Walter applauded from his seat on the patio. It was so nice to be retired. He was highly amused as he watched George put Bobbi through her paces in the backyard.

"George," Bobbi begged through panting breaths, as she stopped with her hands on her knees. "No more. I swear you are trying to kill me?" George scoffed as she jogged in place.

"Oh come on. You've only done two laps around the path. Becky does four everyday. I do nine. You can handle this." Bobbi glared at her friend as she struggled to find enough oxygen to fill her burning lungs.

"Seriously! I am wiped. Why do I need training? I'm going to be a gun-user, right?" Bobbi shivered, as Alucard decided to appear behind her. He grinned down at her his eyes reflecting the red of the sunset.

"Perhaps you would be more inclined to run if the hounds of hell were snapping at your heels. I told you three laps, did I not?" Bobbi groaned and forced her legs to move again following George down the path.

"I thought he couldn't come outside during the day."

"Dad is old, I mean seriously old, and strong enough to resist the sun. It's only about four minutes to sunset anyway." Bobbi could not believe that George was not even breathless as she collapsed at Alucard's feet after her final lap.

"Very good, Barbara. I think you have potential after we get you into shape," Alucard commented. " Now, George, stop playing. Finish your laps. You've barely even been running." George stuck her tongue out at her father and then she blurred, her feet moving so fast she faded from Bobbi's vision.

"Damn." Bobbi looked up at Alucard and shrugged. If she was going to die today she might as well make it quick instead of being murdered by exhaustion. She asked the No-Life King a question. "Uhm, are you that fast?"

"No, child. I am faster." Walter actually laughed, as he stood up and stretched his bones.

"I do believe George is slow for one of you, isn't she, Sir?" Walter eyes seemed to scan the path along with Alucard's.

"Not slow … average. She is about as fast as Seras. But she has much more potential. She is holding back."

"You can see her, Mr. Walter?" asked Barbara.

"Oh, Yes, Miss Barbara. I have fought the undead for longer than you have been alive. I have even fought the greatest among monsters… and lived."

"It's not my fault. You were using silver filament. I was a lot younger then… and so were you, Walter Dollneaz, angel of death."

Integra sat quietly in the living room with a book. It was amazing. No mountain of paper work from her majesty. No slew of phone calls from table members. Sure she still had work... and lots of it with the advancement of the F.R.E.A.K.S. But now, she had the freedom to do the work at her own pace and had full control of what she wanted to do. No more was she constantly fighting an uphill battle with it. She had stretched as she pulled herself out of the warm cocoon of her bed... three hours later than had been required. Integra had relished in having a long uneventful breakfast and then after finishing the required paperwork and then taken the time to do something she hadn't in years.... read a novel. She was immediately intrigued by the sound of Bobbi yelling in obvious fear. Integra shrugged, closing the book. It wasn't like she couldn't enjoy her book outside.

"Alucard, what are you doing to those children?"

Alucard bowed to his master as she approached him. He nodded his approval at her choice of clothing before speaking. His eyes ran down her body taking in the fitted brown skirt and then back up to the golden silk tank top.

"Well, well, my lady. You look very nice today."

"Thank you, Alucard. Now that I no longer have to worry about being judged by my sex, I can relax and wear what I like. You still haven't answered my question. What have you done to those kids?"

I'd be more than happy to judge you." Alucard laughed, leering like a wolf as he looked her over. Integra paid him no mind, but just watched the girls train.

"George is getting faster, isn't she?"

"Not really, she's holding back again. I think it's time I give the girls a real workout."

Alucard called his shadows, pulling darkness from underneath the trees and from the corners shadowed by windows. His eyes darkened as he created a living ninja warrior course. Now the girls would have to run, jump, climb, and crawl; with things chasing them or trying to eat them.

"Alright, girls, enough play. Start running ... for your lives."

Bobbi's jaw just dropped to the floor. "OMG. You have got to be kidding."

Alucard just laughed at her. "Hahaha." Then he got serious. The light jittery grin faded from his lips as he said, "No. I'm not."

