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Family Therapy

"Oh come on," complained Wanda a.k.a Scarlet Witch as she and a few others were led into another room, "Why do we have these we end up ether fighting or destroying the place."

"Now come on everyone you guys need family therapy to straighten out your issues," commented Lifeline the Joe's medic (and second sanest person after Hawk).

"Is that why we're here?" asked Pietro the Misfit, codenamed Quicksilver, as he gestured to where his half-sister, the X-man codenamed Rogue, was standing with her half brother Kurt, the X-man known as Nightcrawler, and her half-sister Aja, the other misfit Speedster known as Light speed.

"Pretty much. You guys all share siblings so it's easier to get you in at once."

"So how come Raven and Bard aren't in here?" asked Aja who was referring to the two half demon ex teen titans.

"One, they're off visiting people, two most of the shrinks are scared of them, three when they get back they're going to see Psyche out for the fire fiasco."

"Hey it's not their fault that Bard was throwing fireballs at a picture of Trigon and it caught the dynamite too! Aja suggested it in the first place."

"Shut up Pietro!"

"Make me Aja."


"Aja put the baseball bat down," Wanda groaned. "You can't kill Pietro."

"Thank you Wanda."

"I call dibs on killing him first."

A few minutes later the shrink came in and saw the chaos unfolding. Wanda had swiped the bat from Aja and was chasing Pietro around with it with Aja following behind her.

"Thank you for waiting," the shrink replied, "My name is Harleen Quinzel and I will be your shrink for this appointment."

"Now why don't we all get in a circle and discuss the problems."

"Hey weren't you in Gotham city once?" Pietro asked.

"Oh no, I believe you have me confused with someone else. Anyway I'll bring out some dummies for you guys to vent on shortly."

"Now first let's start with the Wagner, Leith, and Darkholme trio."

"Question," said Pietro as everyone else groaned, "Do you have a boyfriend?"

"Let's not even get into that mess!" the shrink growled while muttering about annoying weirdoes dressing like clowns and dumping him for poison ivy.

Some time later...

"So how do you think it went this time?" asked Low Light as he walked down the hallway with Wolverine.

"Probably went well with that bunch it's a miracle if no one runs screaming," the feral X-men replied as he sniffed something in the air, "Hey do you smell smoke?"

"Uh oh," replied Low Light, "I have a bad feeling about this."

A few minutes later the two ran into the room just as Dr. Quinzel ran out screaming that they needed more lighter fluid and muttering about indirect revenge on her Puddin' and seeing if Poison Ivy was available.

When Wolverine and Low Light went into the room they saw three Misfits and two X-men burning two stuffed dummies that looked like Magneto and Mystique next to a third one that looked like a clown while the mutants were chanting 'burn, burn'.

"Well its official," Low Light groaned as the shrink came back in after finding lighter fluid and pouring it on dummy while dancing around the room, "Insanity loves company."

The end