Chapter 11

Karin smiled as she saw Yasuo limping from tree to tree. He was hallucinating and Karin was enjoying every moment of it.

They were on their back from the 'business' trip that Yasuo needed to oversee. They would reach Konoha tonight and then everything would be over. All of the problems and pains that Yasuo had given to Karin's friends would be repaid upon him tenfold.

According to Sasuke, Naruto and Kakashi would ambush Yasuo at the front gate. Yasuo would not know what to expect when he sees Kakashi alive again. Karin would have Yasuo trapped in one side while Kakashi and Naruto had him trapped on the other side. Once Yasuo was captured and all of his dwindling chakra was fully drained, the lock on dungeon that Juugo was held in would be broken. Everything that was planned for five years would be truly over.

Then Karin could just go back to her retrieval missions and her stupid boyfriend, while Kakashi would live happily with his wife and child.

With only a few more yards to go till they reached the front gate, Karin had started placing a chakra barrier around the area. If Yasuo had miraculously gotten away from both Naruto and Kakashi , the chakra barrier would absorb all of his chakra and render him useless. It was mere a safety precaution because Karin firmly believed she wouldn't have to use at all tonight.

Naruto stood at the front of the town waiting rather patiently for the chance to capture Yasuo. The elders had given him the approval to resort to whatever means necessary to imprison Yasuo.

Kakashi seemed to be meditating in the far corner of the village entrance. He had his eye closed and seemed to be keeping track of Yasuo and Karin's progress through the woods. Just a few more minutes and Kakashi would be able to get his life back to order.

As of right now, Kakashi and Shourai would not appear to Yasuo, until much later, when they would trap him in genjutsu allowing him to confess to everything he had done. They would push him into the depths of his mind and use his own brain against him. Then slowly Shourai would reappear in front of Yasuo, a mirror image of Kakashi, before physically scalping the older man of his hair. Kakashi intended to take revenge upon Yasuo for everything he did to his son.

Kakashi and Shourai had backed away even more from the entrance. They could tell that Yasou was coming. They needed to keep Yasuo in shock till the very end.

Yasuo walked inside the gates at a near snail's pace. He wasn't feeling as capable as usual. The only thing driving him was that Arune was alone and most probably waiting for him. Yasuo smiled. He felt quite accomplished that he had been able to get rid of anything and everything that would keep his Arune away from him.

Yasuo decided to increase his pace. He wanted to get back to Arune as soon as possible. But every step he took, he seemed to be getting farther and farther from his destination. The village seemed to be darker and the only thing that Yasou could see was two red dots wandering through the darkness. The red dots seemed to be coming closer to Yasuo and with every moment Yasuo seemed to have a harder time breathing. His breath became shallow and his heart beats became more erratic.

There was no way that Yasuo was awake. After all there wasn't a single person besides Sasuke that could have two sharingan. Yasuo knew he was too far away from the image to see his sharingan that close up. Yasuo felt around him to try and catch the body that the two red dots belonged to. Yasuo blanched as he realized that he could feel anything around him. There was no air, no wind, no buildings and no trees. There weren't any distant sounds or noises that could help Yasuo identify how close or how far away he was from Konoha.

Then suddenly the two sharingan turned into a grey eye and a red eye. The black hair turned into spiky long silver hair. The appearance of the image caused Yasuo to blanch. He knew that figure. It was Kakashi.

"But how can this be? I thought I had gotten rid of Kakashi from that fight. That plan was so fool-proof. But how can a dead man stand right in front of me?" thought Yasuo.

Kakashi smiled as he had gotten Yasuo right where he wanted him. Right there in the middle of the village where Naruto had gathered the entire council, Yasuo had confessed to his plan of trying to murder him.

But Kakashi needed more. He needed Yasuo to confess to being involved with Akatsuki and to trying to kill Shourai.

So he asked Naruto to put a silencing jutsu on the council and to have them listen and look without reacting to anything Yasuo or Kakashi did.

They still didn't know that Kakashi was alive and they needed to be kept out of the loop in case any of them were joined with Yasuo.

Kakashi released the dark cloud around Yasuo. He walked closer to the man and smiled his crooked grin.

"How nice of you to drop by to visit me today, Yasuo" Kakashi stood right in front of Yasuo, so close in fact that is Yasuo decided to reach out he could touch Kakashi.

