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Summer had arrived here in Forks. It came suddenly one night with a huge thunderstorm and the next morning I awoke to humidity and soaring temperatures. I woke up sweaty and stuck to my sheets, reaching out to pat the area next to me on the bed. Empty. I looked over to the window that I had left wide open. Apparently, judging from the damp areas on the floor below it, the only thing that came through my window last night was rain.

I sighed, leaning back into my tangled mess of sweaty sheets and pillows. Of course he didn't come last night. With the storm, he probably went to play baseball with his family. And obviously I would have been slightly cooler waking up this morning. I imagined his icy lips on my neck, his cold arms wrapped around my waist… I couldn't help but give a small sigh at the thought.

"Still dreaming this late in the morning?" I heard his smooth voice shake slightly with laughter. My eyes popped open and I sat myself up on the bed for a second time this morning. There was Edward, my divine protector, sitting in the rocking chair across the room from me. His crooked grin and bed-head hair were making me flush, and I could feel sweat begin to trickle down my neck again.

I decided to play with him at first, make him think I was mad at him for not staying with me last night. "Nice of you to show up," I said shortly, crossing my arms over my chest.

He ran a pale hand through his bronze hair, still smiling at me, not buying my anger. "It was perfect weather for some ball. We played almost all night… I'm surprised you couldn't hear us down here," he chuckled, recalling their game. "Rosalie got so angry that she lost, I thought she was going to tear down half the forest."

I tried to hide my smile at the thought of Rosalie losing her temper and I managed to keep a frown on my face. Wearing this expression felt strange to me, especially since being with Edward (or thoughts of him even) kept a smile on my face all the time. "Nice," I said coldly, shifting my gaze so I wouldn't have to see his ocher eyes studying me carefully. "Well while you were out having fun last night, I practically melted here." I began to play with a loose thread sticking out of the sheets in my lap.

Suddenly he was next to me on the bed, his sweet breath tingling over my shoulder, his body only inches from mine. "Was it that terrible?" He whispered, dipping his nose down to touch my shoulder for a second. My whole body practically trembled. Edward's touch was heaven for me; to be so close to heaven and then be denied full access was often troubling for me.

I nodded in response. "I'm all sweaty," I complained, already beginning to feel the coolness sliding over my back from his body. "And it feels gross. If you had been here…" I cut off slightly, distracted by Edward's cool hands pushing my hair to the side and then wrapping them around my arms, holding my back against his body.

I let myself relax slightly into his embrace. His nose still skimmed my shoulder, working up and down now, from the bottle of the blade to the top. "If I had been here, you'd have slept with an ice box." I could hear the grin in his voice as he suddenly removed his face from my back.

A slight whimper escaped my lips that I didn't realize I had been holding back. I felt the blood rush to my face, embarrassed that I had made such a sound in Edward's presence. Normally I could keep reactions like that on the inside.

Edward reached a hand up from my arm to run his fingertips down the side of my cheek. "You are feeling quite warm," he observed. Sweat was now beading on almost every inch of my body. My forehead, my lower back, even down to my knees- everything felt like it was on fire and I knew it wasn't just because of the heat of the day.

"Mmm, yeah I don't know how that could be," I mumbled, feeling Edward pull me closer to him. I practically stopped breathing as I felt his face press against the back of my neck. I was torn between feeling embarrassed because of the sweat that had pooled there beneath my hair or completely intoxicated in the coolness that was now spreading there. I let out a fluttered sigh from my heart; I knew Edward would be aware of how my heart's tempo had increased and how it was all his fault. I tried to shy away from him, embarrassment over my sweat winning out. "Don't," I choked out. "I'm all gross."

He chuckled, holding me tightly and refusing to let me squirm away. "Oh I don't think so," he mumbled into the back of my neck. "You smell absolutely invigorating right now. It must be the sweat…" He continued to press his cold face against my back, causing a shiver to roll down my spine. "I wonder if you taste as good as you smell."

I laughed because we had already had this conversation multiple times. I told him to take a bite and find out at which his smile immediately vanished and was replaced by "serious Edward". "Well, you know what I always say…" I whispered back.

"Silly Bella," Edward sighed. "I didn't mean like that."