He then picked her up as easily as if she had been a feather and tossed her onto the course. Bobbi started screaming and ran for her life as one of Alucard's demon dogs snapped a foot in front of her. The beast lunged and it was only George's quick reflexes pushing her out of the way that kept her from dying. Bobbi ran for her life as one of Alucard's devil dogs chased her through the tire run. Becky felt her adrenaline spike and she picked her feet up to her knees as she sprinted through the tires. She hit the ground and crawled underneath the barbed wire. It raked only millimeter from her skin as she tried to escape the demons. Becky was way ahead of her as one of the dogs leapt at her back. Becky hissed in rage and slammed her thick leg into its throat and then a knife into its eye. The beast screamed and Becky looked back at her in triumph. Bobbi growled at Becky's display of dominance and superiority, screwed in her courage, and started running even faster. She knew she couldn't fight these things like Becky and George, but she was determined to show Alucard that a human could do it.

Hurry up, slow Pokes," George yelled over her shoulder. She pulled from her inhuman powers and barely touched the ground. She sent her bright purple claws into a hound staining them red.

Her father smiled and the course changed. George flew through a large punching bag, barely managing to let her body become untouchable.

"This is gonna be fun, Dad"

Integra just watched with some concern for Becky and Bobbi. "Do try to remember that they are human, Alucard. It's all well and good that you made a playground for George, but, Becky and Bobbi cannot handle the same intensity. "

"I won't hold it against them if you don't. Their disability is not their fault. Born with it you know," Alucard said. The vampire king pulled his hat forward and chuckled as George was thrown to the ground by a tentacle that had appeared out of the ground. George shredded it and snarled at her father, "NO FAIR!"

"Don't kill them."

"I won't, Master. Nothing I summon on this side of the shadows will be a true challenge for George." She gave Alucard one of her raised eyebrows.

"Should I be concerned Alucard? You are not about to drag two humans into the shadows are you?"

"No. I promise that they won't die," he paused as the demons began to catch up to the struggling Bobbi. He laughed and then he shrugged as Bobbi ducked the claws of a hound. "At least not by my hand."

Integra rolled her eyes. Walter just winced in apprehension as Bobbi looked like she was about to be decapitated.

"Ms. Bobbi, DUCK." yelled Walter.


Two hours later, all three girls were totally exhausted. Alucard just laughed as he watched the three girls lie on the back lawn tired and completely exhausted from his training lessons.

"Very good, girls. Bobbi, you have excelled beyond my hopes. I never even had to order the dogs not to kill you. You also managed to handle the most basic Martial moves. Now tomorrow..."

"Tomorrow? Alucard, sir, I think you might what to give them a day off. George may be able to recover from intense training in only a few hours and Becky has incredible conditioning after years of Training under Ms, Seras. But Barbara and I'm sure even Becky and George, need rest. Their muscles need time to mend. Or they may suffer from sprains and strains."

Bobbi glared at George lying next to her and panted as her stomach and her lungs still tried to catch up.

"Hellsing had better have some damn good medical coverage."

George merely shrugged at Bobbi's comment and winced as Becky grabbed her. Even she was feeling the ache after a few more of her father's cheap tricks. She had ended up hitting a tree and having to kill a hound after it had nearly broken her arm.

"Alright, fine. You girls can rest tomorrow. However, you had better learn something useful."

"What my library pass isn't revoked? I did kind of steal your mom's gun."

"And you also showed more magical aptitude than I did," Integra said, taking a seat on the lawn with them. "You have astounding potential. You actually managed to use an exorcism on your first try. Where did you learn that? I get my abilities from my mother… and lots of trial and error." The girls just nodded and tried to go about catching their breaths as Integra continued. "I think that deserves a reward. How do you all feel about a vacation? The very first Hellsing family vacation. Now that we are independent everything runs much smoother. There are no meetings or reports to file."

That got the girls' attention. All three of them sat bolt upright.

"A vacation?" George looked absolutely flabbergasted and Becky squealed from her position connected to George's waist.

"We've never been on vacation before, have we, Master?" Becky's ponytail bounced against her shoulders as she shook with excitement.

"Where do you think we should go, Becky?"

"I think we should go to the beach," Bobbi suggested. All of the eyes in the yard, Two pairs of them red and one of them covered by a monocle turned to her in shock.

