A oneshot written by me about the latest Naruto chapters (MAJOR SPOILER!)

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'It was all...to keep you safe.' Madara's words rang through his ears.

Sasuke looked down at the destruction and ruin of the once prosperous Konoha. His Mangekyou Sharingan spun around in hate...love...and regret of his lifelong goal to kill his brother. Tears ran down his face as he remembered all the good times he and Itachi had, and Konoha ruined all that.

The blood of many fallen Shinobi lay upon the the rubble of a village. Rain fell down in lament of the cursed village. His Amaterasu burned the tops of many buildings, and his Kusanagi blade was tipped with Blood.

Suigetsu's sword, namely Zabuza's former's sword, impaled many people, and he had got so caught up in the rush he went on a killing spree.

Karin also killed many Shinobi with Jutsu no one thought her capable of casting. She had sworn to follow Sasuke and do whatever he wished, even killing Innocent women and children.

Juugo had gone out of control, and Sasuke let him. The cursed village deserved it. Treating his clan like that, treating his mother, father, uncle with so much disrespect that they had grown to hate the village. If Konoha was different, it didn't have to end this way. Sasuke felt it was his duty as Itachi's brother, to make them pay for their actions.

Sasuke fell to his knees as he thought about the hate he had harbored for his poor brother. This poor, war-hating boy, who was ordered to bury all of his emotions, to wipe out those he loved most. He had always thought of his brother as despicable...and yet Itachi planned out seven years of objectives..and yet he died with a smile on his face, just so Sasuke would get stronger, and not be done in by Konoha.

The tears fell stronger and stronger, and the young Uchiha found himself sobbing. He missed his brother's smile, his brother's dimples, his brother's gentle gaze, he missed his affections, and he missed the way Itachi always held him when he was sad. All because of that village, Sasuke always knew hate, he never grew to trust anyone, and he was sure that no one could fill that spot of Itachi.

Sasuke thought about Sakura, the girl who would give her life for him...they could've had a life together...


Madara stared at his kin, the last of his clan. He knew what it felt like to lose those important to him. His brother had died in battle shortly after giving him his eyes. Now Madara had his revenge on the Senju-clan, after hundreds of bitter years.

Sasuke looked at his teammates. "We will start a new village, where we will repopulate the Uchiha clan, and make new clans."

"Karin, you shall be my mate."

Karin's bloodstained face curved up into a smile.

"Juugo, I shall gather Scientists from everywhere, and I will fix your problem. After that, we will take samples of your blood and put them into all the children at an early age, so we shall never be defeated."

Juugo nodded, smiling at the thought of not killing everything in sight.

"Suigetsu, you shall be a part of the village counsel, your techniques shall also be implanted into children."

The boy nodded, liking the idea of the village.

He pointed to his last ally, the one who revealed the truth.

"Madara, we shall lead the Uchiha-clan into a new age. We shall never tell anyone the secret to the Mangekyou."

The man nodded.

He turned his back on the once largest city in the ninja world.

"Our eyes...shall never lose the light."

Karin ran over to Sasuke and gave him a kiss. Sasuke, for once, felt the urge to return it. Suigetsu laughed and Madara and Juugo smiled for the new couple.

She looked up at him.

"What shall we call the new village Sasuke-kun?"

"Hmm..." Sasuke thought about it for a second, then thought it would be good to give respect to his former master.

"HebiGakure." (Village Hidden in the Snakes) "Even if Orochimaru is gone, his techniques and nature are implanted into my blood, he gave me the strength I have today. I owe him this much."

They decided to crush Konoha under the new city they had the incentive to build. Its secrets would remain hidden away for all eternity. Sasuke turned around. The sun had began to rise, and the rain stopped, the five greeted it with a smile.

"Our village shall be built on top of Konoha, and to signify a new beginning, our symbol shall be a rising sun."

They all turned to the sun, and in it, saw the vision of a nation, greater than all. That would be theirs, and Sasuke vowed once again.

"Our eyes shall never lose the light..."

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