And then I gasped as I felt his icy tongue flick over my neck, just below where my hair began. Edward had never done anything like this before; I wasn't even allowed to open my mouth when I kissed him, so his tongue was completely foreign to my body. And I was finding myself enjoying this new addition to our experiences together. He licked some of the sweat off the back of my neck and then I heard him sharply inhale. His hands dropped from my sides and he pushed my hair back to cover my neck.

I could feel him begin to edge away and I knew I didn't want this moment between us to end. I moved quickly, turning my body around to face him, scooting up so that I was sitting on his legs, my knees on either side of his waist. He seemed surprised that I had moved so quickly, but at least he wasn't pushing me off of him.

"So?" I asked him, tentatively reaching a hand out and playing with his tousled hair.

The expression on his face couldn't hide the sadness I knew he was feeling. "So what?" He mumbled, trying to be nonchalant.

I moved in closer, pressing my chest against his, wrapping my arms around his neck and bringing my face in close to the base of his throat. "So how did I taste?" I murmured into his neck. I could feel his body go rigid beneath me but I didn't care. I was being cruel to him, tempting him, I knew… but I still wanted more. I kept waiting for his hard hands to reach out and push me off of him, for my own good, but he never did.

Instead, he wrapped his long arms around my back; one snaked up into my hair, holding my head against his neck, and the other went lower, holding onto my lower back and sneaking just underneath my tank top to press his cold skin against the fire raging there. I moaned; again, these noises that I usually keep so well inside my mind were just pouring out of me today. I couldn't take it anymore, this impossible closeness with him. Too much was never enough for me.

"Bella, you're killing me, you know that don't you?" He mumbled incoherently into my hair.

"I know… and I'm bad for that. I just can't… help myself," I whispered back, trying to hold onto his body even tighter. His cold body beneath mine was not helping to cool it down but quite the opposite. I had never felt so on fire in my entire life.

He was stroking his fingers across my lower back now, tracing icy hot lines aimlessly. "You know what could happen if… if I got carried away," he said to me softly.

I shrugged. I could deal with that outcome- Edward still could not.

"So why do you continue to tempt me like this?" He secured his hand in my hair and lifted my face so he could see my eyes. "It's hardly fair. I'm trying to play fair and you come along, hot and bothered… you're ruining my self control." He was trying so hard to be serious but he had a crooked grin on his cold face.

I reached up and held his cheek in one hand. "It's too hot to think this much Edward," I mumbled, reaching my lips up and pressing them firmly against his. As I pulled away, I felt Edward's hands both on my back now, holding me close to him. "So stop worrying and just… enjoy the morning." I grinned as he leaned his head back down towards mine, his lips feeling like an electric current against mine.

And then I felt it again; he flitted his tongue out and traced the line between my lips. This was an incredible treat for my lips that were already on fire. When he pulled away this time, I hesitantly licked my lips, tasting his sweet flavor. It was delicious and intoxicating and suddenly I couldn't remember how to breathe.

"Bella," Edward laughed, shaking me slightly out of my daze. "You're so incredibly silly sometimes, you know that?"

"It's not my fault you taste so… wickedly delicious," I protested, trying to lean forward for another kiss. But Edward pulled back, hesitant and rigid again.

The sadness had taken over his eyes once more as he tried to look away from me. My hand still on his cheek moved to the other side, forcing him to look back at me. It was heartbreaking to see this kind of sadness and guilt forming in Edward's eyes; it was so unfair that we couldn't just enjoy ourselves like two normal teenagers. I felt the tension of anger approaching and I took a deep breath to calm myself.

"I wish this didn't make you so sad," I breathed.

Edward inhaled my outtake of breath deeply and sighed. "I'm sorry. But I think if we don't stop now… we should stop now." He spoke in a whisper, resigned.

I was beyond frustrated. My entire body was practically shaking with heat and dissatisfaction; I wanted him so badly… no I needed him… and he was holding out on me.

"Why? You know I trust you," I whispered, feeling my hips involuntarily start to move back and forth against his, slowly, torturously. "You know I need you," I spoke so lowly now that it came out almost as a growl.

The friction of my hips against him caused Edward to toss his head back in what seemed like pure pleasure. A moan escaped his lips this time causing a reaction deep inside me that I could not have imagined. I put my hands around the back of his neck and pulled his head back to look into his eyes. They were no longer a beautiful golden color; they were darker, expressing that a more carnal instinct had taken over.

"So…" I heard myself whisper seductively. "Do you still want to stop?"

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