"The beach?" George looked at Bobbi like she had lost her mind. She actually considered the possibility that her friend was suicidal. She did often become giggly whenever she was in danger. "You- just let me get this straight now- You wanna take my dad to the beach?"

"Sure, why not?"

"Hello, the beach, the sun, women running around in very accessible swimsuits, and very open space for a massacre."

"Uhm, we could go at night. You know… bonfires… sunset surfing… moonlit walks. Music… barbeque. Surly the master of all vampires isn't afraid of a little fun in the sand. Besides, even if we went during the day, we live in England, how often do we get to see the sun? Chances are it'll be overcast like it always is."

"Are you challenging me, little one?" Alucard grinned, with his fangs showing.

"Of course not, great Sir. I just thought you'd like to take Sir Hellsing for a romantic moonlight walk along the beach. Walter can watch us. Right Walter?"

Walter laughed. He knew exactly what Bobbi was doing. "It would be my pleasure to accompany you girls to the beach."

"Little Dracula."

"Yeah, dad?"

"I suggest you take your friend to get that death wish looked at. It's unbecoming when you are friends with vampires."

Bobbi gulped and seemed to shrink to fit her taller frame behind George.

"Stand up, Bobbi. I swear! Master, why do you keep her around?"

"This is going to be fun," snickered George, thinking of her parents together. Or more importantly, her parents, Bobbi, Becky, and Walter all together. "Is Sis coming too?"


Alucard glared out at the beach. His dark orange sunglasses looked down to burn into the back of Bobbi's head. He winced as he felt the sun draining even his substantial strength. He had to come. It was still at least an hour and a half from sunset and it was sunny.

"This is your fault."

Bobbi swallowed back the fear that she knew was wafting off of her and making her smell like Filet Mignon to Alucard and George. She puffed out her chest and pretended to be brave as she helped Walter unload the car. To think that a master vampire had been tricked by a fifteen year old. Walter put up the very large and oversized umbrella that he had bought for the occasion and Alucard made a show of slowly and calmly going to sit under it when he really wanted to dive under it and cringe. Walter just chuckled at Alucard.

"No sense in being mad at her, Sir. She can no more control the weather than you can."

Alucard settled a death glare on his daughter's friend and even George cringed.

"Bobbi, how about we run for YOUR life?"

"Don't you mean our lives, George?"

"No," Alucard hissed from his shaded sanctuary under the umbrella. "She doesn't." The girls ran into the surf and more importantly away from a grumpy and lethal Alucard before they started playing in the water.

"Where is Integra? I'm going to see how bad my punishment would be for killing Children." asked Alucard, gruffly.

"She's changing," answered Walter, turning a page. The old former butler looked completely at peace on his lounge chair in his black trunks with his book.

"Into what?" Alucard chuckled, as he looked at all the bikini clad woman and imagined Integra in something similar.

"Into her new swimsuit that, may I add, she specifically bought for this occasion."

"Police girl and Rebecca..."

"Ms. Seras preferred to stay indoors until sunset. Becky will arrive with her, Alucard."

Bobbi looked around nervously as George had been under for more than two minutes. Bobbi dove and was happy for the goggles she had brought. She skimmed the shallows moving steadily deeper. Then as her lungs cried for oxygen she shot up.


The young dhampire focused on staying just out of Bobbi's sight. It wasn't difficult when you could swim faster than an average swordfish without making a single bubble. George grinned just underneath Bobbi. She could see her friend's legs kicking covered by the bright red boi-shorts. She zoomed past them and gave them a playful swat. George's black tankini zoomed again pulling Bobbi under for just a split second before releasing her. George pulled Bobbi under fully as Integra came out of the changing room.

Alucard stood and gave her his seat. He watched very amused as Integra punished him by slowly, very slowly removing her robe. As she sat down in his chair, Alucard very much approved of the one piece swim suit that she was wearing. Very sexy and very lady like.

"That is a very good look for you, my countess."

The one-piece was not too flashy but the side cutouts and the lacing at the back gave it just an edge of perversion. It seemed… fitting for Integra.

"Thank you. Now could you stand to the left a little. You're in my sun." Integra traded her regular glasses for a pair of fitted shades and grinned as Alucard gladly stepped away from the sun.

Hahaha, why not a bikini?"

