Forever Love chapter 1

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Summary until Chapter 10: Three years after the alleged death of Kakashi, Arune is now raising her child, Shourai without memory of her past love. Her entire life before the birth of Shourai is now a blur. Neither mother nor son feel as if the man who claims to be a part of their family is truly a member. But what happens when one day that same man tortures poor Shourai near death? Who will come to save this young boy? And will Arune find the love that has been destined to be by her side?

Main Pairings: Arune-Kakashi, Naruto-Hinata, Sasuke-Sakura

Side pairings: Neji-Ten, Shika-Ino

Let the adventure begin!

Naruto was worried about his sister. The past three years had wrecked havoc on her. She had yet to regain her memories of Kakashi. On top of that, her son, Shourai (future), was not aging properly according to Hinata. Shourai was three years old and had not spoken a single word nor did he have a single hair on his body. Normal 3 year olds should run around making as much as noise possible and should have a head full of hair. Naruto knew that although his sister tried to act calm she was constantly worried about her son.

Naruto walked over to the secluded part of Konoha where his sister lived. Arune refused to live with Naruto in the Hokage building because he would have constantly had to worry about her even when Hinata was over. Arune still came over everyday though to clean and cook for Naruto even though now he had servants and cooks. Naruto hadn't mentioned that the Hatake mansion was hers because he didn't want her to be shocked. Hinata had told him that most partial amnesiacs (especially those who had been in this form from a 'shock') shouldn't be given a sudden realization of something in their past or else they might go into deep shock. As Hokage, Naruto had gone ahead and named the Hatake mansion as Arune's and Shourai's, even though Kakashi was gone his possession were still held intact.

'Knock Knock.'

Naurto arrived at this sister's door. Shourai opened the door and let Naruto in. The boy was about the average height with brown eyes, no hair which was quite odd for a three year old and a built that showed that the boy was at least a genin. Naruto grabbed his nephew and started tickling him. Naruto had always tried different ways to make his nephews talk. Shourai laughed alright but didn't say anything. Noticing he wasn't going to get a response from his god-son, Naruto walked over to his sister in the kitchen.

"You know onee-chan no matter what happens you always make enough for me to eat even I don't tell you I'm coming over," laughed Naruto while he teased his sister and grabbed a piece of carrot before helping her trim the beef.

Ever since Arune had started cooling for him, Naruto had become more keen towards vegetables. Not only because she was a good cook but also because Kakashi would always tried to get Naruto to eat them before he died. Looking up from the chopping board Naruto saw a certain sadness and loneliness in his sister. Since Shourai's birth, Arune had lost her cheerful spirit unless she was with her son. Life had been cruel to her, thought Naruto, first losing her husband, then the memories that connected to him, and her happiness.

Arune looked up at Naruto who had a solemn countenance on his face. She washed her hands and pulled her brother into a hug. The past three years seemed to have pulled a physical toll on Arune as well. Her long brown hair had lost its luster and was now tied up in a low bun, her petite figure had filled out from her pregnancy enhancing her breasts and hips, but most of all her face seemed too old to be simply 30.

Arune looked down at her god-brother and smiled into his dirty blond hair. He was taller than her by at least a foot, towering over her at six feet tall. She chuckled a bit when he told her that the rest of Rookie nine used to ridicule him for being the shortest in the class, but now he was the tallest. Bending into her embrace, Naruto had grown into a Hokage that Konoha and his father would be proud of. He was still his silly self but matured in battlefield and in politics. He still had the ability to change people but while keeping business away from pleasure. His slender built defiantly showed his years as a shinobi while his stance, which commanded respect, was also alluring and claiming. His facial features turned out more to be like his father's than Arune could imagine. She remembered his father and hers but when she tried to remember the 3rd person in the group her head felt heavy. Every time she tried to recall anything about her childhood, she'd retrieve the information in pieces. There was always something missing that should have held all of this information together. The only thing she remembered was flashes of silver and one red eye.

Arune heard the door crack open and saw her son along with the man who claimed to be her husband. Letting her brother go, after giving him the directions on how to cook the rest of the meal ran off to pick up her three year old son and kissed her husband on the cheek. It was mere protocol and duty. After her pregnancy, Arune could only remember Yasou being there for her. When he proposed three years earlier, she agreed to stay as his wife. But because of some legal difficulties, Arune was not technically married to him by law. Yasuo had claimed that Shourai was his own son, although Shourai had not looked like Yasuo, Arune didn't want to let her son grow up without a father.

Yasuo glared at Naruto who ignored his look and continued to cook. Naruto was glad that the Konoha Shinobi Act was still in power. The act allowed the spouses of Konoha shinobi not to remarry legally within three years of the Shinobi's disappearance or death while out on a mission. Shourai kissed his mother's cheek and avoided Yasuo altogether. Anyone could tell that Yasuo didn't treat Shourai like one of his own and that Shourai didn't accept Yasuo as his father. In fact the two didn't even acknowledge each other when they weren't near Arune.

