Living the Shadows

Warnings: may have mild Shounen-ai in the latter chapters. Simple Plan addiction involved.

Summary: Ryoma's getting tired of being in his father's shadow. Tennis wasn't really his thing. What ever happened if he just suddenly quit. He's trying to pursue something other than tennis. His mother approves, but what if his father doesn't? They divorce. And Ryoma follows his heart, but haunted by his fathers cold words. Will some one be able to pull him out of the shadows?


Chapter 1: Perfection

Ryoma loved the thrill of tennis. The sounds of the fans when he won…he loved it all, though he never loved tennis. It was just by the insistence of his father that he kept to it. He was close to perfection when it came to it. He was extremely good at it. He got many friends-slash-rivals because of it. The thing just is…

His heart was never in it. What drove him most was music. He was only five when his mother got him to learn the piano, he was good at it.

He loved it, when he was six he got to learn the violin he excelled at both, he soon with in the same age learned all sorts of instruments. When he was seven, he quit.

He wanted his father to be proud of him in something he accepted. He wanted him to be proud through tennis.

Ryoma's mother was always supportive. Ryoma became distant after that. His character became distant, he became aloof. He started to hide is insecurities through being cocky and arrogant.

All that changed when his parents divorced. At first Ryoma was with his father, tennis was what he had in mind all along, nothing else.

And so Ryoma too devoted himself to tennis. That was until he fainted during practice.

Ryoma's POV

I guess I got too carried away when mom left, Devoting myself to tennis on dad's whim. I guess…I just wanted to erase hose words in my head.

'Music…? The hell with it! No son of mine will become a wimpy musician! Seishounen, tennis is your life, nothing more. Music will bring you down…understand that?'

I got too involved with tennis that I suffered mild fatigue…

Everything went down hill from then. Dad wouldn't look at me in the eye anymore. His perverted remarks were gone. He just looked at me…as if at any moment, I'd break.

Mom came back the next week after my fainting spell. She took me away, much to my father's dismay. He called after me when we were leaving the house, 'Ne seishounen. I didn't think you'd destroy my Big dreams. Oh, have fun, nah seishounen…' he sneered.

You could feel his sarcasm at the last line. That forever scarred me, mentally and emotionally. We quickly left for America…when we reached our new home. She made me quit tennis…just like that…out of the blue.

It wasn't easy; I mean…though it didn't spark my interest…I was brought up by tennis. Quitting now would mean like putting all my wasted efforts in vain.

After a month of being nagged, I finally obeyed. At first I didn't know what to do. My mother on the other had did exactly know what to do.

After I threw all my tennis stuff…including the racket, posters and magazines. She hired music couches and teachers of the instrument I so far know.

After I mastered well enough for the teachers, my mother forced me to participate in a concerto. A solo concerto after the main orchestra…I was reluctant to agree I mean, who would want to embarrass themselves in front of rich bastards.


Well, I lasted the whole song which was particularly HARD I might add without making a mistake that was THAT visible.

When it ended, no one made a sound. That made me slightly disconcerted. Was it really THAT bad?

What shocked me was when one brave soul clapped fro my sake. Soon, every one followed his suite. O-kay. Now I was under going a state of shock.

There was a party soon after the concerto. All those rich bastards I mentioned? Yeah, they all flocked around me as they congratulated me and my mother. They kept saying, 'Your son is not only good in tennis but also in music.' Or something like, 'Takuechi-san your son is to be admired.' Or maybe on this kind, 'Rinko-san, I applaud your son's debut to the music industry.'

One rich bastard approached me. He smiled and asked, 'Echizen-kun how does your father feel about you joining the music industry?'

I couldn't respond to that…I just felt dad's words play in my head. The 'rich bastard' as I now call him, frowned at my unfocused words and said, 'Never mind, if…it brings you a bad memory, Echizen-kun.'

My mother quickly intervened, 'Gomenousai (I'm very sorry), Atobe-san. He…had a bad experience with his father a while back.'

Ha! I guess I knew why he didn't like him. He was Monkey-king's father. No wonder. My mother excused us…much to every rich bastard's dismay. And left the scene of the crime…

I was under going a silent recovering treatment for the next few days. The day after my concerto, I was the headline in every local paper. 'Echizen Ryoma; Prince of Tennis, Change of career?'

You have no idea how much I hated the reporters so much right now…

As far as I know Echizen Ryoma is gone…after all, Echizen Ryoma was the Prince of Tennis.

I know myself as Takuechi Ryoma…Melody Master.

Though…I'm now Takuechi Ryoma…

But…how come Echizen Nanjirou's words…still repeat themselves in my head?


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