"Please, I am far too old for such things. That is best left to children." Integra saw Bobbi flailing as George pulled her back under. "Aren't you going to stop her, Alucard?"

"Why? She's just dunking her. As long I don't see any blood or any demons. I'm fine."

Bobbi struggled back to land and dropped to her knees in front of Integra.


Alucard laughed as George continued to imitate a mermaid by not coming up for air.

"Good luck. I think you'd need scuba gear for that. At least she hasn't raised pirate ships. Or dragged you to sunken ships."


Alucard looked up as Seras called his name. She was walking along the beach toward them. She looked nervous even under the thick pink parasol. She covered her eyes as the harsh light made them ache. "Oh, how can you stand it? It's so bright and I'm tired." Seras slunk underneath the umbrella with Alucard as Becky ran full tilt towards George somewhere under the sea.

"GEORGE! GEORGE! WHERE ARE YOU," Becky called, as she continued to dive for her Master.

Seras stood up as the sun finally faded behind the horizon that last little bit. She stretched as Energy flooded her without the drain of the sun. She struck a pose in her brand new bright pink bikini. Bobbi looked out at the surf as Becky crushed George in a hug sending them both smashing into the water again. George soon returned to the shore and to the umbrella with Becky clinging to her like a barnacle.

"You look so cute, Master!" Becky was in a simple tankini with shorts just like George's. The difference of the same suit were exaggerated on their opposite bodies.

To say that Becky and Seras were eye-catchers was an understatement. Both of them had boys and men drooling as they paraded around the dark beach. Eventually the crowd following the Hellsing girls grew to innumerable level and they crawled back towards Alucard and Integra trying to start a bonfire with the horrible electric match.

But this time they were followed by almost every boy on the beach. Alucard raised an eyebrow at her.

"Don't just sit there, Master, do something please," Seras almost begged him.

Becky merely glared daggers and tightened her grip on George ignoring the fact that it was really her they were staring at.

He just smiled at her all fangs and then let his dark demeanor wash over him. He stood up, his heavy coat dissipating to leave only his tight red speedo-sorts. The men and the boys all looked at him in horror and inadequacy as he towered over them. He pulled Seras close to him. Under his other arm he grabbed George, instantly Becky gravitated with her.

"Leave my daughters alone... or I will devour your souls."

Before you could say Goodbye, every male that had followed the ladies of Hellsing was gone and nowhere to be seen on the beach. Alucard laughed. Seras sighed happily.

"Thank you."

Seras dove from under the umbrella wielding a beach ball.

"Yo, Sis! Wait. I want to play too."

Bobbi just followed lured by the elegant bounce of Seras and Becky in thier swimsuits.

"You have a girlfriend. You have a girlfriend. You HAVE a girlfriend. Stop staring at her chest.'

However Bobbi couldn't help grinning at them. They were like pillows. Big, fluffy, squishy, warm, flesh pillows. She wanted to toss them over her face and go to sleep in them. There was just something so womanly and motherly about Seras... and that was hot.

Seras leapt to spike the beach ball softly towards Becky. The tall curvy Second daughter of Hellsing slid to slam the ball over the fence too. Bobbi was still ogling when the ball smacked her upside the head.

"Damn," she hissed as George and Becky scored another point. The small crowd of night beach goers lined them as they played by the glowing firelight. They applauded as George did a victory leap that was just a little too high to be normal.

"Georgey, you'd better warn your little friend to stop thinking about me like that."

"Umm, Bobbi, Seras can hear your thoughts."


Seras rolled her eyes as BOUNCY BOUNCY BOUNCY repeated itself in her head. The tall blonde vampire in the bikini snapped her fingers and Bobbi came back from her dirty thoughts.


"Huh, what? Sorry George...I was...thinking."

"Daydreaming was more like it."

"You're disgusting, Babs," complained Becky. "You couldn't have my master so now you try to seduce our older sister." The exaggerated look of disgust on her face became a sneer as she swiveled in her tankini. "It is none of our faults that you do not have the Hellsing curb appeal."

"Stop calling me Babs! MY NAME IS BOBBI, Beckers.".

"Oh, girls~!" George groaned, bouncing the beach ball in her hands. "Don't start."