Walking into the bedroom after Arune cleaned off Shourai, Yasuo grabbed his "wife" and kissed her eagerly on the lips. Arune didn't feel like there was much emotion on her behalf; the kiss was only a part of her duty as his wife. But as she kissed him, she couldn't help but feel as if she had once kissed someone with a passion beyond any other.

Shourai came into his mother's room and did not like the sight she saw. His so called father was trying to eat his mother's face. Being the intelligent three year old that he was, he knew he wasn't related to the man who called himself his father. Trying to pull them apart, he latched onto his mother's leg and was pretending to want a hug.

Silently thanking her son, Arune was grateful that he desired more attention.

"Aw look Yasuo, your son wants a hug from you," she said leaving her son with him.

Yasuo could see blood all over Shourai's face. Oh how good it would be to cause this boy some pain for interrupting what could have been such a lovely time.

Yasuo headed up to Shourai and smacked him hard against the wall, making sure not to attract any attention from Arune and the blond Hokage.

" How many times must I tell you to keep away when mommy and daddy are busy. Next time do not come n unless we call you in here. Now go to your room and don't come out until I call you," said Yasuo dropping Shourai's collar.

While moving back, Yasuo's eye caught something on Shourai's head.

A hair- silver in all of its glory.

Shutting the door, Yasuo picked up Arune's tweezers and walked toward Shourai.

Arune set the table and wondered what was taking Yasuo and Shourai so long. Walking toward her bedroom, she noticed that the door was closed. Wondering why the door was closed, she rushed and unlocked it using her chakra.

She saw her son crying while Yasuo was bent in front of him, seeming to console him. Running toward her son, she pulled him into a hug and tried to get him to talk to her, but failed as every other time.

Yasuo released a breath of relief as he backed away from the mother and son, putting the tweezers back on the vanity while getting rid of the silver hair he plucked from Shourai's head. "Every time that boy grows a hair, I have to go through the trouble of getting rid of it," thought Yasuo, worrying that the silver hair would remind Arune of her real husband; the man who almost stole Arune from him. But now Yasuo was her owner and he would do everything in his power to keep her.

Silver would just cause unnecessary relapse in her mind.

Once again Yasuo thanked Kami that the boy was "mute," for if he wasn't then Yasuo wouldn't still have been in the household by Arune's side. Chuckling softly, he pulled both members of "his" family up and guided them toward the kitchen.

Naruto noticed the uncomfortable aura around Yasuo and Shourai. There was no love between the two and Naruto wished he could help.

After dinner, Naruto took his nephew/god-son to train with him. As a three-year old, Shourai was already a genin almost knowing twice as much as Rookie Nine's genin. True to his real father, Shourai could copy jutsus with only one glance. That was one of Kakashi's real bloodline limits. Even before acquiring the Sharingan from his best friend, Obito, Kakashi was a certified genius and had the ability to copy moves he had just seen; Obito's gifted Sharingan only enhanced Kakashi's ability to keep them in mental storage.

Being Hokage, Naruto was given the power to look into the history of his brother-in-law's life. He learned about his genin team, the one lead by Naruto's father. He also learned about Kakashi's father's suicide and the skills the Hatake genius had acquired by blood and by his own Chakra nature. Naruto had begun training Shourai but his official genin teacher was Sasuke Uchiha.

Sasuke was doing much better in the past three years. His fits and anti-social nature had been cut down drastically. Naruto grinned thinking that it was all because of Sakura's constant desire to take him out. Mostly to brag to all of his fangirls that Sakura- former fangirl- had now stolen the heart of Sasuke Uchiha; not that he would ever tell her. He had although began planning on proposing to Sakura after their four year anniversary as a couple.

(Spoiler to the manga) The only thing that bugged both Naruto and Sasuke was that Itachi was named a vicious criminal although he was following ANBU and the Third's orders. (END SPOILER) So when Sasuke found out the truth from Madera, he had begged the council to let him go defeat Madera and for them to release Itachi. Although Itachi's release is still pending, Madera was eliminated by Sasuke and Naruto in revenge for both Itachi and Kakashi.

Shourai was increasing his speed as he was trying to form multiple Kage Busshins- the most he could get was three full busshins with his limited chakra. Naruto's busshin had impressed him and although he knew that he didn't have enough chakra to create hundreds of busshins, he would try every day to create another. Shourai would even be able to head out to D-rank missions and C-missions as his genin team leader. But most of all Shourai was dedicated to learn so he could protect himself and his mother against Yasuo. Everyday Shourai would train with every one of the Rookie Nine. They had taken him in as their own child, trying to fill in the missing link in his life. Neji would train him in sights, Tenten would train him in weapons while Sakura would train him in medical fields and chakra control, even his almost Aunt Hinata would train him in which herbs to use and how to locate chakra points without the use of Byakuugan.

Apparently to the eyes of everyone else they didn't see Yasuo as Shourai's father. That was one big deal to Shourai, who wanted to know why everyone was hiding this fact from his mother.

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