"Why are you still here? You can't be alive, you must be a figment of my imagination. I'm so sure you died that night. Madara's never made any mistakes." Yasuo stepped back from Kakashi's figure. The pnic on Yasuo's face was priceless but still not satisfying.

" Madera didn't kill me. It was Tobi who tried to kill me. You didn't know that the two of them were the same," Kakashi replied.

"Of course I knew that tobi was Madera. And I knew that he was trying to kill you. In fact I hired him to to kill you. That's why I know that you're not alive. Ha! I must be dreaming. After all, there is nothing left of you in this world. Not you, not your family, not your wife, and not your son," Yasuo snickered.

"Son? I have a son? What happened to Arune and my son?" Kakashi questioned. He was feigning his lack of knowledge to seem genuine in front of Yasuo.

Yasuo stopped moving. He wasn't sure if he wanted to let his imaginary image of Kakashi know what happened to Shourai and Arune. Kakashi was scary even when he was dead. That was the entire reason Yasuo had spent so much money and used a lot of resources to get Madara to kill Kakashi.

Kakashi moved forward even faster as he noticed that Yasuo had stopped moving. He needed Yasuo to admit what he did to Shourai. There would be no justice in this world, if Yasuo got away with torturing the little boy.

The effect seemed to work on Yasuo as he scrambled to give Kakashi an explanation.

"Your son is dead! I'm surprised you haven't meet the bastard in hell yet. He's almost as bad as you. He tried so hard to keep Arune away from me. He would show up everytime I wanted her and he would ruin it. Hell I even tried to kill him before he was born but that didn't work. She loved that creep even though she didn't know he was your son! You get it? I told Arune I was her husband. You don't mean a thing to her. She doesn't even know you existed. The boy would have ruined everything. He had your hair. Even his voice reminded me of you. So I did what I could to keep Arune satisfied with the boy. I inched off every piece of hair on the cursed boy. No hair, no silver hair that could jog her memory back to you. So I slit his throat so I could keep his voice shut off from reminding her. You don't exist for Arune. She loves me now. There's no room for you in her life. So even if you were to somehow come back alive, she would never accept you. Acceptance would be possible if she could even remember you!" Yasou laughed at his own joke and at Kakashi's fate.

But just as Yasuo seemed to be having an upper-hand with Kakashi, Shourai appeared. The boy of five years stepped forward and Yasuo stepped back nearly falling over a boulder in his shock. There in a childhood state, Shourai appeared to have grown his hair longer. The boy was bare skinned and he looked healthy as any dead boy can look.

"Outo-san," Shourai cried out to Yasuo. Shourai knew that Kakashi was his real father yet for this plan to succeed Shourai needed to let Yasuo openly claim his abuses toward him.

Yasuo couldn't believe his ears. The little devil was speaking. Thank Kami that the boy was dead or else with his voice he could complain to Arune about how Yasou abused him.

"You sneaky little bastard! I tried to find your damn body but where did it disappear, your silly mother couldn't believe you were dead until she saw your body. I had to find and make something look like you." Yasuo said.

"My poor mother was delusioned by you. She would have never stayed with you if she knew the type of person you were." Shourai ran forward to inflict damage on Yasuo.

Yasou dodged the attack and landed on his strong leg. One side of his body was weakening very quickly and Yasuo had no idea why.

Kakashi signed for a chidori and held Yasuo against his will with one hand.

"Tell me the truth. What did you do to Arune?" Kakashi tightened his grip on Yasuo's shirt. His other hand was itching to smash the burning chidori into Yasuo's face.

" I brainwashed her. Right after I paid Akatsuki to kill you, I went to console her. When I found out that she was pregnant, I decided to claim the child as my own and become her lover. She would have never guessed if the child was mine or someone else's if you didn't have such different hair. Everytime he grew any hair I had to painfully remove all the hair. I should have gotten rid of this child a very long time ago," Yasuo stated.

Once Yasuo started to talk, he couldn't stop talking. There was something in his system that wanted to claim all the glory for what he did to Arune.

Kakashi couldn't hold back the smile as the surrounding area turned back into the townsquare. He lifted the jutsu so that he would expose Yasuo's truth to the entire village.

In one sweeping moment, the entire crowd cheered as Kakashi flashed behind Yasuo and paralyzed him. They finally knew that Kakashi was alive and that the Yasuo had tried to kill not only Kakashi but also the innocent five year old, Shourai.

The truth was finally out.