"She started it," Bobbi said. She pointed to Becky who still stood a good two or three inches taller than her and shrugged. "I had to defend myself."

"I'll finish it too," growled Becky. Only slower than George by a few beats, Becky had Bobbi on the ground with a knife to her throat that no one was aware had been on her.

"Hey! I'm not going to warn you again Becky."

"But, master, she's"

"Lesbo?" questioned George, wondering where that word came from. George shook her head in confusion. "I am afraid you're mistaken. Bobbi just doesn't really care what gender she dates."

"Lesbo, Am I?" seethed Bobbi, "Kid," Bobbi said, despite being younger and shorter than her enemy. "I could rock your world. You'd give up boys."

"Well, Becky, she did get a catholic girl. More than I can say. My catholic Candy keeps rejecting me. Oh, should I be worried about where you got that word... and that knife from?" George took their distraction to stand between them so that they were more than arms distance from each other.

Keeping these two from killing each other was turning into a full time job for her. George smirked about the implications.

"Sorry, I was too busy to save you guys, my bad. I was preoccupied with my staff trying to kill each other."

Bobbi wiggled seductively at Becky. She scanned her carefully. "Well, you are almost as hot as Ms. Pillows over there. How about you George? What do you like?"

"I prefer chocolate Catholics." George smirked, thinking about Michael. "Yeah. Chocolate flavored Catholics. Rich and delicious, but just a little bad for you. I hear you can taste the piety in them."

Suddenly, Seras was hit with thoughts from both George and Bobbi.

"George! If you don't control yourself, master alucard will..."

"Don't worry, sis. I've learned my lesson. I'm under complete control."

"Uh-huh. and I'm the 'little' vampire."

"Honey, you're not a little anything," thought Bobbi, still grinning wildly.

"Bobbi, I'll not warn you again.' said Seras.

"I'm sorry, Seras. I really am. I blame the bikini. I'm normally not this bad. I wasn't even this bad at the slumber party, was I?"

"No. Worse. We needed napkins to clean up the drool."

George watched Bobbi take off to go dive back into the cool evening water. "I think you hurt her feelings, Sis."

"Good," scoffed Becky. "Now maybe she'll go away."

"Lay off her Becky."

"But master..."

"But nothing. We're vampires. Our sexuality infects and affects humans. Some times more than we know." said George."Bobbi can't help it."

"She'll have to try because....," Seras began before a soft male voice wafted over them. He must be brave to talk to them after Alucard's warning.

"Hello girls. I couldn't help but notice....."

George rolled her eyes as did Seras.

"Becky, would you please show him why you do not hit on Hellsing women."

"Yes, Master," Becky replied, her eyes dulling as she carried out the order. She flipped the knife in her hand before chucking it and lunging.


However, Seras yell was unneeded. The boy leaned back and dodged the knife letting it slide harmlessly into the sand. And he caught Bobbi's fist in his hand. He smiled flashing a pair of fangs of his own and whistled.

"....That you guys are vampires," he said. The boy's eyes darkened to red and he easily flung Becky away.

"DAMN YOU," Becky hissed planning to charge the monster again.

"Hey, wait, please! I only wanted..."

"Stand down, Becky. STAND DOWN", said Seras. Seras slid in close to the boy that could hardly be older than Becky. "Why can't we smell you," She asked standing above him with an angry scowl on her face. There was an implied threat in the taunt way she held her body.

The boy smirked and held up his wrist. There was a special gleaming black mark there and George was almost ready to eviscerate him instantly.


"Easy, girl, she's dead. This just hides our scent when we are out and about. We're playing really low key."

Seras just raised an eyebrow. She cleared her throat before speaking, "We killed you. I was there."

"No. You killed the ghouls and Angelica... but when you didn't smell any more of us you left. None of us stayed loyal after one of you sliced of Angelica's head. We ran just like Angelina."

"GEORGE!" She corrected with a very angry and vengeful growl, her eyes glowing blood red. "Don't you dare compare me to that manipulative bitch. Ever! My name is George Hellsing."

"Well then, George. I knew there were others here and wanted to see what kind of lines you had."

"Dad," George said letting her thoughts carry to her father. "We have a big problem."

"Seras, Where is Bobbi? Get her back on land. This is not good."

