two of them.

"Well I guess Chris and I should get going. We'll see you on Monday beautiful."

Shawn couldn't bring himself to say anything else so he just nodded. Both men kissed his cheek, whispered 'I love yous' and then they were off. Once the door closed, Shawn found himself leaning against the door crying. He was not happy at all and the sad thing is, he knew it was the right thing to do. With the two of them gone he could now call Hunter and look to building a life with him. Yeah. It sounded great just a few days ago so why did it feel so empty right now? I got to get over the kids and focus on the future. Hunter is my light and my future. No one can replace him… Shawn's house phone suddenly started ringing. Thinking it was probably Chris or Cena made Shawn make a mad dash for the phone.


"Hey sweetheart. It's me."


"I'm so happy to hear your voice. I just want to melt right now. How's my baby this morning?"

"Oh…I'm fine," he lied, trying his best not to sound too disappointed.

"Well what are your plans for the day?"

"Uh…nothing really. I haven't really thought about it."

"Good. How about I take you out?"

"That sounds…great but you're—

"On my way to your ranch house. I should be there in an hour or so."

"Oh. Wow…alright." He forced a smile. "I'll see you when you get here then."

"Alright and beautiful?"


"I love you."

"I…I love you too Hunter."

So why did it feel so empty again? Shawn brushed the thought as he hung up the phone. It was do or die time. Today he was going to reawaken that strong current that he shared with Hunter. At the moment it felt null and void but he was certain it was because they were apart for so long. But he knew. Deep down in his heart he knew Hunter was the one for him and tonight all thoughts of Chris or Cena would die with Hunter's lovemaking. Then things could finally go back to normal.

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