A raven haired man woke up and got out of bed. He walked to his curtains and pulled it open, the sunshine brightly shone through. Uchiha Sasuke prepared himself for a the day ahead, taking a shower and whatnot.

He walked into his living room and saw his wife preparing breakfast.

Karin smiled at him. "Ohayo Sasuke-kun, did you have a good sleep?" The Uchiha nodded his head and walked towards the table. "More or less I guess." He never lost his cool facade, and the Uchiha Sasuke fanclub blossomed.

In a flash, Sasuke appeared behind his wife, holding her hips gently and giving her a kiss.

Karin looked surprised as she returned the kiss.

"What was that for?" Sasuke broke the kiss and with his insane speed appeared in his chair again.

"Nothing, can't a Kage give his wife a kiss once in a while.

Karin smiled. "Not the Kage I know." She sat in his lap and put her arm around his neck.

Sasuke turned her chin towards him and gave her another kiss. "Hey its not my fault I have a whole village to handle. Besides, its not everyday Naruto decides to take over for a while, I guess he saw that being kage was more than missions and protecting your village, the paperwork's venom."

Karin pouted. "Yeah yeah yeah...remember how we constructed the village."

Sasuke smirked. "How could I forget, it was a lot of work anyway."

Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, Hinata, Shino, Kiba, Sai, and Yamato came back from their mission. They had not found Sasuke, but found Itachi's body before it had been eaten by a strange individual, and decided to take it back to Konoha. Even he deserved a burial.

Instead of the village gates, they saw a pile of rubble ignited with fire. They went inside, and saw the destroyed village. Their eyes widened in horror, who could have done such a thing?

Then they saw him. None of their attention was on his group, but just him.

Naruto ran forward, the Kyuubi's chakra influenced his movements. "SASUKE!!"

He grabbed the Uchiha's collar, and punched him. "HOW THE HELL COULD YOU DO THIS!"

Sasuke looked at Naruto with Melancholy in his eyes. "I did it...to purify this land."

Naruto froze in his movements as he heard Sasuke's words. "Purify! What the fuck are you talking about! You assasinated everyone here!"

Sasuke closed his eyes, and told the group everything he learned from Madara. After he was done, they were speechless, apalled at the 1st and 2nd Hokage's actions. Still they weren't calm even a little bit.


Sasuke looked blankly into Naruto's eyes.


Naruto jumped back just in time to avoid a kunai aimed point blank at his head.

When he saw who the attacker was, his eyes widened. 'What.The.Hell. But...why?"

Bloodstained and angry, the 5th Hokage was staring at him coldly in the eyes. "That was for murdering my grandfather!"

Naruto stepped back. "What are you talking about? I didn't kill anyone?!"

Tsunade punched the ground. "Yes you did!"

The Earth cracked beneath them as they jumped out of the way.

Tsunade began to cry. "My Grandfather, the Shodaime Hokage's power was sealing beasts, while attempting to seal the Kyuubi, he lost almost all of his chakra and became weak, and then the Akatsuki easily killed him."

The evil spirit inside Naruto began to take over as a tail formed. His teeth bared as four tails quickly formed, they all looked in horror as a fur covered hand lashed out and killed the fifth easily.

He then looked towards the rest, not able to discern from friend to foe, he attacked them with ferocity.

Hinata, Kiba, Shino and the others

Sasuke's Mangekyou formed as he looked Naruto in the eye. "Stop..."

The power of the Sharingan suppressed the Kyuubi as Naruto turned back. His eyes covered in Tsunade's blood he turned towards the rest.

Kakashi stood oddly still, seeing how truly evil Konoha was. He turned to the Uchiha. "So what do you plan on doing here on out Sasuke?"

He told Kakashi of his plans, and they all agreed to help, their eyes opened to the evil aura that resided within the village.

Iruka was coming from a mission, and open mouthedly, he saw the whole thing. He cared about the Leaf Village, but he cared about Naruto a lot more. Naruto cried on his shoulder, and he listened to Sasuke's plans.

They called on Ninja from the Sand Village, the Snow country, (thanks to the Princess Naruto saved) The Grass Village, and Tazuna and his friends from the Wave Country to help them start building a new village.

The Wave village was rich in lumber, and it wasn't long before a small community was created. Some of the ninjas who helped out settled in to give Sasuke a starting edge on ruling the village. Tazuna bought the finest supplies from his village to make Sasuke's Kage house, it was hugely extravagant, shaped like a water bottle (Suigetsu's Idea) that had numerous steps going up. It was painted with a mix of gold and white blue, and the insides were decorated with shining marble and silk curtains. It had many lights in order for people to make their way around it, and the place shone brightly.

Sasuke's office was a sight to behold. There was a bust made of pure gold that was shaped like Sasuke's head on the left side of his office, and many paintings hung on the Dark Green wall. His desk was wide and made of marble like the floors, and they even added in a file cabinet when Sasuke wanted to skip his duties (Which he didn't of course because we all know what kind of guy Sasuke is D)

They added in a seperate part in the Kage house for Sasuke and his family to live in. This could only be crossed into if the person had Sasuke or his family's chakra signature, anyone else would suffer a deathly electrocution, sapping away all of their chakra. Naruto had a similar spot.

"Ah!" Karin got up quickly and turned the pot off. Her head drooped as she stared at the burned eggs. Sasuke sighed. Karin was a good wife, but she had to learn to stop burning everything she cooked.

Miki yawned as she came inside the kitchen. She smelled the air and smirked. "Mmm, burned egg delight, just what a growing girl needs to get her fit for school."

Sasuke smirked as well. "Now Miki, its not your mother's fault she can't cook. Blame her awkward hands."

Karin turned around and glared daggers at both at them, flashing Sasuke an insincere smile.

"Oh, then maybe you'd like me to cook fish from now on."

Miki and Sasuke jumped back with a look of terror on their faces. Karin cook fish! Never again, they'd never seen someone screw up something so simple and make it look like crap.

They sat down at the breakfast table while Karin served 'Breakfast'

Sasuke's black watch crackled as a hologram figure showed up above it. "Uchiha Sasuke-san! We have intruders, they have ripped through our first line of defense, and our second line is barely holding them off."

"What do they look like?"

"They're wearing heavily armored clothing and conventional means of stopping them won't work, they also wave off our jutsu to a touch of their finger."

Sasuke got up. "I'll be right there! Where's Naruto?"

"He's giving orders to our third unit, we're going to do a 3 cycle suiton and doton attack, then he'll finish it up with a wind element jutsu."

Sasuke nodded. "Tell them to stall the enemy as much as they can."

He grabbed his black cloak and said goodbye to his family, rushing to the scene.

"Hahahaha..." A raspy voice cackled in the darkness.

"Mi Lord, are you doing ok." A younger voice spoke.

"Yes my servant, they thought they put me out of action, thanks to you i'm back. We shall rule this world, and destroy that HebiGakure."

The raspy voice coughed hoarsely and formed a string of hand seals.

"Release the Basilisk, its time to send Hebi a little present."

The younger boy formed another string of hand seals as the cage slowly opened.

The older man started commanding the snake, speaking in a weird language. "Hsssaaassiiiiiisssssaaaa."

The Basilisk left the cave with deafening speed. "It is time..."