"Hey," The boy chided. He was actually insulted. They had been here a while and hadn't hurt anyone. "I'm not here to hunt. I am very well fed without having to kill. My girl wanted me to come to the beach with her."

"She's...drowning in self pity still, George," Seras said looking out over the ocean with her third eye. Making sure that Bobbi was OK. "I'll go get her."

"Who the hell would date you, Kid?" George growled again at the reminder of one of her biggest failures. Of one of the few moments in her life she had nearly put behind her.

"She's cool. Her name's Lydia."

Instantly, at the mention of that name, the nightmare of George's stupidity and failure flooded her mind. The hairs on her arms tingled and stood on end like spikes. George wondered if she could kill him with her "quills" like a real porcupine. "Becky."

"Yes, master."

"Go get mother. I think I'm going to need her to keep from killing these people."

Alucard raised an eyebrow as Becky sped across the beach. He leaned over George's shoulder staring at the boy with his hands up in surrender. Her father just seemed to have just materialized behind her.

"Man, I can't leave you girls alone for a second, can I? You seem to draw trouble don't you?"

Seras returned with Bobbi behind her soaked to the bone and glowering in embarrassment.

"Have I told you how sorry I am, Seras?"

"Yes, Bobbi," Seras said trying to get the girl to stop apologizing."

"Master, this boy knows Angelica. Apparently you guys left a few roaches while you were exterminating."

"He is not a boy! His name is Zenith," said the irritatingly familiar voice of Lydia the blood slut who had caused the entire fiasco.

"YOU!" George was instantly glaring up into Lydia's eyes with murderous intent as she considered wringing her neck. "You led me to a trap and I went through hell. You deserve the same. If you want something done you have to do it yourself."

"Don't even think about it," growled Integra. The powerful master of monsters was led across the beach by Becky triumphantly grinning at having done something for her Master. "I see our friend here did not learn her lesson. Lydia, explain yourself. I thought you would grow wiser after escaping us with almost no severe punishment."

"No punishment? You call being bitten and then interrogated like a criminal no punishment," Lydia hissed. She looked down her nose at George and shrugged. "I told you not to bother them, Zenith."

"Mother, that boy is a vampire. He is one of Angelica's lackeys. You missed some when you raided that place." George felt her rage boiling beneath her skin and Becky rubbed her shoulders calmingly.

"Oh really? And how exactly did you escape? Alucard, how did you miss this one?" Zenith once again held up his hand displaying the mark that hid his scent.

"I hid and ran away after you left. The Krin kidnapped me a little while before you raided …maybe two days. It's all kind of fuzzy after they did this to me."

"Wait! You're a freak child?"

"Yup, courtesy of that little Blond there," Lydia beamed. "How does it feel to be a teen mom." Lydia flipped her dark hair over her shoulder and was instantly wrapped in Zeniths arms.

"I see you never learned to stop messing with things higher on the food chain than you. You're nothing but a familiar blood slut," Seras said. The tall blond Amazonian vampiress just grinned flashing hr fangs. "I could tell when I took your blood to read you mind. You haven't changed at all. You let Angelica and her monster kill your family."

"Hey! Don't talk about Lydia like that." The young vampire was between The Hellsings and Lydia and apparently he cared. "She saved me. He keeps me sane. Do you know what would happen to me without her?"

George looked down and felt a twinge of the pain and uncertainty. She felt the lack of confidence in your own stability and sanity.

"Yes. I do. Leave that bitch alone. She is only going to use you until she bores of you."

"NO SHE WON'T George was instantly moving and she had Zenith pinned to the ground by his throat. The boy flailed and managed to barely graze her cheek a claw. The silly scuffle was ended when Integra, holding Becky back by force, nodded to Alucard. Lydia screamed and flailed around the girl choking her boyfriend.

"Let him GO!"

George was ripped off of her enemy by her father. The giant No-Life King held the thick black pistol down towards Zenith.

"You have two options, boy. You be a good pet and come with us. You are in danger running around alone. You are lucky that you are valuable. You were made from George"

And so just like in every other cycle in George's life this one brought more question than answers, more problems than solutions, and more people to the Hellsing organization. George pulled a very non Hellsing-like face-palm. Just like everything in her life.